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Graceful Love

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The narrative of "Graceful Love" centers on a single mother and her young son, whose development is framed by the melancholy of his mother's unfulfilled desire for the man of her dreams. Her unrequited love is eating away her life like a worm is eating an apple from the inside. While her son navigates the challenges of growing up alone, she is at the mercy of her own emotions.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Far, far away, in a parallel universe where nobody wants to go because it takes a lifetime of travel to reach it, there is a city of Universe. It is the only city you can find there, and this is another reason for not visiting that place. There is nothing really to see and nothing really to tell. Since the beginning of time, everyday life went through the same events: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and orgy.
There is a Wisdom Tower in this wonderful Universe where the most talented and intelligent people of the Universe live all together in peace and harmony. Among them, we find a handsome singer who decorates their monotone existence. If you could only hear his velvet, rich baritone and listen to his soul-tearing songs, you would immediately fall in love with him, as all the ladies of the Universe did. Everybody would have described his singing as nothing short of brilliant. And that was certain to him. So, to underline that level of talent, the singer wore shining costumes made especially for him by the local garment factory.
The garment factory stands outside the city wall, in the industrial zone of the Universe, also known as a Town of Industry. The only way to get there is through a hidden secret tunnel. And no one in the Town of Industry has permission to step into the city unless they are carried by a particular means of transportation and under the control of Blue Overalls. That was the Universe government regulation, which nobody seemed to mind. People of that Universe are apathetic and disinterested in everything by their nature.
Life changed when the Patroness saint Lady of the Universe, who was also the Universe's King's secret spiritual lover, paid attention to the handsome singer's talent and beauty. "What an interesting man. There is nobody like him around. When I look at him, my soul smiles and fulfills with triumphant joy. Imagine what a life it would be if every man looked like him. Terrific! Wisdom Tower people are boring, and Underground World's people are also boring. Industry people depress me the most. This talented man must become mine," she concludes.
There are many secrets in that Universe, and the story will reveal these secrets.

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