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On the day Harper Lupa graduates university she is thrown into a a new dangerous life. The myths she worked so hard studying turned out to be true. Her journey has become dangerous, can the handsome Alpha help her along her path or will she decide her own fate? Will she damn or save her people.

Fantasy / Romance
J. Edwards
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“We need to leave.” She whispered a tear running down her face, the pain of what that meant in every word.

“I will not leave our daughter.” He spat back.

The vampires had found them, they were now not only a threat to their daughter but also the humans, the friends they had made in the last 15 years, they would all be used against them, so they could get to their daughter. Their beautiful, wild, selfless daughter.

“We have no choice. She is in danger with us here, she is old enough, you have your witch here, we can have your pack watch over her, but we can no longer stay here. They know us, know our scents, they don’t know her or her scent, they don’t even know the colour of her hair. We need to leave.” She demanded, all her authority pushing through. She watched as her mate fought for control from her command.

“I will not abandon our daughter.” He seethed. “I will tear anyone apart, I would tear the world apart if they try to hurt her. I would even tear you apart. Mate.” He growled, teeth bared.

“Do not threaten me.” She stood from her chair, meeting his grey blue eyes no fear showing in either.

“She is my daughter too,” she softened, “and the last thing I want to do is leave her, but we have to. She is in danger my love. Because of us, and we will only be handing them too her if we stay.”

“No. I will not leave.” He growled. “I will protect her, from the vampires, the wolves, the fae, even from you. I will not leave her.”

Before she could speak, he had shifted into his lycan form and was growling at her, salvia dripping from the sides of his mouth, this was no longer his mate, this was a wolf determined on protecting his pup.

“My love, you do not wish to hurt me. I know this is hard, but it is for the best.” She whispered calmly, knowing if she ordered anything he would attack, mate or no, you don’t get between and male and his daughter.

He whirled and tore through the wall with his massive claws, leaving four straight slash marks through the brick wall, a warning to his mate, not too push. He turned and snarled at her.

She knew his pain, even thinking about leaving her daughter was killing her from the inside, her heart was breaking, she had to leave her beautiful girl too, to protect her, even when every instinct she had was telling her to take her, hold her and run. But she knew she couldn’t they would keep coming.

“We need to go.” She sternly said to her mate.

He let out a roar and crashed through the front window of their house, he launched himself at the first thing he saw, an innocent human man, walking home. And tore him to pieces. She teleported to him and screamed “stop!”

But he kept going, too the next human, he grabbed one arm and leg and tore them apart, blood splattered everywhere.

She teleported in front of her mate, he spotted her and started barrelling towards her, he had gone mad, mad with rage, with the need to protect his daughter, his need to protect her was now blinding him.

“You leave me no choice.” She stood tall, extending her hand towards her mate, a gold mist was now drifting towards him. “I’m sorry.” She said, tears rolling down her face.

“Sleep.” She whispered, her words full of sadness, regret, her heart was breaking. “Sleep until she can control what she has, what she is. Sleep until she can protect herself, until this rage will never show itself again.” Her voice broke with her last words, as her mate lay on the ground, in a deep slumber. Not to be awoken until their daughter was ready. Until she was strong, until she became who she was meant to be.

She walked to her mate and fell on her knees beside him. “I am sorry my love.” She placed her hand on him and they vanished.h

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