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Stealing or Healing

“Hello, Verloren,” said Maria with surprise as she opened her front door. Maria was used to calling her Mrs. Reisenden over the years of seeing her at Waldmeer Corner Store and Cafe but she was too old to call her that now.

“I hope you don’t mind me coming unannounced,” said Verloren. “Your mother gave me your new address.”

“It’s fine. Come in,” said Maria.

Verloren eyed the peeling paint on the walls and the bare, unpolished floorboards in Maria’s lounge room. She turned her gaze to Maria and smiled, “Your mother told me about the healing work you are doing. You probably don’t know that I have a great interest in such things.” Maria was not so sure that the such things they were interested in were the same such things but she listened attentively. “I would like to purchase a healing session.”

“I see,” said Maria. “What is it that you want healing for?”

“I didn’t realise that one had to give a reason for wanting healing,” said Verloren, “but I am having a little issue with Farkas from Waldmeer. You remember him?”

“Yes, of course.”

“We had something of a falling out. I am not one to hold a grudge but I have recently seen him a few times in Waldmeer with a female companion. It has come to my attention that he is moving forward and as I have no other option, I need to set a few things right.”

Maria knew that Verloren was nowhere near ready to accept any true healing at this stage. Not only would it not work but Verloren would take whatever energy she could from Maria and then use it against her at some future point. Further, Verloren’s anger at seeing Farkas with a prospective partner would have ignited a growing vindictiveness. Hell has no fury as a woman scorned.

“I don’t do healings on people unless I have worked with them for a while,” said Maria.

Never one to accept no for an answer, Verloren said, “What is it that you would like to know?”

“Can you tell me why the falling out with Farkas is painful to you?” asked Maria.

For one brief moment, Verloren’s face opened up like a window. There was no doubt her pain was substantial. “I just wanted him to love me. Was that too much to ask?” she said. Maria took the opportunity. Although she felt sorry for Verloren, she also knew that she had great resilience in the face of pain and great perseverance in trying to get what she wanted. She needed a brutal awakening because nothing else would work.

“Yes it was,” said Maria. “It was way too much. Many women like Farkas. Tell me, why do think he should love you over other women? Are you more beautiful, talented, accomplished, loving or wise? What were you going to give him that he actually wanted?” Verloren was taken aback and was scrambling for an answer but couldn’t think quickly enough to find one. She was smart but truth is smarter. “You are being delusional,” continued Maria. “I am not saying this to hurt you but to help you. If you cannot face the obvious facts of the situation, you will never be able to move onto the deeper issues.”

Verloren had already stopped listening. She was too angry. It is very confronting to be faced with our most treasured delusions. She forced a smile and said as calmly as she could muster, “You are wrong, Maria. We were very close. He loved me. He just couldn’t tell me and now he has decided to look for someone else.”

“You weren’t close, Verloren. He didn’t love you. He used you for money.”

Verloren was furious but she pulled herself together remembering the other issue she had come to see Maria about. “You are entitled to your own opinion,” said Verloren, “but before I go, there is one other issue that I wanted to mention to you. I had a professional arrangement with Farkas about his garden and he has not fulfilled his part properly. I was willing to let it slide in the hope that he would come good but I believe that there is little hope of that now and so I will be forced to use legal channels to right the wrong that has been done to me.” She paused and then added, “I don’t normally repeat things but I will tell you, in confidence, that he has said many bad things about you.”

“Well, I’m sure he didn’t mean them,” said Maria.

Verloren stood up to leave and slid her expensive shoe along the rough floorboards, “You look like you could use a little help with restoring your house.”

“I like it like this,” said Maria walking Verloren to the door. I can lie too, Maria thought.

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