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Not So Normal Yasmine *Book II*

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*Must Read Book I : Not So Normal Yasmine* Yasmine has been attacked. Is she dead or alive? How far will Silas go to protect her? A series of events as been set off, family secrets are bought to the light, and loved ones were hurt all for nothing. Find out what more will they discover and how they will overcome it.

Fantasy / Horror
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I watched helplessly as the demon sunk his claws through Yasmine’s back into her chest. It wasn’t anything I could do. I was too slow, like my feet stuck to the floor, as all of this was because of someone else’s wrongdoings. At the moment, I feel like I was back in the 1500s when my Master traded on me. I did no wrong, but to save his own fucking skin, he turned all the vamps against me in Indonesia. After I was forced to leave my home country for The Americas. It was years later when I found out about his death. Not once did I try to find out who killed until now, nor did I care.

It was funny. I vowed to serve, and protect him, which I did, and he fed me to the dogs leaving me with nothing but his riches.

Now I was sitting in the middle of the swamp with the only person I loved, blood coated in my clothes. I couldn’t protect her as I promised. The mother of my children and they watched that creature just as I did. Neither of us could do anything as that thing tore through her like she was nothing.

All the screams... Yasmine’s blood splattering everywhere, and after it was just gone. It angered me because this was done by a jealous grandmother that could not handle that her granddaughter was stronger than her. Then everyone else presumed she was evil, not giving her the chance to prove herself otherwise. Besides guiding her in the right direction, they blocked her memories of her daughter and me.

Although Yasmine was the epitome of good, no one saw it. No, I couldn’t remember her from our past, but I know she made all the wrongs I did vanish and overcome with goodness. I know this because Yasmine did it every single day for the past freaking year.

It was hard, but I didn’t cry, nor did I like for my servants to se me at my weakest. They knew I was hurting, and I had to leave before either of them started to ask questions. I had to get away somewhere no one would look. A place I could clear my, but the only place I could find was the swamp as I sat weeping like a little child and thinking of ways to kill the old hag that harmed my Yasmine.

She saw evil in Yasmine, yet I saw evil in her. The women classified Lenora and her family as dark witches, but she was the killer. I couldn’t see how Nathaniel couldn’t tell his mother was the real evil. She probably wanted them to kill Yasmine in the womb to gain her power. And it wasn’t a doubt in my mind that she was coming after Marcus and their cousin next, although they weren’t as powerful as Yasmine.

Then it was Siren and Callie that she had yet to learn about. Both were just as strong as Yas. I know now it was one of the reasons Linda and Nathaniel turned them into familiars. It was protected and hide them in plain sight.

Lily was another threat to all of them. She, too, sought their power just as much as the grandmother did. Although the woman was immortal, she and her husband were still killing other creatures seeking to become more powerful by the day, thinking no one else knew. Powerful creatures were going missing that wouldn’t go unseen, and the magical community sought to kill them. All of this was nerve-racking as I sighed and wiped my tears, watching the crocodiles chase whatever was moving throughout the water.

“Master, I think it’s time for you to come home now.”

“Celeste, please leave me the fuck alone.”

“I know it hurts, Master. Yasmine and I may not have seen eye to eye, but she was good at heart. She wa.. is my Queen, but we cannot let this break us.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion. It would help if you learned to do what I fucking tell you. Now leave or don’t talk... Just get out of my fucking sight Celeste before I do something I will regret later.”

She hummed as I listened to her feet glided across the wooden area toward the manor, leaving me to my thoughts again. I know Celeste didn’t mean any harm, but I wanted to be by my lonesome to think about the change of events leading up to this. Like why didn’t her parents try hard to protect their daughter? They should have let me turn her centuries ago if that was the case. Maybe all of this wouldn’t have happened.

Every fucking thing was all messed up. After centuries of being separated, I find my soulmate to have her taken away from me. It didn’t help that our daughter had to see her mother die. I was at a loss, and for the first time in my life, I wished it was me beside her as I heard the footsteps of another.

These were much kinder human-like, but female. “What is it, Aniyah? I know your aunt sent you out here. Like Yasmine, I can hear your thoughts from a mile away.” I spoke.

“Yeah, and I don’t like that shit. Please stay out of my head. My sister may have allowed it, but I won’t… Silas, you are not helping anyone by distancing yourself from us. Yasmine wouldn’t have wanted this.”

“How would you know what Yasmine would have wanted? You and your so-called family turned your fucking backs to her. So that doesn’t give you the fucking right to come out here and tell me what my wife would have wanted when you knew shit about her. For the past fucking year and some months of her life, I learned more about her than you ever have.”

“Look, motherfucker, I know you are hurting, but you will not talk to me like I didn’t know my damn sister. Do you think you know her best because you were feeding off her in fucking her sleep? Fucking her? Tell me, what did she enjoy doing besides researching the supernatural? What did she love more than anything in this fucking world? Tell me that asshole!” She yelled, and before I knew it, I was standing in front of Aniyah as she held her ground, staring me up and down.

“I know she enjoyed watching horror movies or anything about the supernatural, although she hated it. Her only wish was to have a true friend with whom she could hang out. The thing she loved the most in this fucking world is Siren. Don’t tell me I don’t know your sister because I did.”

“Yeah, probably because you read her thoughts.” She rolled her eyes, scoffing. Aniyah was a cocky little bitch. I would give her that. I could tell she was Lily’s daughter, and she sure did have her fucking mouth.

“Actually, she told me all that. There were things I preferred her to tell me, and she did. Just leave, please. I need to be alone.”

“No, you don’t, Silas. It would help if you were around others. I know you are what they call undead and all, but you are still human.” She spoke, making me sigh, shaking my head. None were going to leave me alone until I returned to the house. After taking a deep breath hurried off, leaving Niyah standing there as I went straight back to our room.

I noticed Siren and Ophelia lying in our bed while Lazarus was missing. I knew it had to be somewhere with Lenora because she had the boy spoiled. I wasn’t in the mood to lie down, so I sat in the chair facing the bed, watching my girls sleep. At the moment, they were the only things that were keeping me from going crazy.

Somewhere along the way, I fell asleep between that time, waking early the next morning to Marcus and Callie standing before me. He didn’t speak, only nodded as he walked out the door while I looked back at the bed where all three of my children lay before leaving myself.

He was upset with what I did. Did I care? No Aniyah, Kenny, her father, and aunt understood, and I did what I had to. Plus, I told Yasmine some time ago that I would turn her before letting her die. I just had to pray it worked.

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