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Odd roommates

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A story about seven friends looking for an affordable apartment upon finding one a series of weird and mystical events awaits them

Fantasy / Humor
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The meeting

It was a sunny summer day in Tokyo Japan. A group of seven friends were looking for an apartment to live near their workplaces and schools. Mitsu Hashimoto, Yuki Hamaguchi, Nikko Fukuzawa, Eichi Kiyama, Haruo Kamiya, Kichi Aoyama, and Megumi Wakabayashi are of different ages, goals, and visions about the world but they chose to stick with each other no matter what.

“Ugghh, this is an obvious scam, a rundown and small apartment with 30000 yen ( approximately 220.43 dollars)” said Kichi angrily, “calm down we’ll find a suitable place.” said Yuki calmly, as they were sitting quietly on the ground in Haruo’s parents' house when suddenly Eichi range, upon picking it up the screen displayed the caller’s name, it was Nozomi: an agent from the real estate agency, ” hello” gritted Eichi on the phone ” so is there any good news... really; we’ll be there in few minutes.” then he hung up and turned to his friends ” Alright boys let’s go,” said with excitement.

After half an hour by bullet train, the young boys stood amazed in front of the door of a vast Japanese house, ” Nozomi-san, are sure this is the right place?” asked Haruo, ” yes” replied Nozomi,” actually this mansion belongs to the owner of the real estate agency; the lady ordered that in case we find a group of people willing to rent a house to guide them here, but the other agents though that they can benefit from it I caught them in time”, “but the rent would so expensive right?” asked Yuki, “don’t worry about it, she didn’t ask for rent, so let’s enter the house.” said Nozomi; something felt odd: a huge house like this and the owner didn’t ask for rent.

Upon knocking on the door a maid opened it ” hello Nozomi-san how may I help?” said the maid, ” hello Naoki-san these are ladies' new roommates.” said Nozomi happily, ” ladies? roommates?” said Megumi confused. As they entered, the front garden looked gorgeous although it is simple, the genkan was spacious and well organized where they met three other maids and two butlers, “welcome” said the three maids, ” please, let us show you around,” said the butlers as they opened a door located on the right side of the genkan revelling beautiful small garden,” this house is a two-story house with five gardens,” said the first butler while walking towards a small gate.

Upon walking through the gate, Mitsu felt a tiny breeze of aroma hit his face when he saw a girl from a distance watering the flowers, ” this is Kaori-sama, and this garden is hers leading to her room” said the second butler while walking, then the young girl looked at Mitsu with a warm smile making the young man blush like crazy. The second gate led to a wooden bridge on top of a pond that covers the whole area; as they reached the middle of a cross-section, Megumi felt like water is running underneath his feet when he looked to his left he noticed a girl sitting on a wooden bench feeding the fish, “wait how did she manage to get here?” asked Megumi, ” that’s Gina-sama.” repeated the butler and before leaving he looked at her for the last and found her waving at him with a soft smiling silvery eye. ” this place is full of torches!” said Kichi surprised, “this is Homura-sama’s garden” repeated the butler, upon hearing that Kichi felt like his shirt is burning when he suddenly turned just to see a girl on the wooden floor looking at the beautiful sky then looked at him with reddish-brown eyes while smiling leaving him nervous. “Junko-sama, please be careful” screamed one of the maids at a girl sitting on the branch of a tree, this scene made Haruo smile initially, “that’s Junko-sama and she usually climbs the tree to help small birds that fall from their nests” explained the butler, then Haruo turned to see that the girl is standing on the ground waving at him leaving him confused. The last garden had a beautiful wisteria tree fully bloomed, “this is Yumeko-sama’s garden, she is not here so let’s go back, explore the interior and then discuss the procedures with Nozomi-san” said the first butler again.

They walked through the gardens again but this time it was different: the girls are nowhere to be found and the screens were closed.

After exploring the interior, the seven were then led to a tatami room where Nozomi-san and the four girls were waiting for them. “Please take a seat,” said Nozomi ” I received a call from Yumeko-sama earlier and she said that she will be back from her business trip the next weekend which means that you have a week to move in here so, for now, I need each one of you to sign these documents and we’ll be done for now” after saying this Nozomi handed them some papers, after signing them and left to their houses to pack some essential items: clothes, bed sheets and so on.

A few days later, and with the help of a moving company, the boys settled in their new house and now with one task done the next step was to get along with the girls living in the house.

“So what do we do now, I’m so nervous.” said Haruo nervously ” don’t worry just act normal and they won’t feel like they’re in danger,” said Kichi with confidence in his eyes, as they were talked the sliding door opened revelling someone, it was kaoki ” excuse me, do you need any thing?” asked Naoki ” we are fine, but there’s something we need to ask you so please come,” said Eichi, the maid entered the room and sat down ” you want to ask me about the ladies and why are you living here without paying the rent, right?” said the maid looking at them with a smiling face and a cold gaze making the blood run dry from their veins, upon seeing this she smiled warmly again and started talking:” As you can see this house is big enough for more than five people to live here, that’s why the lady asked to find other people to protect the other ladies, I cannot provide you with too much information but I can answer your question about the ladies names and ages. The first one saw is Kaori Chiba, she owns a flowers and flower scents shop, she can be sweet as she can be scary. The second one is called Gina Izumi, she is one of the best programmers you might hear about, she looks cold but she’s a real angel when you look into her silvery eyes. Homura Yamamoto, her paintings and photographs about elements and seasons gets you lost in their prettily designed patterns, just be careful, don’t piss her off otherwise you’ll be suffering a lot. Junko Inaba is a successful model, you can call her the daydreaming beauty, always lost in her thoughts, so it might be a little tricky to predict her next move. Yumeko Fujimoto, the owner of this mansion and the real estate agency, you can call her the good of all time, just don’t misunderstand her kindness and sweetness she can destroy you in a blink of an eye. This is all that I can provide you with, now if you pardon me I’m going to prepare the lady’s room she will come tomorrow, it’s late now so you should be sleeping, good night.” said Naoki with a smile on her face, stood up and left the room, ” ok then we sleep for now” said Megumi, each one headed to their rooms and slept peacefully not knowing what awaits them.

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