Mate To The Dragon

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Chapter 25: Lyzaria

I can’t stop staring at Kailo’s mangled, bloody body. His eyes are still open, staring straight ahead.

He looks like a boy again, like the boy I loved and vowed to spend eternity with. He used to be kind, strong, gentle, and would look at me as if I were the most important person in the world.

And today I found out he was going to kill me for my throne. Years of affection and devotion, all for nothing.

“Lyza? Are you there?” I hear Daerius’ voice say. I turn my head, still under Talon’s control. I see him standing at the edge of the dirt bowl I’m in. My head is level with his.

“Listen I’m going to help you shift back, but first you need to come over here,” he says. My body moves forward but instead of presenting my neck to Daerius like I wanted, Talon has me knocking Daerius into the ring.

I wince as he tumbles down the side, and lands on his face. He coughs and slowly picks himself up.

“Okay that was unexpected,” he wheezes, pressing his hand to his chest. He walks closer and my tail lifts, ready to strike him with the barb.

Mytalonis don’t you dare hurt him! He could make us both more powerful, you know that! I reason with my dragon. Let him help! I growl.

Very well, but I expect to be allowed to shift more often now that we are home, he replies.

If you promise to allow me to shift back then I will even let you fly with no collar, I tell him and he growls happily.

I feel my bones start to crack and let out a small cry as they rearrange themselves. Each shifting bone sends agonizing pain through my body.

After several minutes, I am laying on the ground, completely exhausted and naked.

Daerius walks to my side to throw a blanket over my body. Black spots start to flood my vision and I can feel myself fading in and out of consciousness.

He picks me up bridal style making my head fall against his chest. Everything around me fades, until I am in complete darkness with only Daerius’ heartbeat to lull me into unconsciousness.

The bright red flames surrounding me are warm. Comforting. Familiar.

“Lyza! We need to go now!” My father’s silhouette sits on the flame and I quickly lower my hands. The flames start to die, leaving only a black ring in the dirt around me.

“What is it?” I ask.

“They are coming here, your uncle wants to fight them but I’ve seen their weapons, we will not survive. So we have to leave before they get here,” he says in an urgent voice.

“But what about everyone else? They’ll die,” I growl angrily.

“I’ve tried to convince them to leave but they have made up their minds. They’d rather die here than leave their home to be taken over by the wolves.”

I snarl loudly, furiously kicking a nearby boulder. My anger suddenly vanishes and I collapse onto the dirt in tears.

“They’re going to die,” I cry into my hands.

“Lyza we need to go now!” My father repeats, putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Okay, but promise we will come back if we learn it’s safe,” I say and he sighs before reluctantly nodding.

“Very well, now lets go.”

I open my eyes with a loud groan. My body aches and my head throbs.

“Lyza?” I hear Daerius’ voice say. I turn to see him standing beside my bed. It takes me a few moments before I realize I am in my bedroom.

“What happened? I don’t remember anything after Kailo. . .” I mutter in a hoarse voice. Daerius helps me to sit up then hands me a glass of water.

“Well since your collar broke they were going to sedate you so you could shift. I volunteered since I was most likely to get close enough, but you somehow managed to shift on your own,” he tells me.

“I think I said something to Mytalonis to make him shift,” I murmur.

“Well after you shifted, you passed out. Your uncle thinks it was because its been so long since you shifted that your body was completely drained of energy after shifting, fighting, healing, more fighting, and then shifting again,” he explains.

“Makes sense, how long have I been out?”

“Two days. A lot has happened, like my pack and I are no longer prisoners but we have to remain on dragon territory until further notice.”

“How on earth did you manage that?” I ask in shock. My uncle hates wolves, especially after they killed my father.

“Well your uncle saw that I managed to help you shift and so he trusts me enough that I was able to convince him that we aren’t here to harm anyone.” He shrugs nonchalantly.

“Wow, I’m impressed. My uncle is not the easiest person to convince of anything.”

I move to get out my bed and Daerius immediately moves to my side to help. I smile a little.

“Thank you, it means a lot that you were there when I woke up,” I say quietly. I look at him to see him staring directly into my eyes.

I am almost lost in his golden gaze when suddenly his mouth is on mine. I am frozen with shock for a moment but then my lips start to move in sync with his.

I close my eyes as his arms wrap around me, pulling my body close to his. My fingers tangle themselves in his hair, tugging slightly.

I pull away gasping for air. My forehead rests against his while we catch our breaths. A grin spreads across my lips.

“It’s about damn time.”

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