Mate To The Dragon

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Chapter 8: Daerius

To say that I am shocked would be an understatement.

“Where did you learn to fight like that?” I ask, grabbing her arm and pulling her away from my warriors. She sighs a little.

“My father taught me mostly. He had made a mistake that eventually led to his death. But in the time he was alive, he trained me how to survive by fighting, and killing,” she says, clenching her jaw.

“Well, I still don’t let females fight because if they were capture for any reason, they can’t withstand torture as well as males,” I explain and she shakes her head with a breathy laugh.

“Really? You tortured me, and I’m sure I held up better than most of your warriors would have,” she scoffs and I frown.

“Fine, you win. Now you are supposed to be maintaining a low profile so I suggest you shut up and follow me around like a good little puppy or they are going to start asking questions,” I growl and she glares at me but closes her mouth.

“Thank you,” I mutter and motion for the warriors to continue training.

Alpha, who is that? I hear a voice ask in my head.

Don’t worry about it, I snap, ending the link.

I watch the training for an hour more with Lyza sitting down beside me, looking bored out of her mind. I notice how the clothes she is wearing are about two sizes too small.

Her body is gorgeous and I can feel myself becoming aroused just from looking at it. I spot some of my warriors looking at her again and can’t help the growl that escapes.

They immediately look away and Lyza raises her eyebrow at me.

“Let’s go,” I say and she jumps up.

“Finally! God, I thought we’d never leave,” she mutters. I roll my eyes and lead her back to my house.

“You can go with my sister to get some new clothes,” I tell her.

“That’s a relief, I can barely breathe in these,” she says, tugging the shirt up.

I find my younger sister in the kitchen and growl a little. She is sitting on the counter, making out with a random wolf.

“Angel!” I snarl and she pulls away with a sigh.

“What do you want Daerius?” She spits before returning to her make out session.

I growl and storm over, shoving the male away. He takes one look at me before whimpering and bowing his head in submission.

“Do not ever come near my sister again,” I growl and he nods quickly. I release him and he vanishes immediately.

“What do you want?” She asks jumping off the counter.

“We have a new guest. This is Lyza, you need to take her shopping,” I say, gesturing to Lyza who is watching all of this with an amused smile.

“Yeah your clothes don’t fit me too well,” she says, gesturing to the shirt that is making her breasts spill over the top.

“Damn girl, you have a serious rack. Well this should be fun! Daerius never lets me leave the territory so I like you already!” My sister giggles, skipping over to Lyza and linking their arms.

“Take Gamma Mykael and a few guards with you,” I tell her and she immediately groans.

“But Gamma Mykael never lets me have any fun!”

“Exactly, that’s why he is coming with you,” I growl, daring her to refuse.

She glares at me but sighs in defeat.

“Fine, come on Lyza, I have a few other outfits that would fit you much better,” she says, leading Lyza upstairs to her room.

Hey what is Lyza? She doesn’t smell like a wolf, my sister suddenly mind links me.

Do not tell anyone but she is a dragon, I tell her.

A dragon? But she is so nice.

Yeah, she is trying to convince me that not all dragons are vicious killers. So basically she is not allowed to shift or set anything on fire, I say.

Is there anything else you aren’t telling me?

What do you mean? I ask in confusion.

I saw the way you were looking at her, she says in a hinting tone.

Yeah, she’s my mate. But do not tell her that! I growl when she starts squealing excitedly.

Oh relax bro, I keep secrets better than you, she scoffs making my eyes roll.

After a few minutes, my sister comes running downstairs with Lyza in tow. My eyes widen at Lyza’s new outfit.

“Much better don’t you think?” My sister grins.

Lyza is wearing a red dress that ends at her upper thighs and is tightly fitted so that it shows off her curves.

It is a halter top that has a low cut, revealing a good amount of cleavage. She is wearing a pair of wedges that make her already long legs look even longer.

“Yeah, well you guys better get going, it is already 5:00,” I say and my sister gasps.

“Oh no, now we only have 4 hours to shop!” She exclaims and Lyza stares at her in disbelief.

“I’m starting to have second thoughts,” she says, making my sister roll her eyes and drag her to the door.

“Let’s go!” She groans, pushing her out the door.

Mykael, my sister is going shopping with the dragon shifter. Take a few guards and go with them, I want you to keep an eye on my sister and the dragon, I mindlink my Gamma.

Yes Alpha, he immediately replies.

What’s my spending limit? My sister asks.

There isn’t one but try not to buy the whole mall, I say and cringe at the scream that echoes in my mind.

Thanks bro! I love you! She squeals and I drag a hand down my face.

Did you just give your delinquent sister and dragon prisoner your credit card and let them leave the territory? Madox asks. I pinch the bridge of my nose.

Please don't let this be the worst mistake of my life.

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