Marilee & The Winter Fairies

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A fairytale about a little girl named Marilee and her enduring love for her baby brother.

Fantasy / Children
m.p. eckstein
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Marilee who lived with her parents, her grandfather, and her baby brother Toby in a cottage near the mountains. And they were happy.

But then the winter came, and her brother Toby grew sick, and in three days he was gone. And on that fourth day Marilee lay in bed with a sheep-skin blanket tucked tightly over her and her cheeks wet with tears.

Her grandfather, who had a short white beard and kind hazel eyes, sat on the bed beside her.

“Marilee,” he asked, “why are you crying?”

Fresh tears fell upon her cheeks. “Why did Toby have to die?” she asked.

Her grandfather gazed thoughtfully out of the bedroom window at the sun setting over the highest mountain. He pulled on his short white beard, and his eyes grew misty. “Sometimes, things happen that we don’t understand,” he said. “But we must accept those things.”

“I don’t want to,” she said, and turned away from him. “I want Toby back.”

“I know,” he said. “I want him back too.”

“But where has he gone?” she asked. “Why can’t he come back?”

“Marilee,” he said, “you see that mountain up there.” He pointed at the snow-capped peak in her bedroom window, “that is where your brother has gone. He has gone to live with the fairies, forever and ever.”

Marilee turned to her grandfather. “But why must he leave us to be with the fairies?” she asked. “He will be so lonely.”

“Don’t feel bad,” said her grandfather. “The fairies will keep him company.”

“But I miss him,” said Marilee, “more than anything.” She pulled the blanket over her face.

Her grandfather glanced at Marilee’s mother and father, who were standing at the doorway of her bedroom. Her mother was softly crying in her father’s arms. “We’ll let her sleep tonight,” said her grandfather.

Her grandfather got to his feet and joined her parents at the door. He glanced at Marilee, who was still hiding under her blanket. “Goodnight, my dear,” he said.

But when they had been gone for some time, Marilee climbed out of her bed and walked up to her bedroom window. The sun was behind the mountain, and the mountain’s snow-covered slopes gleamed in its light. “Don’t worry, Toby,” she said. “I will find you, and bring you back.”

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