Dragons in the Sky

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She's separated from her family, trying to find her way to them. In her search she is confronted by gentlemen and wild men, all insisting she is has the key to bringing the dragons back to the land. The world of Cosam is missing its dragons, because aguardian being named Lady El stole them to keep them with her up in the clouds. Bryn only wants to find her family and find out why she is missing a month's worth of memories. Now she is on the run from Lady El, and from a group of wealthy men's sons who were brainwashed by Lady El, along with all of nature that Bryn has to go through to find her family. Her only protection are strangers. Six brothers who all smell like dogs. It is not until Bryn goes through her recently deceased grandmother's journals, does she realize that she has more to do with bringing the dragons back than she could ever guess.

Fantasy / Adventure
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They claim the selest have no homes, that they live in the heavens, or wander Grandarth fulfilling their purpose, to nurture the world and take care of those that live on it.

The selest are not gods, nor are they angels, they are below angels, because they do not serve the higher power, they serve the world that the higher power has made. They are the only beings on Grandarth that can use what many would call magic. Just like all free willed created beings, they have the ability to be corrupt, to misuse their gifts, and manipulate it for their own purposes. When a selest decides to be naughty to turn around and be as corruptible as they please, it is usually those short lived beings that live on Grandarth that receive the repercussion. This is the story of when one selest decided she wanted things done her way.

Lady El, the lady of the sky. The selest who loves to manipulate the weather as she pleases, and occasionally people, had made a drastic move. Her actions stunned the other selest, so much so that they did not confront her about it immediately. Instead they spoke among themselves whispering to each other until they could not stand the curiosity any longer.

Two spokesmen were chosen to confront Lady El about her actions. First was Kind Kae, the selest that enjoyed taking care of animals. Then Mar was elected since he was the closest friend Lady El had.

Lady El was a constant beauty to behold. She was a graceful, tall figure and towered over any mortal man. Her billowing sparkling hair was as white as the clouds she used as her throne. Her large ocean blue eyes shimmered like the sea. Her dress was a gift from Mar, it twinkled like the stars in the night sky and splayed out over her legs.

As Lady El was lounging on her favorite cloud, Kind Kae and Mar softly entered her home.

Once they made themselves known, Lady El stood and extended her arms out towards them in the friendliest manner. “My friends, may your day be a blessed, enriching one. I welcome you to sit with me, and enjoy my pleasures.”

Kind Kae approached her first.

This kind selest was given his name by the people of Cosam because of his generosity with them. He was tall in stature, with broad shoulders, his constant expression of pleasure was rarely ever changed. He wore his most slender robe that trailed miles behind him and hung from the cloud like a rainfall and rippled like the trees in the wind.

Kind Kae offered a sweeping and humble bow to the lady. “We thank you El for the invitation to stay with you for a time, your closest and dearest friends are here to see for ourselves the great display you have taken on yourself to bring here to your home.”

“There is no mistake, you are speaking about my new pets that have joined me in my clouds. Are you not fascinated with my new collection?” As she spoke she lifted her arms again a gesture for her pets to rise from the clouds which they had been laying in the bosom of. These scaly dragons took flight or strolled about the clouds, enjoying the softness. When a dragon tried to drop down, to take a closer look at the world below, to Grandarth, they were withheld by Lady El’s clouds. No one that lived down on the ground could see these dragons soaring above them. All the people saw when they glanced upwards was billowing clouds, with their odd shapes.

Next, Mar strolled forward to be in the lady’s presence. The friendly giant was shorter than his companion. He did not care to be graceful or delicate like his friends. He had adorned his best outfit special for Lady El. It was a clean shirt and trousers, with his golden jacket sparkling in the sun. As a belt he wore a giant snake that was constantly curling around and around, as a crown over his untameable black hair, a spider made its home.

He was less known by the people on Grandarth, because he did not like to show his true self to them. Besides his simple name and nature, those on the ground did not know what Mar did for them, he was a silent helper, with a serving heart.

Mar was a simple speaking man, and used his words to hit the point right on and did not use a golden tipped tongue like Kind Kae. “It is a pleasure to be here, dear one. I have but one question for you. Why have you collected so many dragons to live with you in the sky,” Mar asked, as he bowed low to the lady.

“I have no reason that would satisfy a male’s mind,” Lady El replied as she wrapped her arms around the neck of the closest dragon to her, “They love the sky as much as I. All I would like to do is play with them for a little while.”

“Do you have to play with them here,” Mar pushed on, “Dragons do not belong to you. You did not make them.”

“I know this, I only wish to play with them for a little longer.” Lady El giggled when the same dragon licked her on the chin to thank her for the embrace.

“For how long then do you insist on playing here with them,” Kind Kae asked, “The people on Cosam are growing scared and lonely, it was cruel of you to just pluck the dragons from them. Some of the people love the dragons more than you.”

“My dear confidant Pur thought it a fine idea. I know he likes to tease the people down there, but he explained it would be alright. I only wanted to play with the dragons, until I grow bored.”

Kind Kae laughed heartily. “Now that is unfair as well, selest do not grow bored so easily. Can we make a compromise; set a deal as to when the people can have the dragons back on earth.”

Lady El straightened her back, eager to hear more. “Now this sounds intriguing, we could make some sport of it. Make them earn the right for me to return the dragons. How shall we play?”

Now, the discussion, the debating, the pleading and bargaining that was done by all three, took days to resolve.

Once the negotiations was over, Lady El was the one to make all clear to the three of them as they sat on their thrones made of clouds. “Then it is settled. We will lay the clues to my riddle scattered about with the people, right in front of their eyes, but hidden in them. If they are capable of putting the pieces together and saying the words to the sky, then I will return the dragons to them.”

“You shall promise to make sure the hints are clear,” Mar asked.

“You must swear you will not hinder anyone who is solving your puzzle.” Kind Kae would not budge on this rule.

“I promise to all that is present as witness, I will set down among the people clear clues that they must solve to answer my riddles, that I will not cause harm on any person attempting or coming close to solving my riddles. That as soon as the riddle has been spoken, that I the one they call Lady El of the clouds, will release the dragons from my care and let them roam the land again.”

Satisfied with the binding words she willingly offered. The three selest set about preparing to let the clues be dropped onto Cosam and to spread the word that the puzzle must be solved before the dragons could be returned.

As they left Lady El to coddle the dragons, Kind Kae kept his doubtful and cautious council to himself. He did not doubt that Lady El would do many things to win a bet, perhaps even cheat if she felt like it. Her power of influence and manipulation knew no bounds when there was something she desired to keep she might make her own rules, as long as the others did not interfere.

“I will have to send my boys out to assist the person that is close to this. We don’t want anyone hurt over El’s selfish love,” Kind Kae said to himself. He left the explaining of what passed to the others in Mar’s care, while he glided down to Cosam to have a word with his most trusted allies.

The other selest were outraged at the way Lady El was acting, but the bargain was struck and there was no way to unbind it. It was the cleanest way to deal with the problem without starting another skirmish between selest. All that could be done was wait and watch. Taking sides on the bargain and in their own way enjoying the struggle and the adventure that would take place.

They watched and they waited for nearly eight years…..

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