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Undying Love

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I'm not sure how well this'll do! I'm hoping I can continue this, but who knows? This is strictly both for practice, and your entertainment! So critique is very much welcome!! I had this idea in mind since last year and I just got more and more invested into the story! So I decided to use it as a way to practice my writing skills, while I get to expand on the plot! Anyways, I hope you enjoy my silly little story! <3 //Tw!!// Contains implications of mvrd3r, and att3mpted svicid3. Some characters are meant to represent topics such as depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, grief etc... I'll do my best to keep evrything as subtle as possible, but I figured I might as well put a warning to be safe!

Fantasy / Romance
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It’s been a whole ass year now. This isn’t fair! I was supposed to be doing dumb shit with the love of my life right about now! Why was I punished?! How fucking stupid...

It’s currently 4:15pm, and I’m running down the halls of my highschool. I’d describe what everything looks like to you, but I’m too focused on being late for my GSA club meeting to care about some boring lockers.

Why am I late? Because my dear reader, I had gotten detention. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s actually a pretty common
thing that people get at this school. This place is both too strict that you’ll get detention over simply being late, and yet too forgiving to actually expell their students regardless of the amount of detentions they’ve recived. It’s honestly sad really.

By the time I get to my club room, the door is already locked. I missed the meeting.

“God dammit!”

I began knocking on the door in some pathetic hope that maybe one of the club members was still inside. I was only 5 minutes late after all. To my surpise, someone did open the door. My bestfriend, Cassy.

She was wearing the typical boys uniform since the school didn’t allow her to get the girl’s. The only difference from her outfit than mine would probably be the fact that the emerald green blazor was neatly wrapped around her waist, while mine was more or likely still in detention. That and the fact that she’s actually wearing the required shiny, black shoes that only a handful of the kids can afford.

Apart from that, everything else was the exact same. Same white button up (though I un-bottoned my collar), same socks, shoot- even our hair was similar. Ever since her transition, she’s been letting her hair grow out. As for me, I just couldn’t be bothered to cut it. So half the time I just put it in a low ponytail and go on with my day.

Oh right, sorry. I got a little side tracked there, huh? I’ll continue now.

“Stop banging on the door so damn loud! And what took you so long? The meeting ended almost an hour ago!”

She starts rambling about how irrisponsible it was of me to be so late. Typical.

“An hour!?” Both shocked and annoyed, I slap my face. “Why didn’t anyone tell me it was starting early?!”

She was rather surpised to see how confused I was, and dropped the topic. I guess she had assumed I was blowing off the meeting again.

“It doesn’t matter,” she explained. “At least you still showed up... Even if it was afterwards.” She teased.

“Oh shut up little miss perfect,” I fired back. “Did I miss anything important?”

“Just a few new members. Apparently they have been wanting to join for a while, but were still in the closet.”

She goes on to explain the new member’s pronouns, and sexualitys. It’s one poly guy, and 2 lesbians.

Out of curiosity (and ammusment) I decide to ask her a very important question.

“Gonna make a move on any of ’em?”

I’m obviously teasing, but much to my surpise, she doesn’t go all red like she usually does. Instead, she just folds her arms and stares at the floor for a while with a dissapointed look on her face.

I’m starting to feel kinda bad for joking around like that, and I’m just about to put a hand on her shoulder and apologise before she speaks again. Only this time, her tone seems different than before. Almost as if she’s nearvous.

She looks up worridly at me and ask a question that’s sure to get anyone’s heart racing.

“Can we talk?”

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