A New Earth 2.0

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Earth 2.0 was found in 1995, almost over 160 exo-planets has been found since then. This new planet, which is only about five times bigger than Earth, is the smallest exo-planet ever found orbiting a star. By the year 2030, life and civilization has advanced enough to travel at light speed in space, and explore other more outer planets besides just sending probes and satellites to take pictures. For the first time a ship with a manned crew has been assigned to explore planet OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb, or Earth 2.0 as named by NASA’s youngest scientist and co-leader of the manned mission to this new Earth, Marie Antonia. Probes and bots have all been sent to explore this Earth, and have brought back positive signs of humans being able to possibly live on this new Earth. Earth 2. 0 is around 25 000 light-years away from Earth, close to the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. It has an orbital period of 10 years and is about three times as far from its parent star as Earth is from our Sun.

First believed that this new planet would be cold, probes proved NASA scientist wrong. Images brought back shows signs of active water, huge masses of water and land all over the planet, as well as signs of planets and vegetation. However, no sign of animals or anything living have been spotted yet. It’s believed that this planet has not yet evolved enough to manifest life on it’s own. Excitement brought the NASA scientist to a halt when they arrived on the planet to find out they were wrong, dead wrong.

Now only does the planet hold living life, but the life the planet holds is bigger and stronger than any human on Earth. The spaceship UNA-1 sparked a leak after nearly three years in space, and just outside of Earth 2.0′s gravitational pull. The leak set into motion a much needed emergency landing. The crew, holding 400 frozen humans in its cargo hold, are all aware now that life upon Earth 2.0 would be way different and that they could be risking the lives of 400 frozen humans, landed.

The crew consists of ten people, four crew letting leaders; four control Engineers, and two citizens: an army soldier and his daughter who were accidentally unfrozen by the crew’s co. captain John. S. Reginald.

One of the unfrozen citizens, Sargent Henry Smith, has been an soldier in the U.S. Army for ten years, and now accompanies the UNA-1 crew as part of an United States program to send humans to this new Earth. The first 400 people are supposed to set up a colony and start preparing for more people to join them on Earth 2.0. Current Earth is experiencing major catastrophes: Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, huge tsunamis, and over 9.7% of the world is now under water. 3% of humans left on Earth await in strong holds either in the Ocean, or above the ocean were little land is left for news that they can now travel to Earth 2.0 and make it their new home. Those ships were set to launch a few days after UNA-1 weather they were ready for them or not.

Sargent Henry Smith agreed to go through this program for one reason only: his daughter Scarlet. Scarlet is a sixteen year old girl who’s experienced her whole life on a chaotic Earth. Henry hopes to provide a new place to live for his only daughter, and the rest of humanity that still lives.

Watch as the Crew embarks on a new journey, to Earth 2.0 and the difficulties they face with the life that has already claimed the Earth. Will it be a battle for the residence already their? Will the humans chase them away, or worse, will they become slaves to this alien race upon the new planet?

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