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Arezo Atifi, a fifteen-year-old girl gets a surprise visit from Azyr who is the Angel of Death. He offers her a job to intervene between life and death. With her newfound powers she is given the task to close the gates of Heaven. While doing so she faces Lucifer in a battle. Will she become victorious?

Fantasy / Action
Anima Majlis
4.7 23 reviews
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Chapter 1

The bus stops and the doors open. Since I am the only one at the terminal I wait for the people in the bus to get off before I jump in myself. The people on board file out one after another half emptying the bus. As soon as the passengers are done getting off the bus I get on immediately. The door closes behind me as I screen the entire bus for an empty seat. There are many. But I choose the one closest to me. Forward motion drags me as I keep hold on the handle bars for support. Pushing my body forward I somehow manage to reach the seat. A man wearing a dark overcoat with no hat is seated on the window side beside me. Staring out the window so intensely, he did not even notice me. Completely oblivious. He is the only one whom my radar detected; a possible crosser.


“Hello”, a depressed voice answers.

“You seem really depressed,” I said.

“Am I? I guess I am,” the stranger answers.

Quite reluctant since I am a stranger.

I sit in silence since I was not successful at my endeavor. The bus moves on to stop at its next destination. There really isn’t much that can be done at such situations. My job is to try as minimally as possible to get the outcome. After all how will my boss keep his job?

“My wife just faxed me divorce papers. She is getting the custody of the children. The house is on mortgage. I was already in debt on top of that I got fired today. There really isn’t much left to be done...” the stranger went on.

Yes! Yes! Yes! There we have it!

Easy now. Keep your concentration on the reigns. Are you going to go for the extreme? I am sure you can change the course of your life. After all we have the free will to choose as we want. Therefore we can change our destinies for sure. You should not give up. Never. We can’t just accept circumstances.

“There isn’t anything that I can do to fix my life right now!” the stranger screams.


What is your destination?

I’m sorry!” the stranger said.

Where would you like the bus to stop for you?

Oh. I did not realize your question. I am going to get off at the last stoppage. You?” the stranger said.


Actually, I was supposed to stop before the last destination. But work is work.

“My wife lives just before the last stoppage. So, I was wandering if I should stop there,” the stranger said.

Yeah. Do that. There is never any harm in trying. Maybe she will come around.

“I wasn’t thinking about reconciliation with my wife. I just wanted to get off there,” the stranger said.

There is a cliff nearby and my radar is beeping so loud that people on board are shooting annoyed glances. He must be thinking of jumping! There is no other reason for my radar to go off like this! How do I solve this? Think, think, think.

“Get that thing to turn off,” one of the passengers said.

“Did an alarm go off?” another passenger inquires.

“What is that beeping noise?” a passenger asks.

“Do you have a bomb on you?” one of the passengers asks.

The bus skids making a screeching sound so loud that the passengers wobble grabbing on to their seats. The bus stops. Three seconds later all eyes are on me. Inquisitive, angry, all eyes are on me.

“Is it going to explode?” yet another passenger asks.

No, no, no. I am really sorry for the inconvenience. My phone’s alarm went off. I take out my device. I flip it open. The screen shows the word ‘death’ with the biggest font available in the color yellow. Instantly I turn it off and look to my right. The man looks startled and is probably unsure of his surroundings. He has finally come to his senses. My phone is now beeping at the lowest volume until it dulls down. He has changed his mind.

Enough for today. I have my limits too. Just to be sure I stay quiet until the end of the trip and decide to follow the man. He gets off at the last stoppage and walks to a house ringing the doorbell. By their gesture I can tell the woman at the door is his wife. She screams at her loudest and tells her husband to go away. She even throws at unidentified object at him. Must be the TV remote. This time he shouts too. Just in that moment the little children coming running at the door and the woman has no option but to let him in. I watch from the bushes as the front door closes. My radar shows the word ‘no’ in green font.

Phew. That was a close one. Usually it’s difficult to change a crosser’s mind so easily. My radar did that job for me. I was lucky. I don’t think this can happen again in a very long time. It was definitely a first.

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