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Zorion is a Hybrid Prince, with great power and a legacy to follow. However, the only thing he wants to follow is his mate. He only knew three things about his mate: she is human, she has honey-coloured eyes, and he needs to find her soon. He spent almost two years roaming around the Human Realm until he caught a scent: cherry blossom and snow. *** Nina is an independent and suspicious human girl with a complicated past. She thought herself to be as ordinary and plain as possible. She didn’t believe in magic, dreams or romance. Nina was sure that nothing could convince her otherwise or change the path of her predictable and struggling life. At least not until a stranger tried to prove her wrong.

Fantasy / Romance
T. R. Durant
5.0 10 reviews
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Zorion's Point of View:

I was lost in my thoughts thinking about my mate. A mate that I didn’t even know. My mum told me the Goddess said my mate is human, which was something pretty unique — we haven’t ever heard of anyone in the Six Realms mated to a human.

I had to find her, though I don’t know much about her. I just knew one single thing, she has honey-coloured eyes. My sister Lena has psychic powers and she had a vision of my mate, of her eyes.

“Zorion,” my older sister called. Her name is Aurora but since we were little we’ve call her Lola.

She, my younger sister Lena and I were inseparable. The fact that we are all almost the same age and had to share a room for a long time helped to create this strong bond between us.

Turning to look at her, I took a few steps closer and she placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder. “You have got the same face I have when I look at the sky and think about my mate…” sadness laced her words and her face fell down. Poor Lola, she had no luck when it came to her mate. “Are you thinking about your honey-eyed human?”

“Yes. I have to find her, Lola.” I exhaled sharply.

“It will be very hard. You are still not of age. Without the bond signs there, you won’t be able to recognise her.”

She was right; we could only feel the mate bond signs after our eighteenth birthday. Only then, I would be able to sniff her unique scent, feel the tingles and sparks at contact and recognise her by just looking at her eyes. Some said that they have noticed their mates even without such signs.

“I’ll go to the Human Realm and start my search anyway, look for her.”

Lola sighed and flashed me a worried look. “The Human Realm is big, very big. It will be almost impossible to find her.”

Inhaling deeply, I nodded. I knew she was right. But almost impossible wasn’t impossible. I knew nothing about my mate, yet I already felt the urge to hold her in my arms, run my fingers through her hair and breathe her scent in. I already could feel my soul calling for her.

“Just wait until you come of age, it is only a few months away. It will make your search much easier. I just don’t want you to get disappointed and sad because you can’t find her…” she added, with a tight smile.

I sighed, “Fine. I’ll start my search when I come to the right age.”

And that was what I did. I’ve been all over the Human Realm, looking for a sign, a pair of honey eyes, a look, a scent.

Looking for the other part of my soul.

Looking for her.

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