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Frozen Fire(Mxm)[UNEDITED]

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Chapter 2

Solveig POV

I walked through the palace halls, trying to rid myself of the thoughts that played on mind.. it's been thirteen years since that day.. why was I having those nightmares again???

Of being weak. Of not being able protect the ones I love.

During the years that followed that fateful incident, I felt nothing but weakness, cowardice and betrayal.

Weakness because I was powerless when when my only friend needed me, cowardice because I was too afraid to stand up to my father and betrayal because the one person that was supposed to make me feel safe... made me feel more alone as each day passed..

I learnt from a young age, that no one mattered to my father in terms of familial bonds. Not his sons,and neither our mother.

My hatred and disrespect for him grew when I discovered that he was seeing other woman. He would visit my mother's chambers during her nights

of fertility, when it was certain that she would fall pregnant, after that he wouldn't see her until the child was born.,and repeat the process.

He did this to ensure the birth of his many sons that would continue his legacy. He chose my mother specifically because of her royal bloodline, resulting in us being pure bloods.

It was rare to find pure bloods in our kingdom, as majority were killed during the war. We were the one of kingdoms known to have pure blood heirs.

Being a pure blood meant, that not only did we posses the gift of creating fire with our bare hands,and breathing fire, but we could transform into dragons triple our size.

It was the most excruciating pain one could ever feel. It felt as though our entire body was being burnt while we were still alive. Every bone in our body felt as though it was being crushed, and our veins felt like acid was flowing through it. I remember I passed out the first time I changed but as time went on the change became less painful.

I continued to walk down the hall when I felt a presence behind me. I wasted no time in removing my sword and aiming it at his neck.

"You've gotten better brother. Before I could follow you throughout your walk and you wouldn't notice me" my younger brother of a year,smiled at me.

"I let you off before." I said placing my sword back in its sheath .

"what's brought you here Gunner? Shouldn't you be practicing?" I asked as I turned to resume my walk with him tailing behind me.

Gunner was next in line to the throne. After Zeffer's death, I became angry with everyone around me. Sadly, I aimed most of my anger at my younger brother. I would lash out at him for the simplest things and ignored him as though he wasn't even there.

I would fight with him even when there was no need to, I was constantly at his throat.

Despite all that, he would constantly follow me around wherever I went and smiled. No matter how many insults I threw at him , he would smile and run off. It made me extremely angry to see him smile whenever I had the urge to strangle him.

Eventually I just gave up and allowed him to tag along wherever I went and as time went on I became more relaxed around him and even started talking to him. I realized that we had a lot in common.

We both loved the sunset and watching it rise. Most times we would watch it together, not engaging in any conversation, but just enjoying eachother's presence. We did most of our activities that way, we hardly spoke to one another, and in a way I felt like he was giving me space to breathe.

It was only on his sixteenth birthday, that we began speaking. I helped him through his transition, since he didn't want anyone else to do it. Ever since that night, we have became closer... just like brothers should be.

"I was let off early.. so I thought I'd join you.. if that's okay" he said as he walked behind me.

"You don't have to walk behind me." I said turning around to face him.. Something about the way he couldn't meet my eyes,told me that he was hiding something and the way all the palace ladies were giggling as we passed by told me something was definitely up.

"What is it?" I asked making no effort to hid my irritation. I absolutely despised it when people hid things from me.

"You haven't heard.. have you?" He asked with a pause, indicating that he was scared to continue.

"Heard what?"

"About your engagement??" He said looking anywhere but at me..

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