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Beyond the moon

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Raven grew up on a ship with her mother as the captain and a crew as her mentors. Her mother had passed away with a secret past life which left Raven with questions. One mysterious night, Raven found herself living the same life her mother had but there are more secrets she needs to uncover. There's a war between shadow and light and the world remains divided. It is up to Raven to either destroy what is left of the world or restore what was broken.

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Chapter 1

The tut-tut of water against the ship woke Raven Clearwater sooner than she would have liked. It was still dark in her chambers except for the pulsing flashes coming through her small round windows. Raven propped herself up onto one elbow and stared out of the closest window. The sky outside remained a dark mass of purple clouds and blackened water. Only now and then the flashes of vivid white light would streak through the air down to the ocean, lighting the world around it for just a second. This storm has been going on for days without a glimpse of a chance for it to let up. A storm is never good news for a sailor. Especially one like this.

Raven had, had enough of this storm herself, but only because her mother was never around. She turned back, staring around her dark chambers. The black silhouettes of furniture cast monstrous looking shadows against her walls. Another flash of lightning forced her to fly back beneath her blankets. “Mom!” she cried beneath her blankets. Her heart hammered in her chest as the darkness around her started to press down on her. “Mom!” she called again. She heard a crash outside and squeezed her eyes shut. A sudden loud bang made her jumped and her heart stopped. She listened, unconscious about the breath she is holding in. Something grabbed at her blankets, pulling it away and she started to scream. “Angelfish, it’s only me! It’s mommy!” a gasping voice answered. Raven yanked the blankets from her head and stared at a beautiful, blond-haired woman with a wide-eyed gaze. By the looks on her face, Raven could tell that she was startled as well. Allisa smiled down at Raven as she reached out to gently brush some of Raven’s hair out of her face.

Allisa sat down beside her daughter and pulled her in, close to her chest. She started to hum a soft tune into Raven’s ear. Raven blinked a few times before her eyes started to drift closed again. It was easy to feel safe with her mother beside her. Allisa took a deep breath, her soft sing-song tune turning into a whisper of words, “Once upon a time there used to be a balance between darkness and light. The two lands used to touch borders but never exceed each other,” Alissa started to say with a soft story telling tone. Raven listened eagerly as her mother continued to speak, her hand stroking Raven’s hair all the same. “Then one day, something terrible happened. Light and darkness intertwined, thinking they can make the bond stronger by being together instead of being apart. Turns out, darkness only cares for itself and destruction as well as fear. The light’s guard was down, and darkness took advantage. No sooner was the mistake made when darkness took its first steps across the border. Darkness lives on fear. It strives for chaos and it would do anything to destroy every glimpse of light it could find. The light didn’t have any other choice but to disappear.” Allisa breathed.

The stroking movement stopped, and Raven opened her eyes. She wondered why her mother told this story when her other stories were much nicer. The other stories were about dreams and imagination. This story seemed to be more on a darker point. Raven shifted slightly and stared her mother in the eyes. The eyes staring back at her had an old wisdom hidden behind their tiredness. There was something else as well. Something that made Raven pay closer attention to her mother’s face. Allisa had a paleness to her skin, and her cheeks a little hollow. It was easy to read Allisa’s mind when all you had to do was look into her eyes. Allisa’s mind, at this moment however, seemed to be distant. There was something else…

“Mommy? Are you feeling ill?” asked Raven, her eyebrows pulling together with concern. Allisa smiled weakly down at her daughter. “Aren’t I supposed to be the one who is concerned about you?” she asked, avoiding Raven’s question instead. Raven returned her mother’s smile weakly. Something didn’t feel right, but she wasn’t about to argue with Allisa. If the Captain said she was fine, then she was fine. There was nothing much, Allisa couldn’t do.

A loud knock on the door made them jump. They started to giggle, feeling silly. Allisa shifted away from Raven and went over to the door, still giggling with her daughter. A scrawny old man stood on the other side of the door, which Allisa now held open. His clothes were drenched, and his red cap almost looked black from all the oil and grime he smeared all over his face in attempt to rub away the salty water. “Sorry Captain,” said the old sailor, “the men are ready for ye,” he continued. He gave Raven a quick sideways glance, before looking at Allisa again.

“Thank you, Ray.” said Allisa. Ray bowed his head slightly, before turning away and heading back the way he came. With a sigh Allisa turned towards Raven, “well, here I go again. I’ll be back as soon as I can. I promise.” she assured. She gave Raven a quick kiss on her forehead, before walking out and in the direction Ray went.

Once again Raven was all alone in the darkness.

This time the shadows contained a scarier look than before. Maybe it was being left alone while she was still awake. Maybe it was the storm outside. Maybe, just maybe it was the tone hidden behind her mother’s words that haunted her. The shadows almost seemed to be reaching towards her. There was a part inside of her that wanted to keep watching. To welcome the shadows like they were friends. That part scared her. The other part wanted to run and hide where the shadows can’t reach her. Just like the light in her mother’s story did. She clutched her pillow tightly to her chest and watched the raging storm outside instead. There was a loud bang and flickering lights followed, as several lightning bolts streaked through the thundering clouds. Raven threw the pillow over her face and screamed. There was another bang. This was enough for her. She can’t take this anymore. She threw the pillow back onto her bed and ran out of the door.

The ship was too busy to make sense of what was where. Sailors were all trying to rid the ship from salt water that pooled dangerously on the surface of the deck. The more they tipped buckets over the railing, the more water leaked back onto the deck. The waves were merciless against their attempts. Sailors ran every which way just to keep the ship afloat. Most of these men haven’t slept for days. All of them fighting the ocean from sinking them. There was no way she would be able to find her mother in this haze. At least she was where there were people around her, instead of the lonely darkness with its stretching shadows. A nearby sailor grabbed hold of the railing and then turned towards his companions. “Hold fast!” he shouted. There was an urgent warning exclaimed on his face. Raven didn’t have time to think. She grabbed hold of the thick rope that was bound around the closest pole and squeezed her eyes shut.

She didn’t see it coming but, her ears told her just as much as her vision would have. It came in a rushing motion then the spattering crash as the wave hit the ship. Next thing she knew, she was swept up by a sudden cold as the wave spilled over the deck. She had to squeeze the rope tighter, just to keep the wave from pulling her over the other side of the tilting ship. It was in that moment that something strange happened. A flash of light flickered into Raven’s vision. Then came the fluttering sound of small wings and a soft tune. Before Raven could focus on what she was seeing, it faded just as fast as it came. It was over in a mere second.

Firm hands grabbed hold of Raven. “Are you alright missy?” a rough voice demanded. Raven squeezed her eyes once before opening them again. There was no trace of what she had seen. Just the storm and the darkness. She was gasping. Whether it was from the flash of the image or from the wet, cold feeling, she didn’t know. Looking up at the round, bearded face of Kip, Raven nodded. “This is no place for you, las.” he continued, pulling her close to his side as he looked at the other sailors getting their bearings back. They didn’t pause to take a breath. They just grabbed hold of their buckets again and started to throw water overboard once more. Raven clutched at Kip’s drenched, tattered shirt, “are we sinking Kip?”

Kip shook his head. His expression was defiant, “not today, missy.” said Kip. He bended down to her eye level again. He took hold of both her shoulders, “it’s best you head on back to your chamber, las. Don’t reckon the Captain would be very pleased if I must report you go ’in overboard,” Kip added. He took her hand and led her back to her room. She wasn’t too keen with the idea of going back to her dark room, but she wasn’t about to argue with Kip either. Allisa was a force to be reckoned with. She wasn’t about to upset her mother. Especially right now when her mother was busy keeping her ship alive.

Raven sat on her bed, her head held in one hand and her other hand tapping a pen against her knee. She was looking down at the freshly written words in her journal. She was looking at them, but not seeing them. Her mind was far away. To the place beyond the moon her mother always talked about. It was all made up, but it was the most beautiful thoughts she had. Except for the new bit of the story. Her mother never talked about the darkness. She had mentioned that there was a border between the two lands, but she never elaborated. Raven breathed in deeply. The day had gone by slowly and night already started to creep closer. It was hard to tell the difference between day and night because the storm made everything disappear in darkness.

The day was almost over, and her mother hadn’t returned yet. her mother did have a lot to do, she knew that. She understood that her mother might still be busy with maintaining the ship’s condition, but she was worried. Her mother hasn’t come in to check if she had lunch or dinner to eat yet. She hasn’t checked in to see if her daughter was ready for bed yet. Raven couldn’t help but wonder if everything was alright. Being Captain never kept Allisa from attending to her daughter.

It took a while for Raven to notice the quiet in her room. Her eyes fluttered. She hadn’t intended to fall asleep. The last she remembered was that she was still writing in her journal. Raven shoved her journal to the side and ran towards the window. Even the ship felt still. The thundering clouds were reduced to a low rumble. The dark sky empty from flashing lightning. The angry waves reduced to a ripple of frustration. The storm was over. Raven’s attention got drawn towards the deck outside. The men were shouting orders and notices she couldn’t hear. She didn’t hear her mother’s words among them.

After rushing to get dressed, Raven ran outside and onto the deck. She was looking around and searching through the new kind of chaos, but her mother was still nowhere in sight. Kip stood over at the forecastle, talking to another sailor, as they examined the ship’s bowsprit. “Kip!” Raven called over the noise. She ducked as two sailors carried a long plank over the deck. Kip turned to look towards her. It took her some time to reach him with all the water and debris. “Have you seen the Captain?” she asked once she reached him. Kip frowned at her. He stared over her and studied the chaos on the deck. His frown deepened, “where is the Captain?” he called to the crew. No one answered. Without another word, Kip made his way towards the deck.

“Oi!” Kip shouted, cupping his hand over his mouth. The men around them stopped their work instantly and turned questioningly around to face Kip. “The captain is unaccounted for. All ye lazy scallywags are to make it ye main priority to find her!” Kip took a breath, looking around, “Now!” he ordered. He turned towards Raven as everyone dropped what they were doing and did as they were bid. “Raven I must ask ye to return to ye chamber. We will find the Captain. Don’t worry.” Kip assured.

Raven made to head back to her room, but she had no intention to listen to Kip. Not this time. Her mother was missing, and she needed to find her. Raven snuck off, down the stairs, after making sure that no one was watching her.

She had been searching for a while now. Nothing. By the sound of it, the sailors haven’t found Allisa yet, either. She walked towards the cable store as her last searching spot before returning to deck when she froze. Between large barrels of reserves, on the floor, lay a figure drenched in water and something that stank. With several hesitant steps, Raven walked towards the figure. She started calling for the others as soon as she realised who it was. Her mother lay unconscious in a pool of water and vomit. Allisa’s skin had a shade of green to it and no glimpse of life. “Help! Please! Somebody!” Raven called. Tears streaming down her face as she tried to shake her mother awake.

The thundering steps of rushing sailors came down the wooden steps and stopped when they saw Allisa. Kip shoved past them, moving towards his Captain. Raven lifted her gaze toward him, tears streaming like rivers down her cheeks. She waited for Kip to say something, but he didn’t. “Is she…” Raven began but Kip cut her off. He shook his head, “gods, no!” he said positively, “but she does need medical care,” he added. Kip lifted Allisa from the floor, her body looking too limp in his arms. His face was stern when he stared down at Raven. “Go back to ye room, las!” he ordered, taking in his role as second captain. He turned towards the other men, “maintain the ship and make sure this one,” he chocked his head towards Raven, “doesn’t leave her room.” he turned back towards Raven, “I’ll come and see ye as soon as I can.” He promised before carrying her mother, up the stairs, away from her.

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