Mate To The Dragon

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Chapter 23: Lyzaria

My shoulder is bleeding badly, but I ignore it, the wound very minimal compared to some of my past ones. Kailo’s dragon, Venix, is growling furiously.

Venix doesn’t take complete control of Kailo’s actions like Talon does mine. Talon will practically fight for me since he has much more control in dragon form.

My collar is the only thing keeping him from taking full control forever.

“How could you let Lyza do this to Kailo?” Venix growls. Dragons can speak to one another when in dragon form, but in a language only known to Dragons. I only know what Mytalonis has taught me.

“Lyza has a mate, and you and I both know Kailo’s intentions to bond with Lyza weren’t pure,” Talon snarls and my wings stretch out to their full span. I hear several gasps from the crowd watching, no doubt from Angel and Daerius.

“How dare you insult a member of the guard?” Venix demands, spreading his wings out as well. I can’t help my smirk as I notice my wings are larger.

“You forget you are speaking to royalty, Venix,” Talon spits his name before I lift off high into the sky.

Black clouds soon surround me and I feel relief engulf me. It has been over a year since I last flew, I had forgotten how it set me free.

I watch as the clouds start to stir a few meters in front of me. In seconds Venix is bursting through, a snarl on his face.

I hover in the clouds, my powerful wings beating slowly. My eyes are fixed on Venix before me.

“Good job on bringing it to this, Kailo was going to kill you after the bonding ceremony, but this is better. I will get your title without worrying about covering it up,” Venix growls in amusement.

“You continue to underestimate us both. It will be your last mistake,” Talon snarls. I spit a burst of flame, and Venix turns, making it hit one side of his face.

His wings falter for a second. The flame burns one of his eyes and leaves black streaks across the rest of his face.

He shakes his head, snarling and spitting angrily. He suddenly flies toward me, his body colliding with mine. His claws curl into my side, making me roar.

I swing my barbed tail around, successfully slashing a hole in his leg. One claw releases and my flight stabilizes.

Black blood covers my body. Ash sticks to it, peppering my body.

I latch my jaws around Venix’ neck, biting down hard. He completely releases me, but then his horned head rams into my stomach, making me let go of his neck.

My breathing stops for several moments. He takes this time to whip his tail across my face. The side of my face splits open, making blood obscure my vision and fill my mouth.

I fly slightly higher to give myself a moment to recover. Was he really going to kill me to get my throne? I ask Mytalonis.

Yes, which is why I didn’t try to stop you from ending it, he replies. I think for a second before rage begins to take over my mind.

Power flows through my body, I beat my wings harder, moving the smoky clouds to reveal Venix a few meters ahead.

I dart forward, dragging my claws across his shoulder. They are more than sharp enough to get through his thick, armored skin with ease.

He roars in pain. I don’t let him recover, I dive forward, latching my jaws around his neck. Just as I start to bite down though, his back claws rake across my body.

I scream in agony as he tears open my stomach and part of one wing. My wings start beating out of rhythm and when Venix delivers a sharp slash to my wing, it collapses.

I plummet towards the ground, the clouds fading around me. I hear screams and yelling as I fall farther. My stomach is in my throat but I remain silent as the ground moves closer.

I close my eyes just before I hit the ground. It is nothing but pain for several seconds, but then I feel absolutely nothing.

Then, flames engulf me. I feel completely free, surrounded by fire and power. Talon lets out a roar that shakes the ground.

That’s when realization hits me, my collar. It broke.

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