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Raise of His Kingdom

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On his birthday, Andy never thought his family was still alive

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

A swoon grin beginning to make on his lips, knowing the date today who wouldn't be energized of course as it were Andy himself. He green emerald eyes open wide as the beams of the sun that raising from the east are inching inside the room little window, indicating his day are beginning presently. He get up at that point do his regular morning schedule looking at himself on the reflect, "Happy birthday to you An," welcoming himself a pleasant birthday, upbeat that he reach fifteen today.

A uproarious thump hinder him, "Hello bastard in the event that you still won't get out of you room I'm planning to tell mother to kick you out of the house." His cousin said, quickly brush up his reddish shinny hair than snatching his glasses some time recently going out of his room, his cousin look not happy to see him. "I see , your rebelling now , hurry up make our breakfast now." Anita cross her arm right over to her chest, the brunette was his cousin who much two months a long time than him. In spite of the fact that they are blood related they both not near to each other, He make his way to the kitchen whereas the woman was taking after him. "My boyfriend and his parents are coming here for the supper, mother said you can't get out of your room while they are still here." He halt on his track as he heard it, "Why? They said I could do what I want on my birthday." His cousin look at him blankly.

"Go on you'll be able to do what you want but never thought of coming back here." She move forward than him at that point sit casually on the stool. Andy murmured as he begin to make breakfast, he can't go against them since they are the only family he have even in spite of the fact that they treating him as an outcast, He still regard and owe his life to his aunt which is the sister of his mother. Ever since he open his eye to the world he never meet his parents nor his kin in case he have since he doesn't know in case they are still alive, once he ask his aunt the old woman will lash out or overlook his address. They indeed won't let him out of the house but the red hair will still grateful of giving him a shelter and clothes. "What's happening here? are you both fighting?" Speaking of his aunt, the old woman arrived still in here robe went with weaved blue cardigan.

"Nothing mother, I'm fair telling Andy what to do afterward but he keep insisting to go out since today was his birthday." Anita grinned timidly, the said young teen beginning to setup plates on the table putting it appropriately since his uncle was a fussbudget he need everything to be idealize. The old woman peered toward her nephew than chuckle, "haha, What a feel sorry for. He can go out..." Andy couldn't feel a few energy building up on his system as he hear what his aunt said. "But he must pack his clothes since I'm kicking him out." Anita attempted not to laugh as her mother said simply, can say they are truly fiendish. He quietly put the soup he made on the center table, "Great morning," his uncle welcomed, he observe the old man kiss his wife and daughter cheeks." You both look cheerful this morning something happened?" He sat on his individual chair, Mrs. Kwon halt snickering. "Nothing Andy is fair making a joke." She replied and sit on the proper side of her spouse. "Oh that's great to listened." The old man drink his coffee which the latter made prior. Andy was almost to sit following to his cousin but Mr. Kwon fake cough to get his attention. "Have you overlooked about the rules, young man?" He inquire, without any word the said youngster stand up and leave the kitchen quietly.

He make his way towards the living room and wait for them to wrap up eating, Andy was use to this how can he forgot? He sit quietly on the couch, settling his ancient circular glasses since he can manage buying unused one. His red colored hair are too getting redder as he grew up, he recalled that his aunt attempted to cut it considering that it'll develop with diverse color but nothing happened. "Hey nerd, get father's daily paper and also his mails." Anita yelled over from the kitchen, He accumulated his contemplations before getting up. The most door isn't to distant absent conjointly the postal carrier take off the mail on their doormat that why once he open the entryway he can get it rapidly he indeed now and then catch the daily paper when they delivered it. The red hair about to get the mails as he spot the familiar box he gotten each year at whatever point it's was his birthday, gradually lifting it seeing how his name engraved within it wrapper.

Andy never knew who sends it nor what inside of it since his aunt continuously caught it at that point to their capacity room but this he need to know what's inside of it. "What's taking you too long?" He froze cover up the box behind him, his cousin looked at him suspiciously as she see how tense he was. "Nothing the daily paper is absent from the entryway I attempt to reach it" he lied jumping that the other won't take note anything.

"Rush up, father require the daily paper" at that point take off, Andy observe her back vanishing through the passage some time recently discharging profound breath. He never take note that he halt breathing for a minute, getting the opportunity he put the box in his room as quick a he may at that point grant the daily paper to his uncle. He doesn't know that he will open a few mystery that his family attempted to cover up.

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