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Vastandamine Forest

One night, around 2.00 a.m., Maria woke and looked out the window of her little shed home. The night sky was perfectly clear with masses of brilliant stars forming a blanket of beauty. Someone was standing next to the bed. Oh, thought Maria, relieved, it’s Milyaket.

Milyaket smiled down at Maria, “It’s lovely to see you again, Maria. How did you go crossing the North Country pass after I left you?”

Maria felt that Milyaket knew exactly how she went but, to be polite, she said, “Well, I met the wolf pack, and Galahad took me to the border of Garourinn, and there I realised Amira had already returned to me.”

“That’s wonderful. Now, I have somewhere else to take you. Someone is waiting to see you in the Vastandamine Forest in the Homeland.” The Vastandamine Forest is where Farkas met his earth father.

“If you think so,” Maria said hesitantly. She wondered who would be waiting there for her. Milyaket took her hand and, before any time seemed to pass, Maria was sitting in the forest in full daylight, on a grassy patch, next to one of the happy rivers dancing along its way. After a few minutes, a man appeared and sat next to her.

“Zufar,” Maria gasped as she hugged and kissed him. Actually, Maria didn’t know who Zufar was. However, Amira certainly did, although, it was eons since she had seen him.

Zufar and Amira were lifelong mates. They fell in love as young adults and were soon married. It was a good, spirited match and they gave much to each other. Many of their joint life lessons came from their bodies. Sometimes, people love each other and connect in their mind or heart but do not ever really connect in their bodies. Zufar was a soldier and very aligned with his own healthy and strong body. He was also very aligned with Amira’s body. They were as much at home with each other’s body as they were with their own.

In those days, soldiers spent long periods of time overseas and most slept with other women while away. Although Zufar did not do this for a number of years, eventually, he did. Amira knew as soon as he returned. His body was different. Part of it felt foreign. Zufar’s guilt made him protect part of himself. Both decided it was best not to talk about it. They tried to focus on the essence of their love rather than the betrayals to it. They worked to get the purity of their connection back. It took time but they did get it back. That is, until the next long trip away.

As time progressed, Zufar learned to control his sexual drive rather than it control him. It was a happy day when next he returned home. His body felt as it did when he left home. However, along with Zufar’s ability to transcend his own body’s desires, he also learned to transcend the thought of separate and conflicting bodies in general. He found that he could no longer kill another person. He could not see anyone as an enemy anymore. This was a wonderful achievement as a soul but, as a soldier who was now in command, it was a serious conflict.

One time, in order to protect one of his men, he confronted an enemy. His own soldier escaped. Zufar was unable to harm the enemy and was killed instead. As his guides took him to the Homeland, he told them that he was very happy to be going Home and no longer wished to live in a world where brothers were seen as enemies. He knew he would see Amira again.

Amira was the one left behind. The grief forced her to learn that souls can never be separated. She could see that even though we have a body which can thrive and be used for beautiful things, it is the changeless soul which connects. After that, she often felt Zufar around and even heard his voice. Her grief was totally healed. Further, the actual capacity for grief was starting to dismantle.

“It has been a long time, Amira,” said Zufar. Amira nodded.

“I have come to tell you that I will be travelling to a different dimension soon and you will not feel me around for a long time. It is my happy duty to go but I wanted to let you know.”

“My dear Zufar, you are so kind to bring me here to say good-bye,” said Amira taking Zufar’s hand. “We have already said more goodbyes than are necessary. Those were goodbyes that brought about the end of partings. You have your work which will bring you great fulfilment and I have mine. We taught each other that no parting is possible.”

Zufar stood up and looked beyond the trees to a distant land. He turned to Amira one last time and silently knelt before her. “Then there shall be no parting,” he said and walked towards the trees and disappeared.

Maria had been totally voiceless while witnessing Zufar and Amira. She did not know what to say. Amira spoke first, “Come, Maria. We have work to do and people who need us. It is time to go.”

The stars were no longer shining through Maria’s window. The sun was creeping over the hills, the hens were making a racket, and the morning was calling. It was the beginning of a glorious, clear day.

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