A New Earth 2.0

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Chapter 8


Scarlett’s POV

As we wait for any indication of life outside the cave, there’s a small scratch just above the cave entrance. I move backward a little, and so do the others. L’wazi’s face appears, his head upside down as he clings to the ceiling. T’wain is lowered to the ground a second later, and L’wazi drops down next. After a few minutes, humans begin to jump from the cliff’s edge two at a time. L’wazi watches all of them, not a single one drops into the water. The whole time they’re arriving, I begin to think.

That doctor back on the ship… he said he wanted to sell us to people who looked like us. As far as I’ve seen the Omn have no intention of keeping us prisoner. None of them have even tried to eat us… but the question is, who did they try to sell us to then? Their sharp teeth mean they’re carnivorous, yet I don’t know what they eat. I haven’t seen a single Omn eat in front of us humans.

My next question is about the Omn I met a while ago. He claimed to be a part of the Omn family, yet when his name was mentioned they said he was a bad guy. Could it be him that’s trying to capture us? Or is the Healots just trying to stir up trouble? I sit down and lean against one of the walls as my brain begins to hurt. I know I’m missing something, but I’m not quite sure what it is! The Omn, the Se, the Healots… They’re all new to us. I’ve only been awake for a short time, yet I’m learning so much about these extraterrestrials. These beings… something is wrong. I can see that. All of the humans who are in these caves, we can’t leave without the Omn helping us. Only those who are still frozen should remain on the ship… that leaves us…

My eyes widen as I realize the horrible mistake we’ve made by coming to these caves. The Omn… They… My breath catches in my throat as the last human comes into the caves, and then rocks are dropped from above into the cave entrence. The Omn turn toward the commotion, and L’wazi tries to keep the rocks from hitting us. Finally the cave entranced is filled up, and it’s pitch black. L’wazi moves around, I know it’s him because I can hear him. He lights a match, and begins lighting torches. He gives out several to everyone. The room is still dark despite the torches being lit.

‘What’s happening L’wazi?’ I ask, trying not to let my fear get the best of me.

‘It seems whatever we are against has seen our plan coming. We are…’

‘Trapped…’ I answer. It takes everything in my entire being for me not to begin screaming bloody murder. Were trapped… in a dark hole… with beings that could likely eat us… What a mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

After about a half an hour of walking through the tunnels, L’wazi leads us to a bigger meeting room then earlier. Dad, Marie, Dr. Antonio, Reggie, and Marcelo all stay near the front of the group. Damien and a few others from the captain’s quarters stay near the rear, to look out for the slower people. L’wazi stops and everyone takes a seat anywhere they can within the room. I sit at the head of the table with dad, Marie, And Dr. Antonio. Reggie and Marcelo sit in the middle of the table on either side. Damien and the others sit near the back of the table.

“What now?” I ask out loud.

’You all must sit for a little while. The Omn will be meeting. There’s Omn up by the ship guarding it, so the humans still left will not be harmed. In the meantime… ease your mind. It’s been… jittery lately.’ L’wazi says. I nod, and he leaves. The room becomes quiet.

“This is all suspicious…” Dad mutters, staring at the exits.

“Yes… the Omn have stayed away from us lately. Do you suppose you know why that is?” Marie asks, frowning. Dr. Antonio hugs her.

“Maybe they’re all trying to keep us safe.” He suggests. Dad crosses his arms over his chest.

“I don’t trust them…” He answers.

“What choice do we have right now?” Marie asks. Nobody answers her. I stare down at my hands, until I feel a wisp of wind hit the back of my neck. I look up and over at the cave entrance.

‘Scarlett…’ a voice whispers. I tilt my head to the side, and look over at the others to see if they heard it too. None of them seem to have noticed it.

Scarlett…’ it whispers again. I stare at the entrance. ‘Come Scarlett. Do not be afraid…’ the voice whispers. It’s faint, and familiar...I think I’ve heard this voice before. I stand up and start toward the exit.

“Where are you going?” Dad asks, standing up behind me.

“Bathroom.” I answer absentmindedly as I grab a torch and head out the door. I walk until I can see the light from the meeting room. Then I stop and wait.

’Hello Scarlett.’ The voice says, now a bit louder than a whisper in my head.

‘Hello Oyam.’ I answer, and I turn toward him as he approaches. With the night I can see he’s very tall, his head reaching the top of the cave which is hidden in shadows. His skin is light grey, unlike the other Omn, and his nails are rather sharp. They remind me of the… Images of the Dabula flash through my mind and I try to shake my away.

‘Ah, you remember me. Good Child. Do not be afraid, I will not hurt you like the Dabula did.’ He says. I scowl at him, holding the torch closer to me. More shadows cover Oyam.

‘What do you want?’ I ask, feeling a cold chill on the back of my arms. Oyam laughs, a bit menacing, and he lowers his face closer to me. I almost gasp, but instead I grip the torch tighter. His face has scratches all over it. One of his eyes is grey, the other is dark brown. He smiles, showing his fangs. His hair is grey, and his clothes seem to be ripped slightly. He looks half dead.

‘I want you… and the humans… to help me.’ He says in my head, his voice kind of echoes.

‘You were in charge of the Dabula weren’t you? Why do you want to harm us humans or the Omn for? They’re your own kind!’ I say, rage building inside me. The Dabula laughs.

‘They might be my kind… but did they ever tell you why I was exiled? Why I was banned from being here, yet here I am?’ he asks. His voice holds mystery in it, and I can’t help but shake my head. I want to know what happened, and why he’s attacking people. Maybe if I keep him talking long enough, someone will come to my rescue.

‘L’wazi? Rolanda? Zola? Bia? Please… Someone help me.’ I say, to everyone except Oyam.

‘I was caught eating a Se. They’re normally not eaten, instead we eat the Healots, but they’re taste is a bit too… tangy for me. I much rather enjoy eating flesh of those rotten fish that like to tease us Omn. Did you know that we Omn looked like you humans once upon a time? Except… when there was a mass extinction among our kind. Acid rain fell from the sky, killing nearly every land animal that didn’t retreat underground. The Se however were smart. They ran into the sea. Now they can be on the land, and the Se… Only if they want eaten when they come on land though.’ Oyam pauses and he laughs. It takes him a few minutes to quit laughing.

’Everything begins to taste good when you go hungry for a long time.’ Oyam says, as he stares at me. I take a single step back, and he laughs again.

‘Where are you?’ L’wazi asks in my head.

Not far from the meeting room… Oyam is here.’ I tell L’wazi.

‘Stay put, and act afraid. Oyam enjoys the fact that his pray is afraid of him.’ L’wazi says. It gives me little comfort that being afraid will keep me alive.

’Foolish little child. You know nothing of our world, do you? Did you know the Se have the power to drag us Omn underwater, and kill us? Or the Healots, who fling anything they can get they’re tentacle’s on at us, which sometimes result in our death? Going into the Earth was our only choice in the great Extinction. It was then that we began to turn on one another… that is why there’s not that many of us. Brother and sister turn on each other… A big blood bath came shortly after the mass extinction. Many species, not just the Omn, were turning on each other. Nothing like the thought of the end of the world to get people in a blind rage, huh? Not that you’ll have to worry now… You humans will become extinct, and those who are allowed to live will breed a new generation. A species stronger then the Se, the Omn, and the Healots. You will bring us into a new age.’ Oyam says. I shiver at the thought of the humans becomes like such slaves.

You are a monster!’ I yell at him. He shrugs.

’I always have been. Now…Come here.’ He says. I take another step away from him, and a cry escapes my lips.

Oh shh child, do not cry. I’ll let you live… But not for long. I need you and the other humans. It all depends on how useful you make yourselves… I just want a little nibble…of your soft, plump flesh!’ he says. He leaps toward me, and I cry out. Something collides with Oyam, and in midair they fight. L’wazi is here, and I hear the footsteps other others close behind. I move farther away from the fight, which only results in Oyam breaking lose from L’wazi just to drag me closer.

‘Come here! I just want a little taste of your flesh!’ he says, his voice ravenous. L’wazi breaks him away from me. Around my ankle were he grabbed me, there’s a light bruise forming. At the bottom of the bruise, there’s a cut he made with his nails. I lightly touch it with my hold fingers and wince at the sharp pain. I hold the torch close to me, as my body begins to shake.

“YOU MUST BECOME ONE OF US!” Oyam says as he charges at me, once again free from L’wazi. He stabs a needle into my arm. L’wazi throws him away from me once more. The stab of the needle shook me, and a little bit of blood comes out of my arm. I press on it, and wince from the pain it causes. Right before my eyes, my body begins to change. My arms grow longer, as well as my legs. My vision blurs, and I feel my body sways. I hear flesh tearing, as my head hits the ground. The torch goes out as it hits the dirt. Around me darkness swirls around in my head. I hear… nothing. The world fades away.

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