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Midnight Paris

By Tiff Wright All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


A young 17 year old girl finds out she has magic, and her fait will be decided at the age of 18, can she control her magic by then while making friends, being normal, well you will find out

Bit Of Background

Dear Diary,

Having a new start is so important, things can always get messed up but who knew so many things can be even more messed up. You might see a person walking down the street and you are looking at them like what is their story or don't they have one yet. Judging people by what is on the outside not what it is on the inside is wrong, you have no idea what these people are going through. For one young girl who just turned 17, things have been going wrong for her, windows breaking, earth quakes, this young girl thought it was just nature but she soon realized that it wasn't. They had to run away from that town, and go to a town that is out of the way, it was called Midnight Paris, the population is 1,000 people. Learning about her life was not something she wanted, but it was crucial she had one full year to control her powers, which was not as easy as it seem, she had to go to school, socialize and be a normal girl as much as possible, everyone knows their last name Paris, the town was named after her past relative called Margret Josy Paris, she was a well known witch at that point, she saved the town from unexpected creatures and she was amazing and a role model. Who knew that she would carry on her great great grandma's magic, she wanted to be normal not a weirdo, her parents Lucas and Daniella knew she was special and treated her like a princess but a warrior princess not a normal princess. They called her Rosie Paris.

I will leave you know but, remember this story is about a young girl who is still trying to find out who she is so don't judge her,

Yours Sincerely,


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