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Asgeir is the youngest prince of the kingdom of Valeor. A kingdom inhabited solely by men. Due to unforeseen circumstances he finds himself betrothed to the one they call The Dragon Slayer. A young and handsome warrior known throughout the kingdom for his bravery. The young warrior had wanted nothing for saving the kingdom of Valeor from a suspected dragon attack except a marriage to the beautiful young prince and yet, despite everyone's constant talk about the bravery and handsomeness of The Dragon Slayer, Asgeir cannot shake the feeling that there is more to him than what meets the eye. On the day of their wedding, Asgeir is kidnapped by a dragon who holds a blood thirst for vengeance against The Dragon Slayer for murdering his family in cold blood. The dragon will stop at nothing to get his revenge, even if that meant using and killing Asgeir. Will the dragon fight the feelings inside him he feels for a mere human prince and continue to feed his thirst for vengeance, or will he give in and embark on this forbidden journey of a romance between a human and dragon? AN:THIS IS A BL BOOK! (BOY X BOY) Meaning there is intimacy between men. If you do not like it.. kindly refrain from reading.. NOTE: This book will contain mpreg( male pregnancy) so if that makes you uncomfortable or rather not read about it, then read no further! Thank you!

Fantasy / Romance
Hyun Ji
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Chapter 1

Asgeir POV

"Hold still Little brother." Arkyn, my oldest brother said as he tried to adjust my crown on my head even though it was clear that it did not fit.

"I think he's head is too small. It's going to fall right off."Armod , the second youngest of us brothers, who was older than me by seven years, said as he sipped his wine and reclined against the back rest of the sofa.

"I don't see why I have to be the one to get married off." I said pouting and looking at my reflection in the mirror.

Taking myself in, I honestly felt so stupid dressed in all these garments, but my father, the king, insisted that I dress to impress my new groom, whom I have never even met before.

"Well, it was you the dragon slayer wanted, was it not?" Arvid, the third eldest brother said as he walked into the room.

"One look at our pretty little brother here, and we all cease to exist." He said and threw his huge arm around my shoulder. I smiled at him and tried not to show my discomfort at his arm weighing me down.

"I'm not pretty." I said in a sulking voice which only made them laugh even more.

"Come on little brother, you are and everyone in this country knows it. You're known as the beautiful prince throughout the land so don't even bother trying to argue." Arkyn said, when he finally managed to get the crown to stay on my head and not fall off.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and wondered why I didn't look as masculine as my brothers did.

I didn't have all the muscle they had, and instead my body was completely flat. I wasn't tall and broad like them and instead I stood at 5.4. I had abnormally pale skin, mainly because I didn't like to go out as much as they did, so I didn't get that much sun. I had light brown hair, almost dark blond and blue eyes. In my opinion, there was nothing beautiful about me, so I could not grasp the reason why, the dragon slayer, someone so mighty and powerful, wanted to marry me?

"What's he like?" I asked and stared at my reflection.

"He's every man's dream. What I wouldn't give to have him pound me sensless." Armod said making Arvid laugh and Arkyn shake his head.

"You're such a man whore, as if having every guy in our palace fuck you isn't enough. At least have some respect, that's our brother's husband you're talking about." Arvid said.

"There's nothing wrong with voicing my opinion, and besides, they're not married yet." Armod said as he twirled his glass around and looked at me, I tried to decipher the look he was giving me, but as hard as I tried, I couldn't read the expression on his face.

"He's brave , kind and affectionate, and I'm sure he's going to love you." Arkyn smiled at my reflection through the mirror.

"What if he doesn't like me?" I asked and turned around to look at my brothers.

"He wouldn't have chosen you when he had all the princes to choose from, if he didn't like you. He definitely saw something in you that attracted him to you, so have some faith in yourself little brother." Arvid said and placed his hand on my shoulder.

I nodded at him and picked up my necklace and put it around my neck and thought back to the day I received the news that I was going to marry the dragon slayer.

I had been reading in my room when the doors flew open and Arvid and Armod came in panting as if they'd been running. I closed the book and narrowed my eyes, wondering why they were in such a rush. They took a minute to compose themselves before they began telling me what had them so excited.

They told me how a young warrior from a nearby kingdom had slain all the dragons that previously attacked our kingdom, earning himself the title of 'Dragon Slayer' and as show of gratitude, our father the king had offered one of his sons in marriage to him and how everyone had expected him to choose oldest brother, since he was the strongest and most handsome of us all, but what everyone had not expected was for him to utter my name, and despite my father telling him that I was still too young and not as strong as my brothers, he refused to marry anyone else but me.

I remember looking at them for a few seconds, still trying to process what they were saying and wondering just how he knew about me when only the people in the palace had seen me before. I didn't have to think further when they told me how he told my father that he had rode through our lands once and stopped by a river to give his horse some water, when he noticed someone sitting under a tree and drawing.

He told my father how he just stood there, looking at the person and wondering how it was possible for someone so beautiful to exist and when he asked his servant who that beauty was. He replied that it was the youngest prince of Valeor.

I remember how I went crimson red at their words and looked at them trying their best to hold in their laughter as they told me what had transpired in the throne room.

Till now, I was still plagued with the thought that maybe his servant had confused me with someone else, I mean I myself didn't even remember the day they were talking about, but then again, I never did pay attention to anything around me the few times I went out.

"Relax, he's going to be blown away. What you should be worrying about is your skills in the bedroom. From what I've heard, the Slayer is a beast in the bed" Armod said making everyone laugh.

"Trust you to know that piece of information." Arkyn shook his head.

"Do you think he'll be bothered by the fact that I'm a virgin? Will he think that I'm inexperienced?" I asked Arkyn as the tailor came in and adjusted my garment accordingly.

"I think he'll be more focused on you giving him an heir right now, but it won't hurt to give him some pleasure along the way, that is if you can do it. Wouldn't want him going to someone else to do something you can't do, would we." Armod said and smirked as he got up to leave the room.

"Ignore him. He's just pissed he's not going to be one getting fucked by the dragon slayer." Arvid said making us all laugh.

After the tailor was done, I took off the garments and gave them to him to alter it accordingly. I took a second to look a my body in the mirror, while my servant fetched my clothes from the bed.

No matter how you looked at, I was not even close to what a man desired in another man. If anything, my body looked frail and delicate, like I would break if I was held too tight.

I shook my head and threw on my garments, trying to rid myself of that one thought that seemed to play on my mind since the day Arvid and Armod came to me with the news. That nagging question..

What exactly did the slayer see in me to want me?

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