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Consequences (Full Book Available on Galatea )

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Hunter, the future Alpha is a typical bully, and Drew, the future Beta is his favorite victim. When Hunter can no longer hide behind his insecurities and Drew can no longer take the abuse, Drew leaves the pack to train with another. When he returns, they both hope things will be different. Can they overcome their past and embrace their destiny, or will they be each other's nightmares forever? The complete edited book will be available on Galatea on the 23rd of October.

Fantasy / Drama
Hyun Ji
4.7 53 reviews
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Chapter 1

Hunter POV

"Get up you little shit!!" I yelled as I kicked him in his stomach while he laid on the ground, sniffing and crying.

"Stop crying you weakling!! How do you even have Beta blood in you when you're this weak?" I said as I gripped his hair and pulled it back, making his back arch. When he didn't reply, I let go off his hair and let him fall to the ground.

I pressed my foot on his back and pressed him flat on the ground.

"That's where you belong, in the dirt! You boy lover" I said as I spat on the ground.

I couldn't tolerate weak people. They ate at my skin the way maggots ate at dead flesh. It drove me up the wall, especially when that weak little shit was supposedly going to be my beta. He had all the time in the world to sit and look at that little idiot Elliot and yet he couldn't even train like a normal wolf! How the hell was he supposed to be my right hand man when he couldn't even carry his own bag without falling over.

The goddess must have some stupid ass wrangle with me, for some unknown reason.

My father, The Alpha made it clear that in the coming future I had to stay alongside Drew at all times for my own safety. That he would protect his Alpha at all costs.

As if.. that shit head couldn't even protect himself, where the hell was he going to guard me?

Drew, came from a long line of Beta werewolves that were blessed with unique gifts from the Goddess in order to protect their Alphas with. These gifts were given solely to the Betas of his bloodline which made them more unique and precious next to any other wolf in the pack.

Drew's father David, could see further than any of us. He could see things we couldn't. He could see through our memories and see our deepest darkest secrets. He could see through opaque objects, resulting in him seeing danger coming before we could even sense it. He could see through people's emotions as well. He could read them like the many books he always read.

Drew's Uncle who didn't live with us anymore but rather with his Mate, the Alpha of our neighboring pack, had extremely strong hearing. Much stronger than our enhanced hearing. When he focused it enough, he could hear what was happening outside of the boarders. He could hear the rogues nearing our pack lands before we could even catch their scent. He could hear from miles and miles away.

Drew however, according to what I was told possessed the unique gift of foresight. It had been a gift that no other Beta was given before him. Something that the Goddess gave him as a blessing. It was often said that he was touched as pup by the Goddess, which made him extremely special. He could see what was going to happen in the future through his dreams. Though at times it wasn't always accurate but he could see glimpses and fragments. At most times he was really close to the actual premonition, while other times it mostly ended up being mixed up with his imagination as Jeremy, our Pack Doctor told us when he examined Drew the first time.

I hated him, mostly that kind of power was placed in his weak little body when I deserved it. I was the one who was going to be Alpha of this pack, so why did a stupid weakling like that have it.

Just seeing his face makes my blood boil!

I always had this unexplained dislike towards him. I don't know what it was but from the moment I was old enough to notice and perceive I started hated him. Bullying him when I found out he was gay which should have been a given since he was a rare wolf too. I hadn't heard him saying it out loud, though I could tell from the looks he gave Elliot the pack doctor's son. He liked him in a way other than the other wolves. I saw how he looked at him with that twinkle in his pretty eyes.


When Elliot wasn't around, I and my minions beat him up and humiliated him at all costs. It wasn't because I was afraid of Elliot or anything, I just did not want to create drama that would ultimately result in me being grounded.

We turned him into the butt of jokes among us and beat him up him at every chance we got. For some reason, doing that always eased the anger in my chest that I got whenever I saw the two together.

I stood above him as he coughed and pulled him by his shirt. I balled my fist as I recalled the events of how this afternoon started.

(Just a few moments ago👇🏻)

He was standing on the tips of his shoes trying to get his bag down from the top of the lockers in our pack gym. We put it there on purpose to make fun of his shortness knowing he wouldn't be able to reach it.We watched as he stretched out his thin hands trying to grab the strap and pull the bag down.

"What's the matter lover boy. Not tall enough?" I asked with a smirk on my face as Henry and Charles stood behind me. When his blue eyes met with mine, all I could see in them was fear. And I loved it.

(Present time👇🏻)

I aimed low and planted my balled fist squarely at the center of his chest, directly on his sternum. He fell to the ground and chocked for air.

"Get up! And fight me!" I yelled at him as he held his chest and started hyperventilating while his body shook.

"What the hell's wrong with him" Charles asked as we all stood and watched him choke for air. I heard footsteps coming to the room and I turned around and ran yelling for Henry and Charles to follow.

I peeked around the corner and saw Elliot walk into the room tugging at his sweaty tank top in an effort to fan himself. He glanced around the room and saw, Drew laying on the floor on his side as he shook and hyperventilated. He ran to him and shook him. A look of realization crossed his face as he held Drew's face in his hands.

"Drew! Where is it?" He began searching Drew's pockets for something. I narrowed my eyes, curious at what is was. I saw Drew point a shaky finger upwards in the direction of his bag.

Elliot stood up and reached for it effortlessly as he dug his hand into it and pulled out an inhaler. He took Drew into his lap, placing his head against his chest. He shook the inhaler and placed it at his mouth, giving Drew the air he needed to finally breathe again.

"Why don't you carry it in your pocket like I told you. What happened?"

I saw Drew trying to get up slowly even though his chest hurt. He inhaled and exhaled heavily a few times before he let out a shaky breath. I braced myself for what was to come. Knowing I was probably going to get grounded for this little shit. He got up, dusted himself off and took his bag from Elliot.

"I must have ran too much in practice"

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