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Declared Dead

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I leaned on the steering wheel, taking in deep breaths, my brothers words replayed in my head.

‘I’m telling everyone a chick died today’ he told me with a slight grin on his stupid little face.

How could a eleven year old boy be so nasty, does he not feel any sincerity towards a person that has just lost their life?

Call me mean if you like but that boy clearly has no heart, he’s no brother of mine.

Part of me always says that he is just jealous of me, I mean I am known as the golden child, everyone loves me, I’m usually the ‘star’ quarterback at every school and the most popular guy.

Guys want to be me, and girls want to date me, but I’m waiting for that special one. Yeah I’ve dated chicks before, some would call me a player, but thats behind me now, new school, new house, new life.

Before I used to live with my dad, it’s hard having separate parents, especially when your father beats you.

Before I came here I had a break down, I fought back, I got a restraining order against my father and am now living with my mum, just got in last night, still haven’t finished unpacking, not that I have much to unpack.

I was wrapped out of my thoughts once I heard a loud horn honk behind me, images of earlier this morning replayed in my head, I got out of the car and headed towards the car parked behind me, a heavily pregnant lady sat in the passenger seat, and a very worried man sat behind the wheel.

“Come on man it’s an emergency” the frantic woman begged to the taxi driver.

“I’m sorry, I can’t give free rides” the taxi driver said sternly.

“I’m giving birth asshole” the middle aged woman argued.

“Not in this car” the Indian driver replied, I only just noticed his thick accent, the woman got out of the Indian drivers cab and started searching frantically for help.

“Whats going on?” I asked the woman, knowing full well she was in labour.

“Please, please help me, my baby’s coming, my husband is at work, I have no car, please can you get me help” the woman begged.

“I’m already heading to the hospital right now, I know you can’t trust me because I’m a strang-” she cut me off with her cry’s.

“Please” she cried out.

“I’ll take you, if you’ll let me” I promised the woman.

“Yes please, thank you so much young man” she thanked me as she got into my mothers car.

The drive to the hospital was terrifying, the woman kept panting, and breathing heavy, she was sweating and looked very pale, she clutched onto my shoulder the entire ride, squeezing it tight with her strong grip, I winced in pain but kept my eyes on the road.


“How is she?” I asked a nurse who had just arrived in the waiting room.

“Shes completed her contractions but refuses to push, if her husband would only just arrive” the nurse said sounding disappointed.

I tried my hardest to imagine the arrival of her husband, but with out an understanding of his appearance I could not make him appear, although if I could just hold her hand I could pull an image of him out through her mind, yet it would be difficult her giving birth and all.

I quit trying and a few seconds later he arrived.

“I’m Jenna’s husband, thank you for helping my wife and for waiting for me, I’ve got it from here, you will hear from us, thanks so much young man” the old bloke told me as he rushed past and into the maternity ward.

“Honey I’m so proud of you” a familiar voice spoke softly from behind me, I turned to find my mother, a soft smile planted on her face.

“For what?” I questioned her, unsure of what she was proud of.

“For helping that pregnant woman when no one else would” my mother answered calmly.

“Oh” I said, unsure of how to respond.

“And for trying to save that girl this morning” my mother added, I stayed silent and looked towards the ground, my mother continued.

“Her name was Tamara West” at the mention of her name I looked up from the ground to glance at my mothers saddened face.

“Is” I corrected.

“What do you mean Quin?” My mother questioned me, using my old nickname.

Suddenly all the lights within the hospital flickered repeatedly for a few short seconds, then, blackout.

“What have I done?” I questioned aloud.

“Quinton Xavia McKinley! What did you just say?” My mother questioned me shocked.

“I said those lights are dumb!” I quickly added, hoping she would fall for it, but knowing full well she wasn’t dumb enough to.

“Did you do something bad?” My mother questioned me, which resulted in me shrugging my shoulders.

“I don’t know” I said honestly “I may have cheated death” I added.

“Quin?” My mother questioned sternly.

“Well..” I said, dragging the word on “I may have brought that girl back from the dead” I finished.

“Honey that girl was past dead, this girl..” My mother stopped to look around the dark room, which now had doctors walking around with flash lights, my mother continued after motioning her hands in the air around her.

“This girl, is very much alive, and I think she is different”

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