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Knives of Darkness

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Elizabeth (Liz for short) has been forced to work as a slave ever since she was abandoned at the palace as a child. Finding comfort in the gracefulness of warriors and their blades, she learns how to wield them better then anyone. That is until she met him, dark and mysterious she's drawn to him in a way she never has before. Will she escape her servitude or be chained forever.

Fantasy / Romance
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There on top of a mountain was a castle, surrounded by craggy peaks it loomed eerily over the valley. A horse cut through the icy sheets of rain at full speed carrying a rider, she was worn, tired, and covered in her own blood. She pushed her way up the mountain clutching a bundle carefully under her cloak. After finally ascending the mountain and running her horse down to its last breath, she clutched the bundle tighter and collapsed off of the horse. Hitting the rocky ground hard she let out a moan of pain and dragged herself towards the giant door. She reached up, grabbing the ornate knocker, and pulled herself upward. Breathing heavily due to the altitude she clutched the knocker tightly and hesitated. Shaking her head she turned back to face the door and pulled the knocker up, and let it go. Bang! The freezing iron knocked against the wood sounding like a thunderclap. Placing the bundle carefully out of reach on the doorstep she stumbled away and looks back once with foggy vision, "Good bye my love".

The next morning a soldier with a killer hangover stumbles out of the castle, nearly stepping on the tiny bundle. Suddenly there's a loud cry and he looks around desperately for where the sound could've come from. There it is again right below him. Disbelieveingly he glanced downwards only to see a baby with blue lips from the cold. She must've been out there all night so he looks around for the culprit only to find blood stains all across the snow. Whoever has gotten her there was surely dead by now. Carefully craddling her in his bulk he carries her inside the castle.

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