The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 10


I was at the mall picking out a gift to give to Bree, I was in Kate Spade and bought a black bag with pin feathers as design. I paid for it and went out the store.

I don’t know how much time I have left to make up for all the bullying that I gave her, how much time to get to know her more, time for everything I missed.

I went to the craft store to buy a greeting card and wrote a letter to Bree, professing my love to her through this letter, being honest, saying everything that I thought about when I’m with her.

I went to the food court to buy a chocolate milkshake and a slice of pizza.

But then I smelled lavender and vanilla, I followed the scent until I bumped into my mate purposely. I smiled down at her, I was towering at 6”3 and she was at 5”3 .

She sniffed, “Is that a chocolate milkshake?”

“You want it?” I asked her smirking.

She nodded excitedly, I chuckled. She was just too cute.

“Give me a kiss on the cheek first.” I said grinning cheekily while pointing at my cheek.

“Nope, I can buy my own.” She said going to the milkshake stall.

“Hey.” I grabbed her hand and intertwine our fingers, I gave her my chocolate milkshake. It felt amazing holding hands with your mate.

It’s the best feeling in the world!

We went in my Chrysler jeep and drove back home, I helped her with her shopping bags and we went to her room.

I handed her the Kate Spade paper bag, “Happy birthday.” I said smiling. “Wish I could spend more time with you but I need to train. I’ll see you very soon.” I added.

I closed the distance between us, when I leaned my head down to level with hers I can feel her breathing hitch, while my heartbeat is thumping fast and loud.

“I love you.” I said. I kissed her forehead and head. I hugged her tight, then took a look at her beet red face, she looked gorgeous. I chuckled cause I made her blush.

“I’ll see you soon.” I said. Smiled at her then went off to train but I looked back at Bree she was holding her forehead with a shocked face.

I laughed inwardly, it was one of the best feeling in the world! To know that you made your mate blush. I felt extra motivated today!


“How about the guardian?” Lynus said.

“He’s doing well considering that he’s always near her and he always gives me updates.” I said to him.

“Good, cause we cannot afford to lose, Bree. ” Jackson said. We all agreed, Bree was practically our daughter.

I mindlinked the guardian ‘Is Bree home yet?’

‘Yes, she came in with your son.’ He replied.

“They’re mates.” Nixon said.

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