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Taming the Future Mafia King.

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After falling in a shallow lake, Iris found herself transmigrated in another fantasy world that she wrote. Delighted by the new life given to her, Iris seek to have a comfortable life that is unlike her previous home. But suddenly, Iris then realized that she was gifted multiple powers by some unknown wanderer. Delighted by the sudden power she gained. Iris would recklessly fight any beast and monster. But unfortunately after just a week, Iris died in that world which made transmigrate back to her original world. And what's worst is that after coming back, Iris witnessed a murder of an important mafia leader. Now with her life one a line being the sole witness, Iris knew she is a dead man. And upon further research, Iris learned that the only thing that could she protect herself is by joining an infamous mafia clan. But what if she discovered that she still have a the superpowers granted to her? Aside from that, with the use her power, Iris discovered a man that would be the future tyrant in making mafia king. If she wished to completely live a free life, she decided that taming that man would be the only key to her sought freedom. With her life now turned upside down, her once sought peaceful life was now changed into something full of surprises. Just how would she survive in the bloody mafia world and tame the future mafia king at the same time?

Fantasy / Action
Jenny Rose
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Have you seen the newest chapter of Rising as Mafia Lord?” One female student asked in a group of girls gossiping on the side of the lecture room.

As soon as the rest heard that certain question, their faces instantly brightened up. “OMG, YES! Keith is so hot. But the cliffhanger at the end though…” One of them straight away fangirl with her cheeks slightly blushing.

“I can’t wait for the next chapter!” Another female then remarked as you can see burning passion in her eyes upon talking about this certain novel they are hyping about.

Both girls squealed loudly to their hearts content as they continued their conversation, still talking about the same topic. Apparently, having a morning class where the professor is always late tends to make students very laid back. There are some students who are playing around, some are diligently studying and some are making certain groups with the same interest, like this one particular group. Because of all of their noises, a brown short haired female who was laying her head on the desk raised her head as she ruffled her messy hair.

“Ugh, Just what are they gossiping about so early?” She groaned, yawning afterward as she stared at the group of loud mouth female students chattering.

With that reaction, another female who was writing the whole time like the studious students she is then commented at her best friend remarks upon seeing her grumble after her nap has been disturbed.

“Pfft— Iris, have you been living under a rock? It’s the popular novel made by the uprising author Luna. Everyone has been crazy about her new work. Speaking of which, you love reading right? Why don’t you give it a try?” The long haired woman asked her friend as she stopped writing for a second as she turned her head to look at Iris. Her chin rested on top of her palm, she stared at Iris with anticipation written on her face.

Upon hearing that harmless suggestion, Iris remained emotionless as she turned at her friend with an unexplainable look on her face.

‘How tedious. You shouldn’t support her work. That so-called rising author of yours is a big liar. A fucking cheat.’

But of course she didn’t say that. Now infront of her best friend who was clearly a fan of that novel. Instead, Francine decided to respond in a way her companion won’t get offended. It’s because her friend doesn’t know anything. That is why it’s better not to say anything. She might see her as a hater. Well, it’s not like she’s not one.

“I’ll think about it.” She muttered with a solemn tone of voice and expressionless expression.


The sky had turned dark as it was blanketed by the thousands of stars, Iris slowly trudged to the main door after she got off in the taxi. With heavy steps, she reached the cold handle of the door. And with a weary look on her face, Iris swung the door open and immediately walked in as she accelerated her pace as if she was in a hurry not to run into someone. Secretly looking around, hoping not to run into anyone. She stealthily walked toward the stair as she reached for its railing.

“Oh? You’re home.”

A young female then greeted Iris as she was about to take a step on the staircase. Upon hearing the familiar voice calling out to her, Iris then groaned as she closed her eyes in annoyance.

Iris turned around to face the owner of the voice. It was Charlotte, her older half sister. Iris could only glare at the other party with a cold expression as she remained quiet. The woman before

her has yellow hair with dropped crown locks, wearing a white long sleeve satin pajama dress. At first glance you might have mistaken her as a modest looking girl but she was just a demon wearing an angel mask.

‘She’s much more than a demon. She could replace Satan herself.’ Iris thought to herself upon seeing the pure looking face she was showing at her.

She was hoping to have a peaceful night before she sleep but it looks like God has other plans for her. When coming across her older sister, it could only lead to one thing; unnecessary and pointless drama.

“How come you’re home late? Aren’t you supposed to be in your room by now?” Charlotte asked once again. But this time, it sounded quite sarcastic with her hands crossed on her chest.

With that being said, Iris grimaces upon hearing her sarcastic remark. Iris knew that Charlotte hates her to the gut. That is why she would always find time to get on her nerves. Another thing, Charlotte knew why Iris was late. It is Iris’ mother’s death anniversary. Without a hitch, Iris would always visit her mother’s tomb every year. So it would be known that it would be a pretty emotional night for her.

“Shut the hell up, you fake.”

Hearing that, Charlotte then let out a smirk as an evil expression creeped up on her once innocent looking face. “Aww, are you still mad about that? You know as an older sibling, why don’t you just be happy with my achievements. Hmm?” She taunted as she looked at Iris pitifully.

Upon hearing those words, Iris’ calm expression completely faltered as it changed into an enraged expression.“ The audacity…Your achievement, you say? That was supposed to be MY achievement! If you didn’t steal my novel and framed me of being a cheater, I wouldn’t be so miserable!!”

Iris roared as she grabbed the collar of her Charlotte’s nightgown. Seeing the reaction she wanted to get, Charlotte’s evil smile grew even wider as she continued provoking Iris. She then slowly leaned into Iris’ left ear.

“Hah! It’s not like anyone would believe you. Not one, even in this household, would side with you. I stole your work and it is mine now. Just like how I stole father’s affection from you. And you will be tossed aside as always, just like your whore mom.”

Charlotte whispered in Iris’ ear, boasting proudly as she let Iris gripped tighter on her collar. Because she knew something good would happen if she let Iris do what she wanted. She then let out a low maniac laugh that Iris could only hear.

Hearing those words come out from Charlotte’s mouth, it looked like something snapped inside of her seeing her expression stiffened. “Are you really that thick skinned to be that proud of stealing someone’s work!? You piece of s—”

With her other free hand, Iris raised it in the air as she swung it back. She was about to slap Charlotte’s face when a loud manly enraged voice echoed throughout the foyer.

“You, insolent!!”

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