Mate To The Dragon

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Chapter 5: Lyzaria

I gasp at the force behind his fist, it has me convulsing. The guards have my body pinned against the wall so I am forced to bear the pain.

I know he did some damage, I can taste blood in my mouth and his fist hit the bloody gash across my stomach.

Pain sears across my body and I want to scream but am suddenly distracted as Mytalonis tries to take over my body. In my pain, I can’t hold him back.

I slowly feel myself lose control of my body until I can just see, hear and feel the pain that still courses through my body.

I let out a snarl and my chains are ripped free from the wall. I smash my fist into one guard’s face and his body falls onto the floor, completely unconscious.

I take the other guard’s head between my hands and snap his neck in seconds. The last guard runs towards me but I deliver a roundhouse kick straight to his head, making his neck brutally twist and then break.

I turn my eyes toward the Alpha, his eyes shining with shock. I knew that my eyes have turned a fiery color, as they always do when Mytalonis takes over.

“You need to let me go,” I snarl, but it isn’t my voice, it’s my dragon’s. His was much more terrifying than mine. It was deep, powerful, and sounded very animalistic.

“And why should I do that?” He replies, his voice sounding breathless.

“Because a lot of people are going to die if you keep me here,” I tell him. He just a laughs making Mytalonis growl.

“Now why would that happen?”

“Dragons don’t like being locked up,” I snarl. His eyes widen in shock making me smirk.

“So you’re a dragon then,” he growls and suddenly the room is empty. I yell in frustration and bang my fist against the door.

Damn it Mytalonis!!! How could you tell him! I snarl, furious with my dragon for making me confess.

He would figure it out eventually, besides, even though he knows you are a Fire dragon, he doesn’t know that you are a Fury dragon, he reasons.

It won’t take him long to figure it out, I’m sure he has a book containing all the classes and species of dragons, I fume.

I growl at him once more before ending our connection. I turn to the door and try to open it up only to find that its locked.

Well what did you expect? They’d just leave it open for you? Mytalonis scoffs and I roll my eyes.

I take a deep breath before yanking the door hard. I hear a snap and fall back onto my butt with a small cry. I look at the door handle in my hand and see the door still firmly in place.

“Who the hell designs a door like this?” I mutter when I see there isn’t even a mark or hole where the door handle was.

A smart wolf who doesn’t want you to get out, Mytalonis growls, angry at the idea of being trapped.

Do you think it’s fire-proof? I ask my dragon who immediately has fire running through my veins. I take a few steps back and watch as a small ball of fire begins to grow in my hand.

I throw it at the door and the metal bursts into flames. I cheer in excitement for a few seconds before dashing through the melting metal frame.

I run through the prison, remembering the way I escaped before. Suddenly as I take a turn, my path is blocked by a dozen guards. Several darts immediately hit my body and I scream as pain instantly is burning through my veins faster than fire.

I collapse onto the ground and my screams die as everything fades into darkness.

Ugh, how many times am I going to collapse in one week? I yell in my head as I become conscious once again.

I think that depends on how many times you are going to try to escape, Mytalonis says and I sigh.

I open my eyes and see that everything is upside down for some reason. I look around and realize that I am hanging from the ceiling by my feet. I feel a little dizzy, probably from the blood that is most likely rushing to my head.

Actually you should be fine, your heart is strong enough to keep the blood away from your head so you shouldn’t lose any feeling in your feet, or pass out from too much blood in your head, my dragon informs me.

Thank god for that, I breathe a sigh of relief. The room I am in has dark metal walls with no windows . . . and no door. Well this is just perfect! I think sarcastically. How the hell am I supposed to get out of here?

For some reason, I just realized that my wrists are also bound behind my back, and then chained to my ankles so that I cannot move at all.

How did they even get me up here? I wonder. I must be at least four feet above the floor.

I wiggle around and try to break or move some of my restraints, but it is useless. I yell out in frustration when I realize what the metal chains are made of.

Cold Iron, it is specifically designed to restrain Fire Dragons, as we get our energy from heat. The metal is freezing and I can feel my body heat sapping away, along with my energy.

My dragon growls furiously in my mind and sends fire running through my skin where it touches the chains. I feel it warm the metal momentarily before it becomes cold again. Cold Iron was also created to stay a cold temperature, it is nearly impossible to heat above negative fifteen degrees Celsius.

I have no idea how it was ever created to be that way, but I do know that this entire room is made of it.

This confinement and lack of energy is making my dragon angry, and that is never a good thing. There are four classes of dragons, fire, water, earth, and air. Each type has its own subclasses, each named after it strengths and weaknesses.

Mytalonis is a Fury Dragon, so he gets his power from rage, making it his strength, but too much rage can take over his mind making it a weakness as well.

Werewolves are always saying that their wolf’s strengths are theirs as well, but that is not actually true. The animal you shift into has different strengths and weakness than you do, so you must refer to them as so.

Mytalonis can manipulate fire and rage is what affects his power, not mine. Without my dragon, I would be just a normal human girl, and probably dead by now.

Lyza! Pay attention, there is someone in your cell! He suddenly yells and I snap back into reality to notice he is right.

The werewolf king is standing not far from me, his breathing ragged and his eyes angry.

“How did you get in here? There is no door!” I shout, my mind swimming in confusion. He looks really funny upside down but I do not plan on telling him that in case he gets really pissed off and kills me or something.

“There is no door on this side. Why were you trespassing onto my territory?” He asks. I think for a moment but Mytalonis decides for me.

Tell him, let us see what he will do if we offer the truth, he suggests and I sigh.

“I was running from a group of hunters, they have been trying to kill me for many years now and I had no choice but to run into the forest. I had no idea it was your territory until after I was captured,” I admit and his gaze softens slightly.

“How could you not know this was my territory?”

“My father told me to never go into the forest but he never told me why I shouldn’t. Also I haven’t had much contact with other people in years,” I shrug, it must look really weird since I can’t move my shoulders too well.

“How strange,” I hear him mutter under his breath.

“Okay, a few things. Why am I upside down? Why does it matter that I am a dragon? And do you plan on letting me go anytime soon?” I huff.

“You are upside down because it is easier to restrain you that way, and dragons should be extinct, that’s why it matters. And no, I do not plan on ever letting you go,” he answers firmly and I feel my body slack as the feeling of defeat swarms me.

“Why would dragons be extinct?” I ask, suddenly confused.

“My father declared all dragons to be killed, but more specifically, all Fire dragons to be killed,” he says, and I swallow nervously.

“And why did he want Fire Dragons dead?” I ask, almost scared to hear the answer.

“A Fire dragon killed my mother and my younger sister years ago, or more specifically, a Fury dragon killed them.” I feel a clump form in my throat and the cold from the metal is suddenly spreading deep in my chest.

“I’m sorry for your loss but, you understand that not all dragons are like that, the only things I have ever killed are animals to eat, or the hunters that would have killed me if I didn’t do it first,” I explain and he runs a hand through his hair in frustration.

“Yes I understand that, but I can’t risk you becoming something like that and hurting my pack,” he sighs.

“Well if you keep me in here I will become like that and end up hurting your pack, never purposely but dragons are difficult to control, and mine doesn’t like being locked up,” I try to reason but he shakes his head.

“I cannot let you go.”

“Then at least let me out of this prison! Let me out of these chains! I would gladly stay in your pack where I will be constantly watched and do anything you say! I would never hurt your pack, so if you are worried I would become something like that, then keep me here where I can learn to live peacefully with wolves!” I offer and his eyes glaze over.

He must be discussing this with his wolf, I think.

“Very well.” I hear him say and look at him in surprise.


“You may stay in the pack.”

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