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Tenebris' s Light

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In a world where fate has set the road ahead, and destiny is an unreachable fantasy, Tenebris attempts to find the light on the sunless and lifeless road that she calls home. Will her true self emerge or is her present self all that it is and will be?

Fantasy / Drama
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Road ahead

A soft breeze, a whisper silently gushed in my mind, It's time to leave, and so I ran. I could feel the ground's sharp corners pulling me back, the leaves blowing in my watering eyes, and the stars dimming their shine. It felt like the world was trying to impede me from going back to safety, constantly keeping me on edge, lingering on blood-pumping and sweat-rushing adventures. Despite the thrill, which I often live for, I had to go forward because if I didn't, my adventures would have a hellish outcome.

This running and being chased often reminds me of the Cat & Mouse story, where the tiny fellow always perseveres regardless of the cat's relentless pursuit, no matter the consequences. I often envy this strength to keep on going, to master forward in the face of all the crashing waves and deadly abysses. But being a captain of your own boat is difficult because in the face of danger you must be willing to sacrifice and accept your fate.
Fate is such a powerful word, world-encompassing and timeless. It includes all that had and will happen in your life, everything has already been decided and no matter what you do, nothing will change. Just like this road, which will always try to stop me, just like the stars who will never shine above and the leaves that always will blind my eyes and soak my tears.
I feel like this running will never stop, as if I was locked on repeat mode, constantly running, and never reaching my goal. The idea of crossing the end line is exhilarating, being able to start a new race and unlock new paths. But being used to this road has created a sense of safety in such an inhospitable environment, that despite all the danger, I will always have a place to return to. Hence, the question is, should I stay in a toxic and suffocating environment where I feel safe, or cross that end line and feel uncertain about my future?
"Seek lady Destiny.", they said.

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