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Dark and Bright

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When Eloise Howell finds out that her parents are stranded on the infamous planet Earth, she leaves her realm of dazzling fairies and enters a strange world of people she once thought were myths.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Her fiery wings illuminated in the night sky, blackening and curling at the tips of each feather as she spoke. “I have watched her well, Dark Winged. She has the valor to go after her parents dreams.”

The Dark Winged stood before her, his skin as white as the serrated wings blooming from the small of his back. “Her parents are stranded. And so will she be, if you are right about her potential.”

Amaris nodded courteously, though her eyes clouded from the truth coming from out of the Dark Winged’s wine red lips. “I understand.” She remarked, her voice unsentimental despite the protests surfacing at her tongue.

The Dark Winged was unresponsive as his cosmic wings began to move rapidly, the moonlight scintillating around his toned figure.

Amaris′ periwinkle eyes enlarged as she observed his stature hovering in the moonlight, and soon, his vivid figure fluttered into the depths of the vast, inky sky.

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