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A Better Book

One afternoon, Harry Maclary’s twin sister, Mary, came into the cafe. Mary was the opposite of Harry. Reserved, clever, peaceful, polite. An altogether delightful, young woman. By now, all three - Harry, Mary, and Maria - were twenty-three.

“I’m so sorry about my brother,” said Mary. “You know what he can be like.” She added hopefully, “I’m sure with a few more years, he will work himself out.”

“Of course he will,” said Maria smiling to let Mary know not to give the incident any more thought.

Mary turned to leave but hesitated and quietly said, “Maria, umm, I was wondering if you had a minute?”

“Of course, yes.”

“I have a problem and I can’t talk to my family about it or anyone else in Waldmeer. They are so conservative.”

“Yes,” said Maria encouraging Mary to continue.

“I realised some time ago that I am not really attracted to boys. Last time I went to the city, I met a gay girl there and it dawned on me that I am also gay. There is no one that I am interested here in Waldmeer. I mean, are there even any gay people in our little town? I just wanted to tell someone who would not repeat what I have said.”

Maria smiled, “I don’t think that’s a problem at all, Mary. Relationships are valuable no matter who they are between.” Mary looked relieved. “I think you need to come and have dinner at our house,” Maria added lightly but with intent.

“I’d love to,” said Mary.

“Then come tonight, after I finish work. Charlie’s property is beautiful and it will still be light enough for us to walk along Merri Creek.”

Charlie instantly liked Mary and felt relaxed around her. So relaxed that she soon delved into a deep and honest conversation about Elizabeth. She complained about her girlfriend’s numerous infidelities and the, almost, totally collapsed state of their relationship. Maria let Mary and Charlie do the talking.

“I don’t think we have to stay in a repeating bad story,” said Mary with calm maturity. “We can pick up a new book that is better and happier, just by putting the other book down.”

Maria smiled. It was as she thought. Mary was a good match for Charlie and vise versa. At thirty-five, Charlie’s life and career were thriving and she no longer needed to look to other people to make her way. At this stage, it would not matter to her that Mary was younger and only starting out in her adult life.

In the past, Charlie had always been drawn to women like herself; full of fire. She enjoyed the energy, power, and life-force of those relationships. It helped her to become who she now was but they were, also, full of damaging fireworks. Fire doesn’t need more fire. It needs water – calm, healing, restorative water. That was Mary. She was mostly Water; a substantial bit Earth for practicality and stability; and a little Air. Without a little Air, Mary would not have been able to relate to the creative in Charlie or herself.

Maybe it’s a match made in Heaven, thought Maria, but, maybe, not. Relationships are a gift from God. One cannot arrange what is not written in Heaven. Both people must feel the spark of God which ignites the love and says, “Come this way, I have a good story for you.”

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