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Ishtar the fallen Angel

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I was the greatest Soul ever created by God, standing next to Christ, Lucifer and Michael. I was a seraphim, An Angel. I Stood before the lord of host eternally proclaiming adoration to his name. Lucifer led worship, I Ishtar led praises, with tambourines and harp we saluted the lord of host. Everything was fine, everything was joyous, not until i fell along with Lucifer with the other host of the angel.... making a sweet wine turned sour. Who told you, you are all equal, you might be all humans but your contents are not the same. Some souls are constructed by Angels, holyspirit, the heavenly beings, Christ and God himself but God gives breath to all..... That's why some are richer, popular, some in joy the others in sorrow. Although human decisions can infringe destiny but what will be will always be. Discover the answers to your questions on creation in this supernatural tale, with a first person narration from ishtar herself. 3 powerful sons of God holds a place in the heart of the first female created by God. Ishtar is confused, love is forbidden in heaven. what will she do will she defy God and fall with Lucifer or will she be the obedient one or do the unexpected, she will fall and become her own god ........

Fantasy / Romance
Ayomide Aderemi
Age Rating:

A night with Lucifer

It was 600,000 years after the fall, it took Lucifer half of this years to found his new kingdom.

It was so painful and traumatic, all this years wasted in wallowing in absolute darkness, Lucifer light was not enough to shine round the kingdom so we had to finally wait till father brought forth creation, his own light which superced any other.

Some of the angels cursed Lucifer for deceiving them, an example was Xachariel he was so naive to have even made a choice.

I walked over to poor Xachariel who stared at his reflection on the devil's lake. "It will be better, i said as i whispered to his ears.

The only thing Xachariel did was to burst in tears. "Ishtar take a look at me, i look so disgusting" he said as he whimpered. I looked at him in pity, he used to be that Angel with Golden feathers, and his skin radiant as the morning sun shine. But this time around he was looking different, with a burnt skin that made him look like a tadpole, and spiked up wings that were bat-like.

Out of every host that fell, i was the only one that still retained my beauty. I was the only one that escaped Father's Fiery flame that burnt out all of us, that is the fire that reveal your true nature, good or bad. It will either make you beautiful or ugly depending on your true person.

Every Angel that fell, looked up to me since i was the one that still retained my beauty.

Lucifer beckoned on me to stand by his side as he began to address his devily hosts.

"We are all in this together, and anyone that wants to back out has the opportunity to do so, עכשיו או לעולם לא ( now or never) he said.

None of them dare spoke, but i am so sure some of them totally opposed his rule. No joy, No peace, all what they do is to plan destruction against father.

"How can I destroy Father? Lucifer asked me couple of times. I totally ignored him, but spoke the words he wanted to hear, "There should be a way". I had to say that because saying the opposite will surely trigger his anger. He was irrational, hateful, selfish and in absolute rage.

I was indeed surprise this is not the brother we use to know, Lucifer morning star he was the most gentle of the heavenly hosts, we even referred to him as an introvert. But now he was totally different as he was corrupted by rage.

Lucifer had made quite a kingdom for himself, making everything a counterfeit of everything Father had made. That's one thing everyone reading should know. Lucifer has nothing, he is the father of lies and everything he possess actually comes from father, all what he does is to put all the knowledge he had from father to test, in making strategies, invention that will stand against father's will.

On a particular day, i decided to walk on the garden of Kolasi, Lucifer's own representation of eden. I was touching the lilies by the sandshore, and adoring the Calamus herbs that stood by the road side, i immediately flew up headed straight for the top of Mount Carpis. The favorite spot of where i stood upon to look into the heavens, as i kept wondering "Will father still take me back. At least i know his love is forever,

When Yeshua has chosen to love a thing or being, no matter what that thing does, Father will one way or the other show mercy.

I believe That he still cared for all of us, i mean after everything we did, we plotted his downfall the greatest sacrilege ever but still, he didn't wipe us all at once.

But with this one we could tell.

"How long oh lord will you be angry forever?

I screamed at the top of my voice. I began to reminisce back to those ties, when i stood in splendor and aura of his presence.

Tears rolled down from my eyes, as i fell to the ground and started wailing and composing a song to the almighty, as i cried the whole place started to drench in black rain. The lower angels were sad, some of them began to cry, putting the whole lucific kingdom in a gloomy state. That's the power i wield, i am Ishtar the goddess of emotion, love, beauty, sex and fertility. I am the first spirit to be created in a female manifestation by father.

My moments of mourning where over when i was interrupted by Lucifer's roar, "Don't mind him he tried to copy Yesus's roar as the lion of Judah. Maybe that was the main reason, he rebelled, in the eyes of God, lucifer was very much important. But there is someone father cherished the more, Father had no choice because he was part of him. It was Yesus, the word, the light, the first born of all creation. Lucifer could do anything just to be him, while we had our fun moments as Heavenly beings. Lucifer will always confess his deep admiration of Yesus. .... That was the only person that everybody in the heavens look up to above any other being.

"You should not break the rules Sister", Lucifer said to me in fury, i could watch how the scar Michael gave him on his left eye turned red and more red. Till he finally turned into a huge dragon, blowing out fire anywhere he looked.

All the escorts of Demons were scared, as some of them got injured in the process.

"Lucifer !! I called out his name and he eventually looked at me and immediately turned back to his look. He was beautiful as ever, that was the camouflage look he put on but his true nature is a ugly seven headed dragon.

"Excuse us", he said to his cohorts. They all flew off Mount Carpis back to the city.

Lucifer flipped my hair which was now covering my eyes. And caressed my supple melanin clothed skin. I started feeling the way i felt towards him while we were in heaven.

"Can you feel it" ? Lucifer asked and i was surprised but at the same time un-clued about what he meant.

He picked up my jaw and said

"You wanted to leave me Sister, after the promises you made to me. How could you compose a song to father? He will never hear you again, not after what we have done".

"There is hope for me Lucifer"i said with all the guts within me.

"I can tell you something you never knew about the feeling you have for me."

He said as he diverted the topic of our discussion.

I looked at Lucifer with all curiosity in my eyes, "Tell me" i said as i urged him to.

Lucifer looked at me and smiled, "Its a feeling that Yehovah establish for His mundane object for them to procreate and increase in number".

"How did you know"? I asked him.

"I saw it through the scroll".

"You read the scroll" i said in surprise, that was the extent father trusted him.

"In the scroll Sister, A man come closer and, he put his mouth on my mouth and immediately my eyes opened. All the Visions lucifer had seen from the scroll, immediately came to my knowledge. I pulled my mouth and said.

"What a beautiful thing Father created for them"?

This convicted me also, maybe Lucifer was right after all. How could father reserve this enjoyment for human only.

After i and lucifer took a long stare at each other, we were not ignorant of what to do next. I immediately tore of my dress, and started to kiss him passionately, he also kissing me. He then began to thrust harder into my being, we both then began to float on the air with our wings becoming exceedingly strong making it unable to flap.

He began to lick my body parts from my head and downwards and i did the same likewise as i bit his nipples hard.

I couldn't explain this feeling at first, but i could tell that it was the best feeling in the world. After we came to a finish we both layed down close to each other naked in a tight cuddle. His groins touching the loophole of my butt, lucifer was just making some uncommon practical with this father's sacred gift.

"This system will be introduced to mortals one day, he said to me as we both chuckled.

There was this way i felt ever since that day, i was attached to him, bounded to him, there is a level of power and enlightenment we didn't have until i had sex with lucifer. Its the energy that multiply mortals and i and lucifer are ready to use it to our advantage against father.

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