Declared Dead

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Fallen angels, Demons, shadow hunters, nephlim, even witches and warlocks, the supernatural world is exploring too keenly into the human world, and earth may suffer the consequences of their curiosity Quinton and Tamara are bound together by blood and something quite magical, as they start to fall for each other they soon realise they need to stay strong in order to survive. Lucius starts to fall to his knees as he comes to realise that he has to change his ways if he wants to keep what is most dearest to him, Hope. There is a war going on between Good, Evil and something quite ancient, which side will win in the battle for life. Each chapter is told from a different characters point of view and each character has a crazy backstory.

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I gobbled my breakfast up and ran towards the front door, in an attempt to beat my brother to the car, I wanted that front seat.

“Lucus! don’t forget your bag” my mother shouted as she grabbed the car keys and exited through the front door with my big brother trudging behind her.

With a loud groan I grabbed my school bag and headed towards the front door.


“So Quinton are you ready for your first day at high school tomorrow?” My chatty mother asked my big brother, who had beaten me to the front seat.

“Pretty much” my brother replied in a bored tone, I waited for my mother to ask me the same question, but I guess high school is more important than primary school, if thats not the reason to why she ignores me I think its just because Quinton has always been mums favourite.

“Well I’m excited” I lied, just hoping to get an answer, but I got nothing in return, she just ignored me, again.

The ride was silent, until we stopped at the lights of a four way intersection, a car directly behind us continuously honked their horn.

“ALRIGHT” my mum shouted in frustration, once the light blinked green we were soon off, the honker from behind us had now cut us off and was speeding in front of us.

The next set of lights ahead blinked red and the pedestrian crossing blinked green, mum prepared to stop the car, but just as mum stopped, the honker kept going, faster and faster, hitting a cyclist that tried to cross the cross walk.

Mum turned the engine off and jumped out of the car, my brother did the same, I just sat in the back seat, watching in shock, as the girl who was once riding the bike had now been thrown a couple of feet in the air, she landed with a thud, tumbled two or three times and then stopped.

I watched my brother, his cool facade vanished and was replaced with shock and worry.

Quinton looked around for the driver, but soon quit after realising the honker did a hit and run, since my mother is a Nurse and my older brother Quinton does work experience at my mothers work, they both set into first aid gear.

“Stay in the car Lucus” my mum ordered.

My brother started mouth to mouth and all that other CPR crap that I don’t understand. Whilst the golden boy tried to save the day, my mother took off her yellow sweater, leaving her in a white button down and held it against the girls bleeding skull.

My mothers hand switched as she couldn’t decide wether to hold the sweater against the girls head or arm, the pavement was now covered in blood.

I watched my mothers pale face as she looked around for help, people started to get out of their vehicles with their mobiles pressed towards their cheeks, calling for help, some drivers drove around the bleeding girl and my small family, avoiding the drama.

I grabbed my green sweater off the back seat and rushed to my mothers side, I may just be some dumb kid, but I know for sure she is losing too much blood.

“Good thinking honey” my mother said to my arrival, although she had ordered me to stay in the car, somehow she was proud of me, for disobeying her.

Quinton was still trying desperately to revive the poor girl, she was already turning white, I wrapped my sweater around the girls elbow, it had been punctured by her broken bone and was now pouring blood all over the road.

“Mum is she gone?” I asked her, it has been twenty minutes since the accident, and my brother was still trying desperately to revive her.

“Lucus go to the car” my mother said flatly.

“Mum, is she dea-” my mother cut me off.

“GO TO THE CAR LUCUS!” She shouted, a tear fell from her eye, I honestly don’t know how she can be a nurse when she cries every time someone dies.

I looked at my mothers shocked face, then at my brother, he was grabbing his long brown hair and tugging at it, pretty soon mister lady’s man will be bold.

My brother stood up and kicked the crushed bike “SHIT!” He shouted in frustration.

My guess is, he only wanted to save the girl for his own guilt, he’d feel bad if he left her, and he’d be a hero if he didn’t, stupid poser.

“WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT KID” my brother shouted at me.

“Get to the car!” he ordered, in a much calmer manner.

“Shut up, you only tried to save her so you can be a big shot as always” I snapped.

My brother looked at me with a face of disgust.

“I tried to save her because no one deserves to die because of another mans selfishness” my brother retaliated, his voice coated in annoyance.

“Dumb ass” I said as I turned around and headed for the car, as I reached the car door sirens could be heard, I could see red and blue flashing lights through the reflection of the door, I entered the car and watched from affar, an ambulance had rocked up and paramedics soon made my mother and brother step aside.

After they checked for a pulse or heartbeat, or any sign of life, they placed her body in a body bag, so she didn’t make it, ok, people die every day, whats for lunch?

I watched as my mother handed Quinton something, then got in the ambulance with the paramedics, Quinton headed towards the car and got into the drivers seat.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Taking you to school” he answered blankly, starting the engine.

“What about mum?”

“What about her?” He asked back, being a smart ass as usual.

“Where is she going?” I then followed up on my question.

“To work” he said matter of factly, as he made the turn at the round about.

“Seriously, a chick dies so mum rushes to work early and I have to go to school, where are you going?” I asked.

“Jesus Christ Lucus is this twenty one questions or something?” My brother shot at me, sounding annoyed.

When I ignored him and rolled my eyes, he answered.

“I’m going to the hospital to make a statement, then I’m starting my first day of work experience with mum”

We drove on in silence and soon arrived at my school.

“Have a good day” my brother told me.

“I’m telling everyone a chick died today” I told my brother as I grabbed my bag and stepped out of the vehicle.

“Thats not news you go around telling everyone Lucus” Quinton warned, I shrugged my shoulders, slammed the door and left my brother alone in the car.

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