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Consequences (MxM)[EDITED] Werewolf BOOK 1

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Chapter 2

Drew POV

"I must have ran to much during practice "

I hated lying to him. He was about the only person that truly cared about me. Sure Dad loved me and all, but that didn't change the fact that he was always away with the Alpha, leaving me all alone at home. I understood that it was his duty to his Alpha just like I would have my own one day, but that didn't change the fact that I was just a kid that wanted my Dad. I knew he didn't like leaving me alone, but I suppose he had no choice.

My mother died after being attacked by rogues, leaving him to raise me all by himself which he did a pretty good job of seeing as I didn't turn into a rouge myself. I knew he tried his best love me, but he couldn't mask the hurt that crossed his face whenever he saw me. Like he was failing at something. Like he knew I was missing something in my life. Something he couldn't give me.

After a while, he got tired of everyone's constant condolences and moved out of the pack house and into the house we now call home. It was however, just a minute away from the pack house, so he could always be on call whenever the Alpha needed him. I didn't really remember much of it then since I had only been two years old at the time but I do remember all the loving memories he made with me growing up.

"You shouldn't push yourself." Elliot said as he took my bag off my shoulders and threw it around his effortlessly, as if the bag was not weighing me down just seconds ago.

As long as I can remember he has always been there. He was two years older than me, and even though I was just a kid to him, he still made every effort to spend each minute of the day with me. He didn't have to, but he did. It made me feel special. Like someone cared enough to actually want to spend time with me instead of beating me up, for Goddess knows what reason.

Even if we did the most simple of things like reading together, it meant the world to me because he chose to spend that time with me.

I will never forget the first time I met him. It had been five years ago. I was climbing the huge mulberry tree we had in our yard, despite the constant warnings my father gave me not to. I suppose I wanted to show him that I was also strong like him, and I thought that if he saw how strong I was, he would take me with him when he went to the Alpha. However, I ended up slipping on a branch and twisting my ankle.

Jeremy the pack doctor, wasn't in that day and little Elliot walked past seeing me laying on the bed as I cried. A long story short he ended up being the one to bandage my ankle that day saying he saw his father do it countless of times.

We had been friends ever since, telling each other almost everything to the point where he even told me he wanted to be a doctor too, something he hadn't told his father yet at the time since he was born as a black wolf and everyone assumed he would be a warrior too.

But Elliot's heart lied in something entirely different. He wanted to help and heal people. He loved it and I saw it in his beautiful pale eyes. How they lit up with pure happiness whenever he helped out at Jeremy's surgery. How he smiled with joy when he bandaged the little pups or helped them through their first shift.

We spent most our time together and I found as the years went on, I started liking him as more than my only friend. He was so much more than that to me. He made me smile and laugh and feel happiness from the inside. He made me feel like I was worth something to him.

I confessed to him a year after that, when I turned eleven. I told him how I loved him, and wanted to be with him forever. I remember how he just smiled and ruffled my hair the way he always did when he found me amusing. I told him I was serious, to which he replied that we had to wait and see what the goddess had in store for us.

Even now four years later, at age fifteen I still feel the same way towards him. Everyday that passes feels like I am on fire every time I'm near him. I always have this urge to be held by him. And not even in a mating way, at most times I just wanted to hug him all the time. To breathe his scent in and have it wrapped out me, keeping me safe.

He's my mate. I know it in my bones.

"I can carry my own bag you know" I said as I smiled at him.

"We wouldn't want you falling on your face now would we?" He asked with a chuckle as he smirked at me.

"Hey I'm not that weak " I answered as I attempted to punch him slightly with my fist that would have probably felt like a nudge to him.

"I know" he replied as he grabbed my hand and pushed me slightly against the wall. He bent down till he was millimeters away from my face. My heart hammering away in my chest.

"You're anything but weak" he whispered as he pressed his lips to my forehead and let go off his grip on my wrist. I smiled at him and reached up to move his jet black hair out of his face so I could look into his pale blue eyes.

It wasn't the first time he kissed my forehead in that tender way, however he never did anything beyond that. No matter how many times I nagged him to. Even if it was just a kiss, and each time he would always say to wait until we reached mating age.

He always told me that there was something beautiful in mating with your mate for the very first time. The feeling of being absolutely content and at peace when you became one with the other half of your soul. I dreamt of what it would feel like, being one with my mate. What it would feel like when he marked me as his. What it would feel like to finally have that other piece of your soul.

We had found out I was a different breed of wolf when I was born, given my abnormal size. A kind of wolf that could bare children despite being a male. It was said that wolves like me were rare and precious. Chosen by the Goddess herself. It was said that wolves like us were unique and a perfect blend of both.

My father became extremely worried when I was unnaturally small for a Beta wolf since according to him, it was even rarer for Betas to be those kind of wolves, but it didn't change my status in anyway. I was still going to be the Beta of our back and I was still supposed to be the right hand man to that asshole soon to be Alpha.

If it were up to me, I leave his ass right here and move away with Elliot, far away from all this pack drama. Live a happy simple life that did not include fighting for my life at every given chance. I would have children with the man I loved and lived a normal life.

I often wondered what my life would be like if I left the pack and what it stood for behind. I would probably get a job in a bookstore since that was what I loved most. Elliot would still be a Doctor. We'd have our own little place in the city and it would be just the two of us. Until our little pups came.

It was the perfect illusion.

Reality was, although Elliot would be my mate, I would still be tethered and tied to an asshole of an Alpha that was constantly trying to shove his feet in shoes that were too big for him!

"Come on little wolf.. I'm starving" Elliot said after I had been staring at him for to long, and walked away.

"I'm not little!" I yelled and trailed after him while he laughed and walked of me carrying my back.

I walked behind him, totally unaware of the pair of deep blue eyes that bore holes of hatred into my back.

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