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Mountains are burning

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Homes falling apart Magic ruled the village Families falling apart Alora Flinagin, an elf with ADHD and known to be unsteady on her feet. Knows how to get her way out of anything….Apart from talking…. When her home was threatened by a witch from her past, she knew that there was one of two options: either run away or run towards danger. She had a third option: run towards danger kicking and screaming. Until a couple stumped upon her journey. Two people which would become more of her future. What will become of our chaotic hero? Will she live? Or will she end up not shutting up about the latest new craze?

Fantasy / Adventure
Chloe Godden
Age Rating:

Ground zero

One punch.
Two punch.
The ground collided with Alora’s body. A masculine laughter above her before a dark shadow casted down on her.
“Next time, keep that pretty little mouth of yours shut and you would be on the floor kissing my boots again” He spat, small droplets on her red and purple cheek.
He kicked Alora in the stomach, leaving a swift groan from her lips, before walking over her to leave the back of the pub which they fought in. Alora held her stomach before she slowly made her way to her knees, which were bleeding and covered in mud. Her eyes filled with small tears which soon fell into the dry mud which scattered upon her skin.
Someone walked out of the splintering door and saw Alora crawling to the bench to pull herself up. They walked over and helped Alora to the bench, leaving a small whimper from her lips followed by her lip quivering.
“You shouldn’t let Marlo do this again. He can be a right evil….” They started before Alora interrupted.
“I shouldn’t have mocked him but he shouldn’t have outed me to the whole village.” Alora spoke, slowly sitting on the splintering bench.
The person, Paddy, checked her knees before he walked back inside. Alora knew he wouldn’t ask question but he knew that Alora’s parents would want to hunt Marlo down. She rose from the bench and limped down the side of the pub.
The market square was filled with stalls selling clothes made from leather and silk which comes from the stretches of Milca all the way to the land of Faltun. People stared at Alora as she limped past different stalls, new scents filled every surface of the market as Alora got to the row of homes. A small group of women was gathered outside one of the wooden homes, metal cups in their hands.
“Hey! We don’t accept your kind here!” One yelled.
Alora stopped mid stride. She glared over, her eyes could break glass.
“What the fuck did you just say?” Alora barked, just done with people that day.
Alora walked over the group of women, who was clutching onto their black shawls to their chest.
“You heard me. We don’t want your kind around here” One women spoke, Marlo’s mom.
She thinks she owns the street, the whole town even.
“Only because I have taste in people who I want to date. Please, a river rat has more of a chance of marring me than your son!” Alora yelled.
Marlo’s mom stood close and slapped her around the face. Alora’s hand went to her cheek, and she soon saw red. Her body started to shake with anger. Marlo’s mom laughed and turned round before Alora grabbed her hair.
“Well if I ever have kids, they will learn they can look and not touch when it comes to people.” Alora barked.
She pushed Marlo’s mom forward and limped off to her home, which was covered in paint, eggs, flour and other stuff which should not be on a house. Limping into the front garden, she could hear yelling. Yelling about her.
“It’s not her fault that she’s the way she is. If we were around more, then she would be…..”A man voice spoke.
“She would what? Be normal? She’s not normal! She will never be normal!” A female voice spoke.
Alora turned round and limped out of the street. She was never going to be normal. She would always be considered the freak of the village, just for liking anyone, and wanting to be in a relationship with more than one person.
She reached the small lake which she knew about when she was growing up, bouncing from home to home. She reached the tree which was in half and was made into a seat. She lowered herself onto the branch, small cries of pains leaving her lips. She looked down at the small cuts on her skin, rips in her clothes.
She reached into the tree branch and pulled out a first aid kit with a sewing kit. She cleaned up each cut, some stung from touch but some cuts were opened from old wounds. She cried from each cut, screaming from the burning and then the stitches which she had to do herself.
Bird chirping and the sound of the village filled every part of the small world. Alora looked out towards the hills, wild flowers of pink and purple - some used for medical potions and for some of the army to get high before they attack random people in the streets. Alora’s head leaned back on the rough bark, scratching her hairline and let her thoughts fill her brain. Tears filled her eyes, her hands covering her mouth before she let out chocked sobs.
The sound of the village changed from laughter and chatting to the sounds of screams, blood curdling screams. The sound of smashing glass, the smell of burning flesh and the sight of fire started to show. The sound of crackling laughter from above which made Alora look up, tears staining her skin.
“This town will burn! And we will rule every single village!” She yelled from the old broom.
The witch which was kicked out. She use to teach Alora basic medicine but she hid a secret, a secret which wasn’t a secret. She wanted to bring down the village for killing her parents and causing her of being a witch. The last part was true but she used her power for bad, many of the town witches used their magic for good.

Alora struggled to stand as she saw the witch - Mallory - fly off past the hills. The wind picked up and made the petals of the flowers fall to the ground. Alora limped over, pulling out a silk bag and crouching to the ground, her stitches pulling as she picked up each petal.

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