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Beauty and His Beast [MxM] (UNEDITED)

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Ares, future heir to the Fae kingdom is the light of the entire kingdom. Born at a time when a curse had been cast upon the Faekind resulting in the loss of many their babies as well as the heirs to the throne, the entire kingdom views Ares as their hope and a miracle. As the only source of their kingdom prospering. Ares, touched by the Gods is known to be the most powerful Fae that had ever lived.. Growing up, Ares had been showered with unending love and sheltered from the harms and dangers of the world around him. He never knew the concept of hatred and jealousy, of anger and betrayal. To him, his entire world was nothing but purity and light, loved by everyone who met the beautiful fae. That is until he crossed paths with a being known as The Hybrid. A being with no name who went against everything he had ever believed in and had been taught. The Hyrbid brings about new feelings within Ares, such feelings he never even knew existed. Will he give in to these feelings or will he fight till his last breath to escape the clutches of The Hybrid? NB: This is boyxboy novel, meaning that there is intimate interactions between males. If you do not like reading about that, kindly refrain from reading any further. Thank you!

Fantasy / Romance
Hyun Ji
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Chapter 1


- And lastly.. I have mentioned before, but I will say it again.. this is a BxB book, which means there is intimacy between men, and definately sexual interactions, alot of them!!! so if you do not like reading about that kind of stuff, kindly refrain from reading any further..



A shrilling scream filled with agony echoed out through the eerie silent palace halls. Not a single sound could be heard as the creatures remain in prayer. Each praying to the deity above, that the heir survive this time.

Another scream filled the halls, followed by cries of pain as the queen held tightly onto the hand of her dearly beloved husband who looked down at her, eyes filled with untold pain as she struggled to bring their joy into the world. He turned his gaze away unable to bear the pain of seeing his beloved in so much agony and looked toward the healer.

"One more your Majesty." The healer said.

The queen held onto her husband's hand in a deathly grip and clenched her eyes shut once more. Praying that she was strong enough to bring their bundle into this beautiful world. She bit down her scream this time and gritted her teeth as she pushed with all she had, finally hearing that beautiful sound that filled her heart with warmth.

She smiled as she laid down on the bed and breathed out a sigh of relief as that beautiful sound echoed throughout the room and across the quiet hallways of the palace. Shouts of praise and thanks could be heard throughout the palace as everyone heard the strong cry of the future heir.

"It's a boy. A beautiful strong boy." The healer said as he picked up the child who kicked and screamed, throwing his tiny fists about in the air.

The healer wrapped the child up in a blanket and held his head as he recited the traditional couplets of protection over the child. He lifted his thumb and pressed it against his fang, allowing the blood to drip before he ran it across the child's forehead. He smiled down at the child who screamed and wailed, and held the child out to his father.

There were no words to describe the amount of joy and pride that coarsed through the father's veins as he held his son in his arms for the very first time. He looked down at the tiny form in his huge arms and smiled with utter joy as he trembled slightly. His vision blurred and emotions took over him as the moisture within his eyes, flowed down his handsomely chiseled face. He turned and looked at his mesmerizingly beautiful wife and smiled at her.

"He's beautiful. So beautiful" he whispered as he lowered his head and pressed his lips against the head of his son and walked toward the bed of his wife. He held out the baby to her and sat back as he watched her cradle the tiny baby to her chest.

Immediately the wails and cries ceased, almost as if the baby knew exactly who was holding him. He turned his tiny face against her chest, as if he was seeking out something, earning himself a chuckle from his mother as she lifted his head to her breast. She led out a contented sigh as he latched onto her and suckled. She ran her hand over his tiny head, covered in thick locks of hair, white as snow, and smiled down at him as he fed from her, connecting them not only in body, but in heart and soul.

He was her blood and flesh, her heart and soul, her son. Whom she would wage wars over and protect till her last breath. He was her hope and her light that had shone and brightened the darkest corners of her life.

"Ares." She whispered and looked up at her husband who smiled back at her with ultimate joy and pride.

"His name is Ares."

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