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Seeing Souls

Maria would, often, see the souls of people around her. Although some souls were more invisible to her, for various reasons, most were obvious and some were transparently clear. In fact, Maria had to remind herself that other people could generally not see the same thing and so they didn’t have the same information as her. She did not see souls visually, although, they may have elements which were relayed visually. It was more of a knowing something to be true. It was the transfer of information, usually, not specific, detailed information but more the general state of the person, the stage that the soul was at developmentally, and the issues they were working on.

If someone had a life threatening illness or a serious accident, not infrequently, Maria would know if it was their time to go or not. If someone was having suicidal thoughts, Maria would, often, sense the seriousness of the situation and she would pray for them. Sometimes, Maria would feel the presence of those who had recently died around their loved ones. Dead mothers, in particular, seemed to love her. Of course, no one is really ever dead and that is the irony of it all. Maria had little, if any, control over what she did or didn’t see.

When Maria was about sixteen, six months after her accident and when Amira came from the Homeland and entered her body, she had an experience of a relative’s death which taught her an invaluable lesson. One of her great aunts was very ill and everyone knew that death was near. The aunt’s sister had asked Maria to go and visit her before she died. Maria didn’t go. Not long after the funeral, the aunt chastised Maria for not going to see her.

Maria was surprised and said, “Aunty, why are you angry with me?”

“You didn’t go to her to say good-bye and now it’s too late,” said the aunt.

Still a little confused, Maria said, “But none of it matters now.” She meant that it would not matter to the deceased aunt. Now that she had passed, she would realise how unbreakable the ties of love are and that, in fact, no one had gone anywhere. Understandably, her living aunt did not appreciate Maria’s response and looked at her as if she must be terribly mean. What a mismatch of communication lines. After that, Maria always reminded herself that normal people think that deceased people have gone away and, perhaps, even disintegrated entirely. She mustn’t say things which seem mean when she was simply being unconcerned because there was nothing to be concerned about.

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