The perfect timing

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Chapter 2

After school Aiden walked me home, which was a normal thing, because he did it almost every day. Sometimes he even drove me with his car, but unfortunately he made the mistake by leaving his car on the street, in a bad part of the town. You could say some kids were having fun painting over the color with insults and words I don’t want to repeat. The car looked hilarious when Aiden found it the next day. Needless to say his parents weren’t that thrilled to pay for the cleaning.

On our way to my apartment, my best friend tried to talk to me, but I only gave him one worded responses and after a while he stopped bothering me.

Over the years of knowing me he accepted the fact that I was a bit different from others. We just continued the ten-minute walk to my home in silence.

I was so in my thoughts that I actually didn’t notice arriving at our destination, if it wasn’t for Aiden pulling on the sleeves on my shirt and tugging me back. I would have probably continued walking down the sidewalk.

“Ups,” I muttered and thanked my best friend, who only shook his head in amusement at my behavior.

“Sometimes I really want to look inside you pretty head and see what makes you stop paying attention to your surroundings,” he told me, poking my head with his index finger.

I glared at him for poking me and began to walk towards the apartment, whic I shared with my aunt. It was a really old one. The rendering was already crumbling down, and it desperately needed an all in all modification.

Nevertheless I like it here because it was one of the most quiet and peaceful places in our town. You could take a walk without meeting too much people and too much traffic.

But before I went inside, I turned around to face Aiden and said, “No you really don’t want to.”

He ignored my statement and made his way home, but not before shouting over his shoulder, “I will be there at ten.”

Only this boy, I smiled to myself and began to search for the apartment key. I had to empty out my whole backpack until I found it. It was a really bad habit of mine to be this messy.

After I finally found the key, I let out a joyful scream. I then put it in the keyhole and began my adventure of climbing all the stairs to my apartment.

Unfortunately I have the pleasure to live in the highest level. So after walking up exactly 108 stairs, with a full packed bag on my shoulders, I was gasping for air and sweating like a pig. I really had to work on my condition. That I wasn’t an athletic person wasn’t a secret.

Once I calmed down, I made my way inside the little residence, I called home. It was very quiet inside because no one was home.

My aunt was working as a nurse in a hospital next town and wouldn’t be home until late in the evening. Well, that’s what I thought.

So when I tossed my bag on the ground, I wasn’t prepared for someone talking.

“How often did I tell you, not to throw your stuff onto the ground,” my aunt’s strict voice scolded me.

That I was startled at her presence was an understatement. She frightened the hell out of me. And she knew it by the amusing smile she was giving me.

“What the f..,” I was about to say, but changed my words quickly as I saw the look my aunt Lily was giving me.

So I said instead, “What the flying pigs are you doing here?”

I could remember seeing her walking out of the door in her uniform and a bagel between her teeth’s.

I noticed then that she was actually still wearing her nurse uniform as I looked her up and down.

“I changed work shifts with a fellow worker of mine,” my aunt told me dropping down on the next chair in sight.

Lily looked really exhausted and tired. Her uniform was wrinkled and her brown hair was a mess. It looked like a bird’s nest.

“The poor woman is a single mother of two kids, so I couldn’t say no,” she added with a sigh. “But I now have to work late in the evening.”

I sat down next to her and looked her directly in the eyes, when I said, “You already know I want to take a job to help you pay the bills.”

She was about to protest, but I raised my finger to shut her up. “And I think it is time you let me do it. By the way, I will not accept a no as an answer.” I told her seriously.

For a minute she watched my determined face and after she was sure I wouldn’t change my mind, my aunt sighed, “Alright, but only on one condition.”

I smiled happily at her and asked, “And what would that be?”

“You can work for Nancy, she already suggested you to help her out,” Lily told me and I nodded at her suggestion.

It was actually the same plan I came up with. Nancy was a lovely elder lady in her mid sixties. She was the owner of a little bakery not so far away from our place. When I was little, she often looked after me because my aunt had to work and I wasn’t old enough to be on my own. The time I spent with her was always amazing. She taught me, how to bake and had always an open ear for me. Even if she wasn’t my grandmother, I always saw her as my own.

“And,” Lily added, and I raised my brows waiting for her to continue, “You have to keep some of the money you earn.”

“These are two conditions,” I couldn’t stop myself from letting the words slip out of my tongue.

But then I nodded and gave her a big hug. She immediately engulfed me in one of her own and began to run her fingers through my hair.

I felt great to be in her embrace and I knew she loved me as much as I loved her even if I wasn’t her real daughter.

“You grew up so quickly,” she mumbled into my hair and after a while she let go of me, giving me a small exhausted smile.

I smiled back at her and told her in my best mature voice to lay down for a bit while I was making lunch. First she wanted to protest like the stubborn person she was, but when she noticed my expression she agreed.

Before she left to follow my request, she asked me, “When did you become the adult in our relationship?”

I only chuckled at her question and shooed her away.

That’s the least I could do for all the things you have done for me over the years, I thought to myself and then walked into the kitchen to prepare lunch.

And during cooking our meal, I tried to come up with an idea to sneak out later. I didn’t even ask her because I knew she hated the idea of underage drinking and alcohol in general. My aunt had two sides, being a strict adult and being a nice, caring and lovely person.

But in the end my thoughts were needless because my aunt got a call after we ate the lunch I made. There was an emergency at the hospital and she had to leave the house earlier, about eight o’clock.

So I had two hours left to get ready. More than enough, I thought and laid down for a while, reading one of my favorite books. But time seemed to pass by more quickly and before I knew what happened, it was already half ten.

“Shit,” I cursed, when I glanced at the clock. Aiden would be here in half an hour.

I wasn’t the kind of girl, who always wanted to look like she came out of a magazine, but I still wanted to look presentable.

So I took the quickest shower in my life. Even flash, the fastest guy in the world would have been jealous. After that I blow dried my long brown hair and searched for an outfit. In the end I went for some grew skinny jeans, my favorite pair of ankle boots and a nice black top. I paired it up with my black leather jacket and the bracelet I was wearing all the time. It was an heirloom from my mum, her and dad’s initials were engraved on it. It was quiet simple with its golden color. But I liked it simple, so it was perfect.

I glanced at the clock and was really proud of myself, five minutes left until Aiden would arrive.

So I used the remaining time to observe my bracelet. I did that really often, questioning what would be if my parents would still live.

They died in a car accident when I was two years old. I can’t remember much of that time, but the memories I still had were good ones. My parents died immediately at the place of the accident and the paramedics couldn’t do anything about it.

My aunt Lily became my new guardian, and I grew up with her. I never felt alone or unloved, but I just missed my parents and the time we should have had together.

Suddenly somebody knocked on the door and I jumped a bit into the air startled by the noise. Didn’t people know, what a doorbell was and how to use it?

I glanced into our peephole to see Aiden standing there nervously, glancing from side to side.

“What are you doing?” I asked him after I opened the door and crossed my arms in front of my chest.

“Celia,” he acknowledged my presence and whispered after looking me up and down, “You look great.”

I glared at him for ignoring my question and asked, “And why are you whispering?”

“Duh, because of your aunt,” he pointed out, glancing inside our apartment if he could see her. “I know she hates the idea of underage drinking and alcohol in general.”

I smiled at his words, because they were almost the same as mine. Aiden wasn’t just a friend, he was a part of my family and knew how my aunt and I ticked. He could probably tell you, what was in our fridge right now.

“She is out,” I told him now amused by his behavior.

“Didn’t you get my message?” I questioned, fishing my phone out of my jacket and looking if I really pushed the send button.

“Oh no, I left my phone in the car,” he groaned pulling at his hair. He forgot his phone more often than I eat on a daily basis.

At this moment I looked more closely at the outfit my best friend was wearing. Black faded jeans, a white button up shirt and a dark jacket on top. He looked great and ready to go. I even smelled some cologne. He must have applied it before he drove to my apartment.

“Your car is clean again,” I stated, closing the door behind me and stepping out of my home.

“Yes, I could pick it up at noon and it was ready to be driven again,” he told me as we walked down the stairs.

And it was true, Aiden’s car was finally clean and no more words were written on the car.

The two of us then hopped into his car and my best friend drove us to the place in our town, where the biggest party of the year, would be hold.

At Reece Matthews house. He was one of the popular kids in our school and is hosting the party every once in a year. All students in our school were invited, and it didn’t matter where you come from or which status you had. It was a party to celebrate, drink, dance and never forget.

“We are almost there.” Aiden said excitedly glancing briefly at my side.

“Yeah,” I tried to sound excited and cheerful, but failed miserable.

Thankfully my best friend chuckled at my attempt to sound enthusiastic. He knew me too well.

“We are here,” he then almost screamed. Not because he was overexcited, but the music was blasting so loud that it was difficult to understand him.

I looked out of the window as Aiden searched for a parking spot. The party was in full swing and people where everywhere. There was even one guy, lying on top of a car and singing a stupid love song, which was the effect of too much alcohol.

After Aiden finally found a parking spot, we got out of the car and were welcomed with even louder music. How was it possible for people to have a normal conversation without screaming at each other?

“Are you ready?” Aiden half screamed at me.

I nodded and turned around so he couldn’t see my expression.

“Yes,” I screamed back. But in reality I wasn’t.

We then made our way towards the center of the party, which was in Reece’s house. I saw a few classmates of mine at the driveway. Some of them were even wearing bikinis and swim trunks. So I supposed the guy also had a pool, to the massive mansion, he was living in. And his house was really huge, with big windows and a perfectly structured façade.

That I was impressed was an understatement. The mansion must have cost a ton and Reece’s parents must be rich.

“Probably,” somebody suddenly agreed.
I looked at my side and stared at Aiden, who was grinning at me. Groaning, I realized that I spoke out my thoughts out load again. Another habit of mine. But I ignored his grinning and pulled him with me inside.

I was eager to see more of the house. It was probably even more impressive inside than outside.

And my thoughts were confirmed as we walked through the doorway. The mansion looked even bigger inside and practically screamed rich. With a large white staircase taking you up to the next level and a massive living room, where all the furniture was put to the side, so you could dance.

It was actually surprising that they didn’t have an elevator.

People were practically everywhere, and it was hard to walk through the crowd. But Aiden and I managed and in the end we found ourselves in the kitchen.

“Do you want something to drink?” Aiden asked me, pointing at a guy who was serving alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

I nodded and was about to get something, but he stopped me, telling me I should let him be a gentleman for one night. Laughing at his words and earning a big smile in return, I shooed him away so he could get me a drink.

In the meantime I observed my surroundings. The door to the living room was open, so it was easy for me to look through it. Nothing caught my eye until I saw the host himself.

He was looking dangerously attractive in his blue swim shorts and a plain white T-shirt. His dark tousled hair was wet, and he was constantly running his fingers through it, like he was frustrated with somebody or something. He also looked furious from side to side, but when a guy appeared next to him and began a conversation with him, the look was replaced by a happier one. You couldn’t even tell that he had been angry a few seconds ago. It was like someone had pushed a button on him.

“Here is your drink,” Aiden said, suddenly standing next to me. It was remarkable, how easy he could creep up on me. After all, I was the one with the superpowers.

I took a nip of my drink and was happy when I tasted lemonade. I didn’t want to drink anything alcoholic and Aiden knew that.

“What where you looking at?” he questioned, taking a nip out of his own cup.

I was about to answer him when abruptly a guy from Aiden’s sports team appeared and slapped him on his back.

Aiden was a part of the baseball team at our school and so was the jock who was now talking none stop. I think his name was Kyle, but I wasn’t sure about it. The guy was even wearing his sports jersey.

After one another followed, and I was suddenly surrounded by the whole baseball team. Some of them nodded at my presence and acknowledged me and others just ignored me.

I was still Aiden’s little crazy friend, I heard some of them calling me at school. But that didn’t bother me because I had even worse names for them.

After a while, Liam the only guy I talked to apart from Aiden walked up to me. He was also part of the baseball team and I think he was their new captain. The guy was a really nice person and always in the mood to talk and associate.

He greeted me by raising his cup and I smiled as I bumped mine with his. We talked for a while, but then he had to leave and associate and please the lady’s. His words not mine.

I fake gagged at his words and he laughed at me before he disappeared. I even talked to a few girls in my school about stupid teachers and listened to some of their gossip. It was entertaining and amusing.

This party was really a place where your social status didn’t matter and I liked it.

Sometimes I felt a view on me and caught Aiden looking at me. He really was making sure that I was having “fun”. The boy took his mission seriously and was happy when I gave him a thump up.

After a while of talking with Aiden again and laughing about some stories as well as jokes, I had to go to the bathroom. I mouthed the words towards Aiden and he nodded at me when suddenly Liam appeared at his side again.

His clothes were drenched, and he had a frown on his lips.

I laughed mentally, what did this guy do this time to piss off a girl? He just didn’t know, how girls ticked and I didn’t want to give him some advice, because his stories were just too entertaining.

It felt like an eternity till I finally found the bathroom. And after I did my business, I was too curious to just walk back to the party.

Almost nobody was on the second floor, only a few people rushed by or went for the bathroom. Therefore I walked through the long hallways, passing by a few closed doors and some old, but beautiful artistic paintings.

What made me stop in my tracks was the sound of sniffing, like somebody was crying. First, I thought I imaged something. The music was less noisy on the second floor, but you could still make it out. But when I heard it again, I was sure that a girl was crying.

The noise was coming out of the room to my right and I had an inner battle with myself. Should I check what was going on? It was none of my business, but what if the girl was hurt?

In the end the curious part of me won, and I opened the door to the room slowly. The first thing I saw was pink and was followed by even more pink. The room and its furniture were decorated in all different shades of rose, white and pink and in the middle of the room was a huge bed, with a girl sitting on it.

She probably heard, how I opened the door and looked up at me. Her eyes were red from crying and she had black lines running down her cheeks.

The girl who looked a bit younger than me, about one or two years, had blond long straight hair and was wearing a cute white dress. She didn’t say anything as she watched me, she only stared at me.

So after a while, I cleared my throat and asked, “Are you alright?”

She finally seemed to come out of her trance and answered with a thin crackling voice, “I’m fine.”

Of course I didn’t believe her, closed the door behind me and made my way towards her. Why? I couldn’t stand people crying.

“You don’t look fine,” I told her after I settled down next to her and gave her a tissue to wipe her tears away. I always carried one around and Aiden thought it was unnecessary. But I just proved him wrong.

“Thanks,” she sniffed as she accepted the handkerchief and wiped her tears away.

“I’m Kitty by the way,” she told me with a small smile and I introduced myself as Celia.

“Why were you crying?” I asked her then with what I hoped was a comforting smile on my face.

She sighed and mumbled now with a frown on her face, “I had an argument with my brother.”

I was about to ask her, why they had been arguing, when we heard someone call her name.

We both looked up, and she mentioned towards her curtains. I quickly got up from the bed, to hide behind the curtains and tried to calm down my breath. Why I did hide in the first place was the biggest question, but I ignored it and told myself I would think about it later. At the moment it seemed like the best idea.

The person had now stopped calling Kitty’s name and had opened the door. I didn’t see the person and didn’t know what he or she was doing here, but I was more than surprised when I heard the voice talking again.

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