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For the next few months, Maria went into an unintended but not unwelcome retreat. There was a huge amount of practical work to patiently attend to in the house. That kept her semi-focused on the material world. She still had the children to mind. The care of two little girls, also, helped to keep her grounded. She saw her clients but much of that time was spent in a healing consciousness. Apart from the children and her clients, she spoke to almost no one for the coming months. No one in this domain, anyway. She felt the house, itself, needed healing. Her Great Aunt Rose would come and go, in spirit form, as if to check the progress of the house. Perhaps, it was to check the progress of Maria.

Her healing room looked beautiful with little effort. It had a massage table for people to lie on so that they could relax while Maria put her hands on them and prayed. They, often, fell asleep. The room had a soft light that seemed to say, Relax, relax, everything is fine. The scented candles flickered and filled the room with loveliness. Although Maria had not had a chance to resurrect the garden, she found rose bushes under the rubbish. A little vase of roses sat on her table most days reminding all that the world has such beauty. During this period, Maria became strangely unaware of her body. Yet, it functioned better than ever before. Normally, people have minor complaints from their body much of the time, if not major ones. Yet, her body seemed to have none. In fact, she often forgot about it completely and it seemed to forget about her.

The main focus of her thought was forgiveness. It wasn’t the forgiveness of trying to be nice to nasty people. That becomes passive-aggression or, at best, repression. It wasn’t the forgiveness that says “Even though you have done this, I will overlook it because I am better than you.” No, it was the forgiveness that totally alters our perception. It sees the spiritual truth and loses sight of the alternatives. Our ego refuses to do this because its main food is remembering the wrongdoings against us even if they are entirely fabricated. To choose to see a different reality leaves the ego no room. It is the healing space. It is the beautiful space. It is the space of love and happiness. Maria would not be left too long in her retreat or her retreat may become a permanent one. The hand of life would soon be knocking on her door and asking her to return.

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