The Wolfless Mate

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She was a seventeen year old who couldn't shift. He was an eighteen year old Beta. When the two meet, Raine begins to feel a pull like never before. A strong urge to be near him, but the small problem? He can't stand anything Human. The big problem? Raine discovers she’s not who she thought she was. “We’ve been keeping a secret from you Raine and I think its time we talk about it”

Fantasy / Romance
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I stood in the field and watched as my classmates shifted into their beasts before sprinting across the field in a speed I couldn't imagine forcing myself to run. The adrenaline that comes with that change was something I unfortunately don't think I'll ever experience.

I was born a wolf, or as others call me, a half breed. My father was a wolf but my mother was human. It wasn't an uncommon thing for wolves to be mated with humans it was just dangerous. According to my mother, fathers family wasn't exactly welcoming of a human being brought into their home.

They spent the first year of my parents relationship doing everything in their power to sabotage it. Mother even mentioned how one of my uncles attempted to attack her late at night when she was walking home from work as a way to scare her off.

Obviously once my father found out about the games his family were playing with his mate, he was irrate. He was young but was considered to be one of the strongest men in the pack next to their Alpha. Eventually everything calmed down and his family grew to accept her but only once they found out she was pregnant with a wolf in the making; me.

So imagine their surprise and disappointment when they realized I couldn't shift. I wasn't even sure I had a wolf to be honest. I had heard others talking about how they can feel and hear their wolves but I haven't.

The idea of feeling and hearing another voice or body inside mine put me on edge. I completely understand it's a normal wolf thing but as we have discovered, I'm not really a wolf. Rather a human in disguise. A human hiding in a pack of beasts that want absolutely nothing to do with me.

" Raine, you're up"

I sighed as my eyes met our wolf coach, Ardail. He was sweet for the most part. One of the only ones in this school that didn't drag me relentlessly for not having her wolf.

I made my way out onto the field that was filled with other students. The eyes and chuckles I received didn't go unnoticed, they never did.

I come to a stop in front of Rome. A tall bulky kid whom I've known my entire life. He was a large wolf and an even stronger one. Then again, he was pretty strong even in his human form. Unfortunately for me he was also a prick.

" Come on, teach. Give me a least a pinch of challenge"

I rolled my eyes as the class erupted into fits of laughter. Ardail yelled for the class to be quite before his eyes met mine. Those deep green eyes were the only thing that kept me calm on these fields. I knew he wouldn't let anything happen to me. I trusted him.

" Give it your all, baby wolf" he winked.

I let out another sigh as I turned back to face Rome. The flicker of excitement in his brown eyes didn't go unnoticed. Neither did the sadistic smile that grew across his face before he threw his head back and howled before completely shifting into a large wolf.

I felt myself become nervous as my small figure stood in front of a wolf who neared four hundred pounds of muscle. His chestnut fur stuck up as his dark eyes flickered once more with excitement. I closed my eyes, trying to do what I've done every day for the past four years since I had hit the age of shifting.

I begged the goddess to let this be the time. I begged for her to make my wolf show herself if she was there. To even give me a weak whimper to let me know I did indeed have a wolf, but as usual, nothing happened.

I let out a huff as I opened my eyes and looked over at Ardail. I shook my head. This was a waste of mine and their time. I wasn't a wolf. Even if I was, I was a pointless one.

My head snapped back to face Rome as the low intimidating growl escaped his throat. I arched my brows before taking a step back. He was advancing me. Something none of them had done before.

I let out a scream as I watched the giant beast lunge towards me. I fell hard to the ground as my hands guarded my face. I waited with fear for the blow, for those teeth to sink into my flesh but once it didn't happen, I slowly opened my eyes.

Ardail had shifted into his wolf form and was now standing in between Rome and myself. A deep threatening growl forced its way up Ardails throat as he glared at Rome. I felt a bit of embarrassment for the big bad wolf who was now taking a step back whimpering at the sight of our coach.

Rome was a big wolf but Ardail was bigger and much much stronger. He was older than Rome which meant Rome really had no fighting chance against the wolf coach himself. I watched as they both shifted back into human form. Rome looked at his feet as Ardail stepped closer to him.

" If I ever see that shit again Rome, I will take her place and fight you myself. Am I clear?"

" Yes, sir"

His voice was low and full of fear. I had to fight myself from laughing as I watched the kid that liked to put fear into everyone, have fear put into him.

" We do not fight a wolf that hasn't shifted. Do I make myself crystal clear?" He shouted as he looked around the field at the others.

Ardail was seemingly young. Maybe in his mid twenties. He had dark hair and deep forest green eyes. He was muscular but not like some gym buff you would see in the gym every morning and afternoon.

Once the class agreed with him, he shot a look back at Rome was was still looking at the ground. He was submitting to Ardail.

" You. Detention, after school"

Rome shot his head up finally and made eye contact with our coach.

" What? That's not fair?" He snapped.

Ardail laughed as he looked down before back up at him with hooded eyes. "Should have thought of that before trying to attack a classmate who wasn't shifted"

That was the moment Rome shot his eyes in my direction. If looks could kill, I would have been eight feet under. An extra two just because he was extra.


Class had ended and we all began to make our way back inside. I groaned as a shoulder met mine harshly. I looked over to see Rome and a few of his hellhounds as he stared at me.

" I'll get you, you little halfbreed bitch" He growled.

I mentally screamed as I watched him and his friends walk away towards the building laughing. Rome has now made it his personal mission to break me and honestly, he probably would.

I walked in behind the class. Everyone went their own way as they talked and laughed. Surely mentioning the trouble I just got the class into. I glanced over my shoulder as Ardail called out to me. I smiled weakly as he jogged to match my pace.

" Are you okay?" He asked as he reached me.

I shrugged. " Been better"

He let out a sigh before coming to a stop, making me stop in response. "She'll emerge, Raine. Just give her time"

" How much time? I've given her four years"

He smiled. " Some take longer than others. Late bloomers do exist" he picked.

I laughed as I looked at my feet. " The older I get, the less I think I'm a late bloomer and the more I think I'm a wolfless wolf" I looked back at him.

" Believe it or not, you're not the first one I've trained that struggles with shifting. It's more common than you think" his tone was candid.

" I don't know" I responded as I looked away.

" Wanna know a secret" he whispered. "I didn't get my wolf until I was eighteen" his eyes scanned my face for a moment. "Give her time. She's in there"

I gave him a weak smile as I watched him turn and head back the way we had just came from. Maybe he was right. Maybe she was in there, then again maybe she wasn't.

I had been trying to shift since my thirteenth birthday when I reached that age. Shifting just never came to me. I never heard nor felt her. It just simply, didn't exist. I let out a sigh as I turned and made my way towards the shower before gathering my things to go home. All I wanted right now was my bed.

I'll worry about my wolf another day.

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