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Wish Upon A Demon

By invisiblegirl208 All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Fantasy


Wish Upon A Star was my favorite movie.

Not the part when the two sisters become each other, but the part where they wish upon the star and it comes true. I wanted something like that to happen to me as well.

I was aware that I didn’t have a popular, elder sister; yet, I wanted to be granted a wish as well. I wanted to become someone different, someone who confident and beautiful.

It was a common habit of mine, to wonder why I didn’t look like the other girls at school. They were gorgeous, looked like supermodels, and had the personality of angels.

And there I was.

I was an outcast, and I perfectly matched the description for that as well.

I didn’t hate myself though. However, I did hate the drooping fat on my body that made me look completely different from others and also, the subject to jokes and pranks at my school.

Even though I had promised myself at the beginning of the summer vacation that I would control myself and surprise everyone when the school reopened, I wasn’t able to resist the temptation and in the end, that ‘promise’ was floating somewhere at the back.

I didn’t know why I looked this way.

I had never seen someone who looked as bad as me and I understood why. I never took care of myself. Maybe that was the reason I was a seventeen-year-old girl, who still watched Disney movies on weekends with a jar of Nutella when others, were out partying or whatever.

I removed my glasses while looking at myself in the mirror.

No matter how much I washed my hair, it seemed like it was oily from birth since it never came off. My green eyes were once beautiful, but crying everyday remembering the jokes thrown on me at school, got them duller and duller with each passing day.

My lips looked like I scrubbed them with dishwasher, and it felt like there was not one thing attractive about me. Not one thing. I had nothing to be proud of. I wasn’t the best at academics as well, nor did I look appealing, nor was a school athlete or something. What was I good at? Nothing.

It wasn’t like people at my school didn’t want to be my friends, there were a few nice ones who tried, but I kept away. I didn’t want to have any friends. I had one, once upon a time, who didn’t know anything but to crack jokes on me and insult me.

Coming to think of it, could she even be classified as a friend?

I walked outside, into the balcony. This was the one thing I absolutely loved about my room. Since my room was at the top floor of the house, I could get a beautiful view of the entire city from my room. It was breathtaking.

I looked to the sky and there it was. That little star, shining bright. My mother would always say that wishing upon the brightest star could grant you unexpected luck, maybe even fulfill you’re wish.

It was childish, and I knew it would never happen. Yet, for the sake of it, I kept my hands on the railing, giving one glance to the twinkling lights of the houses in my view, before closing my eyes and speaking in a whisper.

“I wish to become beautiful, inside and outside.”

I opened my eyes, and glanced at the star, smiling a bit before walking back inside my room. It was chilly outside and I wasn’t going to sit staring at a star, when I knew that nothing would ever happen.

However, as I closed the door, switched off the lights and got into bed, there was an unusual feeling in my belly. It was that feeling you get when you know something is going to happen. Something you don’t expect.

I didn’t put too much thought to it, and closed my eyes. Like a constant memory, I kept thinking of what happened outside a few minutes ago and wondering why I felt that way.

Slowly, slowly, I began drifting off into a deep sleep, the star shining behind my eyelids.

Who knows, maybe this time, my wish might even come true.

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