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He stares into her eyes like a mirror. He tears his shirt and she bites down on her lip as his body seduces her. He puts an arm around her and draws her close to his body. Rachael’s heart pounds in her chest like a drum. She can feel his hot breath against her neck. “Rachael,” she hears a familiar and alluring voice. Rachael can hear Samuel’s voice but she cannot see him. “I want to hold your small hands and kiss them,”. She feels little kisses on her fingers. “I want to touch you,” his voice says and she closes her eyes. Rachael feels a soft hand press hard against her nipple and she lets out a moan. She raises her head to see Gabriel still looking at her. He bends and kisses her neck, he nibbles her neck and traces his way to her collar bone. Gabriel smiles as Rachael’s body grows weak against his. He says something but Rachael cannot hear his words. His mouth moves but he has no voice. “Rachael,” Samuel’s voice calls out to her, a voice without a body. Rachael is a girl trying to come to terms with her father’s death. Things seem normal until she meets the twin supernatural. Things change when the twins develop feelings towards her. Bonds are tested between them as they long for her all the while running from Dracula. Rachael learns about her family secrets. She endures pain and finds courage in her journey.

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What led to this situation? Rachael thought to herself as she looked at her father in the driver's seat.

She could see the fear in his eyes and that was something she rarely saw in her father, fear.

Mr McQueen was breathing hard, his grip on the steering wheel tightened as he drove faster.

How could my daughter have gotten into this?

This is all my fault. If I had come clean she wouldn't have followed me, he thought to himself.

Mr McQueen matched the brakes as he could see a woman a few metres away from the car and almost immediately he felt a heavy object slam into the car from his side.

Rachael opened her eyes, blood was all over the place; she was upside down and she wondered why.

She turned to look at her father, the sight shocked her.

Mr McQueen was drenched in his blood, his eyes were wide open but showed no sign of life in them.

Rachael had just realized that they got hit by another vehicle, she tried to move but she couldn't, her right leg was damaged badly to the extent that she couldn't feel it.

She groaned in pain as tears slowly filled her eyes, her father was dead.

Rachael heard some voices, "Help! Somebody help!!" she cried out. "Let's kill her, she is of no use to us" Rachael heard a voice say, a man's voice.

"The boss doesn't want any witnesses, drain her of her blood...quickly" another voice, another man.

"I will leave the rest to the four of you then... I will go to the Lantern and report our success" a female voice this time.

"Help... Please help me! " she shouted as she perceived the smell of petrol, "Shut up. You will join your father soon" she heard a man's voice say.

She heard footsteps coming closer to the car when all of a sudden silence fell, what will happen to me? She thought.

The silence was broken by screams, the men screamed and finally, silence fell again.

Footsteps grew closer, the door was detached from the car and she was carried out.

She was laid on the floor as the car exploded, she just stared into the eyes of her rescuer, he had blue glowing eyes which didn't seem normal and his hand felt soft as he touched her face.

"You will be alright," he said, Rachael's vision was blurry but she could still see the man kneel beside her until finally, she blacked out.

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