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Chapter 1

8 Years Later.

Harper sat there in a nervous daze, awaiting her name to be called, all but too soon “Harper Lupa” I hear the president of the university call out. I rise to my feet and begin the slow walk up to the podium to accept my doctorate, my head swirling with the idea of not knowing the last time I was truly happy, not a faux happy to keep Natasha from asking ‘what’s wrong, do you want to talk about it?’ No, I was actually happy. Finally graduating and accepting my PHD after six years of hard work finally paying off. As the last student received their doctorate, we all cheered and threw our Tudor Bonnets in the air.

I watched as all of my peers embraced their loved ones, receiving words of praise and affection. While I stood there in the middle of it all. I felt alone, that i had no one, no family there to hug, to smile and say, “well done Harper; we are so proud of you; all the hard work has paid off.” It was just me, but that’s the way it has been for 8 years, and something I should be used to by now, but moments and accomplishments like this, always made me miss my parents more.

As I started to walk through the crowd, feeling proud and a little sorry for myself I tried to take my mind off of it by thinking about the celebrations that were to come. As I came to the outskirts of the crowd, I saw Dr Redmond. “Hey Doc.” I waved, confused as to why he was here. He waved in return giving me a smile. He had been my psychologist, since the disappearance of my parents, when I returned home to find nothing but ash, I had been taken straight to the ER as I had nowhere else to go and the doctor sympathetically advised that I seek a professional to speak with, that I would need guidance and couldn’t pass me Dr Redmond’s card fast enough. .

Dr Redmond was a tall man with a strong build, he would only be in his mid-thirties, but in 8 years he didn’t seem to have aged at all, his brown hair had no greys, his blue eyes had no wrinkles around them, I really needed to find out his secret. I know he drinks a lot of tea…

“What are you doing here? Do you know someone who is graduating today?” I asked, looking around.

“Yes, you Harper,” he chuckled “I’ve come to congratulate you, I know how hard you have worked to get here.” He grinned.

“Thanks doc.” I smiled, trying to hide any sadness that I felt along with being grateful.

“Come on bring it in, we aren’t at the office today.” Dr Redmond smiled holding out his arms, waving his hand towards himself.

I moved in on the hug, grateful didn’t even begin to express how I feel. I had expressed in our last session that I was feeling apprehensive about today’s graduation due to the fact that my parents weren’t around to share it with. The fact that he decided to come in their stead, warmed my heart.

“Thanks doc, this means a lot.” I smiled.

“I wouldn’t miss my favourite patients’ graduation, you’ve been coming to my practise long enough, you’re practically family now.” He beamed handing me a small present.

“And now I get to call you Dr Lupa.” He chuckled.

“Oh god, don’t. Dr Lupa sounds like I should be an old woman.” I laughed back.

“Well if the shoe fits.” I rolled my eyes opening the present. After I tore through the brown paper bag looking wrapping paper, it opened to a hard copy of a book titled. “The story of Selene & Alastair.”

I beamed when I saw the title, this had been my favourite Greek myth since I started my Ancient History degree.

“You remembered.” I replied smiling at the gift, I was so grateful, even if I had four copies of this myth.

“Of course, you went on a bout it for about 6 months at one stage.” He chuckled, I laughed and hugged the book to my chest.

“I couldn’t ask for a better shrink.” I cheekily giggled, he rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself.

“I hate when you call me that.” He smiled.

“I know.”

Just as he went to say something I felt a pair of arms reach around my shoulders from behind and Natasha’s face was then pressed up against my cheek.

“Ready to party up all our hard work.” She beamed excitedly. Before she continued with whatever part plans she had in mind, she eyed Dr Redmond up and down, then moved to stand at my side. Dr Redmond stood there awkwardly as Natasha’s jaw practically dropped on the ground. I mean he was a good-looking man, but this is definitely an overreaction.

“Natasha, this is my psychologist Dr Redmond, Dr Redmond this is my best friend Natasha.” I awkwardly introduced the two, hoping Natasha would stop the drooling.

Dr Redmond extended his hand to Natasha. “Please just call me Aidan.” He smiled.

Natasha smiled while shaking Dr Redmond’s hand. “How lovely of you to come and support Harper. You must be an amazing Dr” she says blushing.

“Just doing my job.” He smiled.

Natasha hits my arm, and dramatically says, “just doing his job. Harper! You have mentioned your psych so many times and have never said what a caring soul he is. You must join us at the bar Aidan.” She smiled, and I swear if she bats her eyes anymore, she is going to take flight.

“Oh no, I couldn’t impose.” He smiled holding his hands up.

“Doc you should come, it would be nice to see you drink something other than tea.” I intercepted, and he threw his head back letting out a chuckle in defeat.

“Sure, which bar.” He said, and Natasha squeezed my arm super tight.

“Pakèto pub.” Natasha beamed.

“Ahh, I know it well, I will meet you ladies there.” He smiled walking to his car.

As he left Natasha backhanded my arm. “You have spoken about your psychologist every week since I met you, 6 years ago. Not once did you mention he was a Greek god Harper!” Natasha squawked.

“Because he is my psychologist Tash. I have never seen him like that.” I screwed up my nose almost disgusted.

Before Tash could dramatize this anymore, I pulled out my phone and ordered an Uber walking away.

“Hey, I’m, not finished with you yet.” She yelled running after me.


Aidan’s POV

“You have spoken about your psychologist every week since I met you, 6 years ago. Not once did you mention he was a Greek god Harper!” Natasha squealed, which made me smirk.

“Because he is my psychologist Tash. I have never seen him like that.” Harper defensively said sounding disgusted.

I chuckled as I got in my car pulling out my phone, bringing up Beta Liam’s contact number.

“Aidan, what’s the report?” He answered as a greeting.

“None of them were there, it was only her class, the families and teachers.” I answered.

“Interesting, our lead said they would be. If they weren’t there it’s either a good thing or they may be planning something for later.” He added.

“If they are, I will be with her, I am meeting them at the pack’s pub, will you still be offering her the position?” I asked.

“I will be, it’s safer for her to be in our borders and not in the human borders. I will also be bringing Paxton and Nate.” He sighed.

“Oh, goddess why Nate? I can already hear the douche-bag pick-up lines.” I exhaled rubbing my temple.

“The Alpha wants the best warriors there, she will be 26 soon and the cloaking spell will be wearing off. He has also warned Nate that he is not to do anything to scare her, she needs to be under our protection and if he does anything to jeopardize that, he will have the Alpha to deal with.” He said almost like he was warning Nate, who was most likely in the same room, rolling his eyes.

“Good, I will see you at around 6 then?” I ask.

“Make sure she isn’t drunk, I need to sell her on this position.” He said before hanging up.

Harper didn’t drink much anyway, I wasn’t only her psychologist, I was her guard and she never really drank too much when she went out, except for when that prick, Campbell dumped her, and she caught him making out with another girl that same day, I wanted to rip his throat out when I saw her leaving campus crying, if her father were around he probably would have tried. The next day he was sporting a black eye that I had the pleasure of providing him with.

But now it was time to get our little Harps home.

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