Mate To The Dragon

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Chapter 3: Lyzaria

Everything is dark, I can’t see or hear anything. I feel a small pinch near my neck and suddenly all I see is red.

I feel as though I am having a panic attack, my body jerks around uncontrollably and my eyes flit across the room, seeing everything all too quickly to form a clear image.

Two golden spots come into view and everything instantly freezes. I stare into the golden eyes and can’t look away. I see something flash in his eyes, it looks like panic, but quickly turns into cold fury.

What is going on?

I do not know Lyza, perhaps his wolf is saying something that angers him, my dragon suggests.

Werewolves can talk to their wolves? I ask.

Of course, all creatures can speak with their inner form, he answers, and I suddenly feel very stupid.

I really need to learn more about other creatures, I sigh.

I snap out of my conversation with my dragon when I hear someone clearing their throat.

I suddenly see the man that came to the cell I was previously in. I almost wish I was back in there.

Now I am strung up by chains so that my toes are inches from the floor, and I am facing a glass window to another room.

The man who I determined to be the werewolf king is standing in the other room, his golden eyes glaring at me.

I can’t help but notice how attractive he is. He is tall, over six feet at least, with tan, well defined muscles. His hair is black and messed up as if he had run his hand through it a dozen times.

And his eyes, oh my god, I could not look away from his eyes. All the wolves I have seen had yellow eyes, but his were golden, brighter than the sun.

Lyza, pay attention! My dragon growls at me and I drag my gaze away from the werewolf king.

I suddenly catch sight of the man from my previous cell walking towards me, an evil glint in his eyes.

“What are you?” He asks me.

Do not tell him Lyza, he will kill you, or worse, Mitalonys advises me.

“Who wants to know?” I ask, avoiding his question.

“I’m Beta Cadyn, second in command to the Werewolf King. Now I suggest you answer my question, this is the last time I am going to ask nicely,” He growls, walking closer to me.

What should I do?

Try to distract him, he offers.

“Where am I?”

“Enough, answer my question or you are going to experience the worst pain you have ever felt before,” he snarls.

“What did you give me to wake me up?” I ask. He growls at my change of the subject once again.

“An adrenaline mixture, which is going to make this hurt a lot worse,” he says waving over one of the guards.

The word hyperalgesia forms in my head. I had it when I was young, it is a condition meaning you were extremely sensitive to pain.

I suddenly see a syringe in one of his hands and start to panic.

What the hell am I supposed to do now? I growl at my dragon.

Your feet aren’t restrained, he points out and relief floods my body.

The Beta, Cadyn I think his name is, takes the syringe from the guard and stands in front of me.

"Last chance, what are you?” He asks, his voice sounding almost frustrated.

“You’re the genius you figure it out,” I snort. He grits his teeth and moves to put the syringe in my neck.

I smash my boot into his face and wrap my legs around his neck within seconds. He drops the syringe and it shatters against the stone floor. The guards move to get my legs off the Beta, but I give them a warning glance.

“Don’t even think about it. Take one step closer and your Beta is dead,” I growl, tightening my legs around his neck.

I can hear him gasping for air, his fingers clawing at my legs. I suddenly feel razor sharp claws slicing through my pants and into my thighs.

I cry out once before gritting my teeth and pulling my legs tighter against the searing pain. The Beta’s body suddenly slacks, but I keep my hold on him.

I wait for a minute before releasing my legs and kicking his body away from me. The guards immediately rush forward and carry him out of the room. I wince at the pain in my legs, and look down.

The skin is shredded and blood is running down to my feet. I flinch at the horrible sight and look away quickly.

“Can someone please tell me where the hell I am?” I growl looking through the glass.

The werewolf king’s jaw is clenched and he breathes heavily. He suddenly disappears from view and I growl in frustration.

The door opens and the werewolf king walks in, coming to stand just a few feet in front of me.

“It would make this so much simpler if you would just tell us what you are? Not many creatures can put on a light show like that, so we have already determined you are either a witch or a dragon,” he says and I feel my knees shake. His voice is a deep, husky sound and the power behind his words is enough to make anyone cower down in fear.

“There is no such thing as dragons,” I snort, rolling my eyes.

“So you are a witch?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Sure, I’m a witch, there, happy?” I mutter, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

In less than a second he has me pinned to the wall with his hand wrapped around my throat. I gasp for air that will not come, flailing my legs.

My feet hit against him several times but he does not even move. His eyes bore into mine with rage, his teeth are bared so I can see his fangs.

Mitalonys help!! I call out desperately.

I suddenly feel heat spread in my neck and the man jumps back with an echoing growl. He holds his hand with a pained expression, and I realize that the skin is red and blistering.

Oops, my dragon snickers.

You are such an asshole, I scold him.

I know! It’s so much fun, he says and I inwardly roll my eyes.

“Bitch,” I hear the King hiss and turn to see him looking right at me.

“That’s not very nice,” I mutter, rather obnoxiously too.

He rolls his eyes and sighs in defeat. He leaves the room, muttering under his breath and rubbing his burned hand.

I visibly relax when I am alone in the room.

Mitalonys, where are we?

We are in the territory of the werewolf king. King Carthane was the leader nearly a decade past, and he ordered for all dragons to be destroyed. I believe this may be his son, he tells me and I feel like I was just thrown into a bucket of cold water.

All of the heat from my body suddenly vanishes and my face visibly pales.

This was why father told me to stay away from the forest.

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