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"NOWERE: A Journey to Love" Book II

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After Mr. Robert's mysterious death, Diana had tried to escape and find the murdered on her own. While Eric had somehow stopped her from doing so and took her to the palace, he was still worried about her as Diana had completely closed off. After a month when she had finally opened the door to her room, she was determined to take revenge on the person who killed her father. And as promised Eric was determined to help her every step of the way. But doing required a lot of heavy training, time, effort, and strength. Carl being the mentor, Melissa being the best friend, and Eric being her biggest support, she wasn't going to back down. Along with finding the murderer and taking her revenge, Diana must uncover the palace secret's, encounter the enemies residing in the palace, and face the truth that has been there all along. "You must stay strong for you are the only one." Among all this chaos, can love make its way in the hearts of the four friends? Let's uncover the mysteries, truths and lies that have been hiding in the darkest corners of life and face it with the light from love.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

It has been a month since Mr. Robert’s mysterious death. Diana has been staying in the guest quarters of the palace ever since the day she tried to escape but Eric caught her.

She had not left the room all this time. The food was left at the door, sometimes it was eaten, half-eaten, or just left as is. Eric, Carl, and Melissa would take turns visiting her and talking her out of the room. But every time they left with no answer. All three of them were really worried about her but they decided to give her the time she needed to open up herself.

“I am really worried and scared that she might try to escape again. This whole month she didn’t talk with anyone. She doesn’t come out of her room. Not to mention, she has not been eating well either.” Eric said to Melissa and Carl.

Melissa sighed. “Ha… I know. She refuses to talk even to me. I haven’t seen her the whole month! I miss her so much…”

The three of them decided to meet her, even though they had no hope she would open the door. All this month, the three of them would come to meet her every day, together or individually. Depending on who was free at what time, they always made sure to visit her at least once a day. Although they always turned back disappointed, they never wanted her to feel lonely.

“It’s okay. She just needs time and space. And as her friends, we must respect it. We have to be there for her though, so she doesn’t feel lonely.

She needs us the most right now.” Carl said.

“You are right, Carl.” Eric sighed. “But I still can’t stop worrying about her. Let’s not forget the stunt she tried to pull at her house.”

Carl squeezed his shoulder and said, “It’s only right for you to worry. We all are worried for her.”

When they turned the corner towards the guest quarters, they saw the maid outside the door. She must have been there to take the food tray back to the kitchen. When she saw the three of them, she immediately gave a bow.

Just then the door opened, stopping everyone dead in their tracks. All of them turned towards the door with shocked faces.

And Diana was standing there with an empty tray in hand, staring at them. She glanced at every one of them and raised her hand to give the tray to the maid. But the maid just stood still, looking at her.

Diana raised an eyebrow at her making her jerk back to attention.

“Thank you for the food.” She gave a small nod. The maid took the tray, gave a small bow to Eric, and hurriedly left the place.

Diana took another glance at the three of them. She turned around and went inside, leaving the door open.

The three of them looked at each other and hurriedly went behind her.

“Diana!” Melissa said the moment she saw her.

Diana sat on the bed with her back resting on the bedpost. She looked pale and unhealthy weak as if she lost a lot of weight. She still looked out of it, but when she saw Melissa she gave her a small smile.

“Diana…” Melissa couldn’t help but tear up. She ran up to her and hugged her tightly. Diana smiled again and patted her back.

“I missed you so much, Diana,” Melissa cried.

Eric and Carl stood there and watched them with relieved smiles.

“How have you been, Melissa?” Diana asked while rubbing her back.

Melissa gave her another tight squeeze and broke the hug. She hiccuped lightly and wiped her tears.

“I have.. been fine.” She replied. “But how are you? You look so pale…”

Diana chuckled lightly. “I am fine too. Don’t worry.” She wiped her tears.

Then she turned toward the two men in the room and smiled. “And how are you guys doing?”

Carl smiled back and said, “We have been good.” He glanced at Eric and continued, “We are glad that you are fine. It’s good to see you again.”

Diana nodded and smiled. Then she turned towards Eric who still wasn’t able to grasp the fact that he was looking at Diana and hearing her talk after a whole month.

Carl gave him a small nudge making him come back to his senses.

“Yeah.. Yeah. We are fine.” Eric said.

Diana smiled, “I am glad.”

She turned to Melissa and wiped her tears, “Oh. Come on now. Stop crying, Melissa.” She cooed at her.

“How can I, when I am seeing you after so long?” Melissa said with a hiccup. “You know I missed you so much.”

“I know. You just said that.” Diana smiled and pinched her cheek. “I missed you too.”

That made Melissa smile and stop her tears.

“Ah. I remembered.” She looked around as if trying to find something and trailed off, “My bag…”

“Here.” Carl came forward and gave her a bag. “You forgot this at the door when you ran inside.”

“Oh, thank you,” Melissa replied with a small smile. Then she turned to Diana and took something out of the bag.

“Dad asked me to give you this.” She said while taking out a box, “Your favorite chocolate cookies.”

Diana pointed to herself and asked, “Me?”

Melissa smiled and nodded.

Diana took the box and said, “Thank you!”

She took out a cookie and started munching on it, “Mmm…”

“Sawy mwy thwanks to uncle Mwax two.” She said with her mouthful of cookie making the three of them smile at her silliness.

Eric was looking at her, relieved to see her talking and enjoying herself again. But he was still worried, worried because he could see her pale face etched with tear streaks, red and swollen eyes, the sadness and loneliness she was trying hard to mask.

But he was okay with this. He was going to give her all the time she needs to completely open up herself. He was determined to wait for her and let her come at her own pace.

Yes, it was true that he missed the old Diana. But he was also ready to accept whatever versions Diana was going to show him as long as she agrees to let them stay by each other’s sides.

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