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War of Gods

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Naomi and her friends are sucked into another universe filled with Gods and magic- A world foreign to them. Sadly, they can’t enjoy the new world’s different cultures; They are forced to fight a long perturbed war, otherwise, they can’t return to Earth. Trigger Warnings Depictions of Any Kind Of Abuse Blood & Gore Violence Dark Fantasy

Fantasy / Mystery
Ace Melee
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I: New Realm Of the Higher Order

Naomi McKelsey

Day 1

We aren’t the last life in the universe; we are just the beginning of it. Planetary life is only a speck of dimensional life. It depends on its people to grow, to nurture, and to guide. The way civilization prospers is based upon that. With the life of the universe, it dies. Dimensional life seems eternal. So far, the new dimension looks out of this world. No pun intended. The grass looks more fertilized than Earth’s. Its sky is a mixture of red, orange, and pinkish with clouds that copy the same colors, but with less intensity. I see a towering utopian city not so far off; the showcase of futuristic advancement that humans ever dream of.

I see sky cars floating off to their destinations from the sky. Its turquoise colours complement well to its surroundings. Either by my evolved vision or natural sight, I can still see a faint view of the stars up above. Speaking of stars, the dimension’s stars are not the Sun, but rather a binary system. A massive orange star circling around a smaller white star.

I take a deep inhale through my nostrils. A gentle smell of ylang ylang soothes my anxiety about being in this dimension. Again, why did the kind here want to visit Earth? Dominique was right to ask the question: What were their intentions? What is lacking in this world? What I see is too much while what they see is too little? I ponder why something so evil lives here? I guess every species in the world has one.

I turn around from the shuffles behind me, still very alert from the recent battle. A blade manifests into my pocket, ready to grab at any moment. It’s Ivelisse, taking in the amazing view. She aimlessly walks toward me, unaware of my presence. It took her a minute for her to finally acknowledge me with a flinch and a startled gasp.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” She asks weakly while she continues walking.

I pull out my blade and aim it at her, still wary if she is still possessed or not. She yelps back at my reaction.

“Naomi, no!” She begs, seemingly out of breath. She puts her hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry for w’at I’ve done, but I was only asleep. I’m awake now.”

I check her energy. It’s her own. I put the blade back in my pocket, feeling stupid. “You’re fine,” I assure her, “You have nothing to apologize for.” She relaxes.

“’ow did we get ’ere?”

“Portal when we exorcised you. I guess you weren’t awake. We were taken here.”

She puts her hands on her head as she breathes deeply. She looks around. “W’ere’s everyone else?”

I shrug my shoulders. “I have no clue,” I answer.

She exhales in a very tense way as she slaps her arms to the side. She continues to search around again, but to no avail.

Thinking about her words from earlier, I ask, “You’ve been here before?”

“Yes,” she nods. She says with a slight smile, “I saw t’is when the ritual finally worked. I ’ave explored t’is place for twelve ’ours, but t’ere’s more to it. I met some people along the way, and-” She pauses. She puts her hand on her forehead and rubs it as she breathes. Embarrassment all over her face and regret within her white aura. Regret trembles it while a lie blinks into a sour black. No matter how good the lie is, the liar’s truth reveals itself. There are obvious signs when someone lies that I can hear their heart race and see their pupils dart to the edge.

My eyes go to my head and back. She finally realizes that what she did screwed her up and led all of us into this ruckus. I am flabbergasted by it. Not to make her feel more crappy, I respond to her, “Look, I know the coven is going to freaking scold you to holy hell by the time this is done, but I won’t. Right now, your familiarity with this place can actually be useful. We need to find the coven. Hell,” I look towards the city to the northeast of where I am standing, “They can be right there.”

“I don’t want to see t’em,” she says with reluctance and sadness. She sits on the ground, hugging her knees. “T’ey are going to ’ate me.”

“They’re not going to hate you. They are going to be pissed up to Everest, but I damn well know that you’re going to learn from this, along with suffering the consequences.”

“I ignored t’em, Naomi. Every time I fell asleep, I was somew’ere else, I killed someone, or I screwed somet’in’ up. T’at dark menace tormented me wit’ nightmares w’enever I slept. They caused not’in’, but may’em and destruction. I-I couldn’t do anyt’in’! It was my fault t’e entire time because I brought t’em into my body and into the world!” Her hands animate her expressions before dropping to her knees.

I sigh heavily. This is not the time to put herself down. I need her. “Ivelisse, I am not your mommy, but I need your help to find the coven. I’ve seen much worse. In this world with those that can possess you like crazy; we need to get ourselves out of here. I don’t care if this place looks like a lovable para-”

Oh, come on! What’s with things interrupting me?! I stop speaking as I hear heavy feet running and getting closer. Ivelisse and I look in the direction of the sound. We see a horde of cavalry coming our way. It’s not horses, but knights in titanium armor on top of large wolves. The same wolves that were with us in our home world.

“We need to get out of ’ere!” I urge Ivelisse. She gets up and we start bolting towards the city. An arrow brushes past us. We startle backward. Ivelisse gives out a quiet scream. The arrow is glowing leaf green. It bursts, creating a green transparent shield around us, trapping us. The wolves with knights get here and surround us with weapons. A knight enters the net without being bothered by it. The green net closes behind him. Dumb move. I pull out my blade from my pocket in a defensive stance while pushing Ivelisse behind me. I point at him, ready to stab if he comes anywhere near.

“Don’t even try anything!” He threatens. He then tries to reason, “Both of you need to come with us. Cooperate and we won’t harm you.”

“What the hell do you want with us?!” I yell at him, not convinced.

“Do you want to see some of your friends again?”

I am still in defense mode, not persuaded.

“Naomi, please, t’ey aren’t ’ere to ’urt us,” Ivelisse takes the knight’s side.

“Don’t listen to them, Ivelisse!” I scold.

“Naomi, I’ve seen t’ese people before. T’ey are not as bad as you may t’ink. Please! Don’t piss t’em off!”

“Your friends are waiting,” the knight adds. He is losing his patience.

I put my knife back in my pocket. I am still not convinced, but Ivelisse telling me they are not bad gives me some reassurance. It doesn’t fully mean I won’t fight back if they do decide to kill us.

“Good choice,” the knight comments with a hint of sarcasm. The net deactivates, but the weapons are still drawn on us. A large wolf hooked up to a fantasyland white carriage rolls up to us. What in the world? Am I drunk? Are we four? Is this Cinderella? I blink a couple of times. Nope, I am not dreaming.

He opens the carriage door. “Hop in,” he orders us. “The Alpha knows one of you will be feisty, so no ride on a Morphan today.”

Morphan? Is that what they call these giant wolves? This better not become an Alpha-Omega romance type, otherwise, I’m going to dip. I fight back my creeping smile. I know he is referring to me. I don’t know if Ivelisse is feisty and I do admit that I killed a wolf or Morphan of theirs before. Well, by accident, but looks like the Powerwo-Morphan was pretty pissed either way. We comply and enter the carriage. Then, he shuts it behind us and locks it from the outside. He doesn’t want us to escape. At this point, I don’t care. If they brought us to our deaths or a torture facility, I will put out a blade and bring on the whole army. But for now, nothing is too dangerous and will consider Ivelisse’s words.

The carriage starts moving. I look out the carriage window. The wolf cavalry follows us and I see we are getting farther from the city. Wherever they are taking us is not a future utopia. Ivelisse tries to relax and enjoy the ride of royalty while I sit at the edge of my seat. I anxiously await where we are heading in an unknown world.

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