The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 100


“That is impossible.” He muttered. “How can you speak?”

“Let me go. I have the Moon Goddess’ daughter who is in need of help. The Goddess want us to bring her close to her.” I said.

I could feel the tightness around my ankles were now gone and I swam up to see Martin carrying Gabreelle to safety. I gave out a sigh of relief. I looked behind me and saw Sebastian,

“What happened to her?” Sebastian asked.

“Darkness trapped her spiritually.” I said. “The Moon Goddess told me to bring Gabreelle close to her.”

“I know just the woman for the job.” Sebastian said.

Water then surrounded us and got us off the ground and unto the shore.

“Why hello the-” Lara started to say but Kade quickly jumped in to stop her obnoxious mouth from flirting with Sebastian.

“So, this must be your group of friends.” Sebastian said as he looked at everyone and he stopped at Gabreelle.

“That’s Gabreelle Somers.” I said.

“The Moon Goddess’ daughter.” Sebastian murmured.

I nodded my head, “Please, help us- help her.”

“Of course!” Sebastian said. “Follow me.” He stood up and his fins slowly became human legs.

I went to Gabreelle and carried her. We followed Sebastian and walked past the palm trees, “Have you known her long?”

“Long enough.” I replied.

As I looked up the sky I saw smoke and as I lowered my gaze I saw a nipa hut. “Do you live there?” I asked Sebastian.

“No,I live in the ocean. That is where Aya lives.”

“Who is Aya?” Asked Jude.

“She’s been the protector of this island for as long as I’ve served the Moon Goddess.” Sebastian said.

“Which is? How long?” Kade asked.

“A century.” Sebastian said.

I could hear someone choking, I looked behind me and saw Lara coughing.

“You don’t look like a hundred years old.” Lara said.

“It comes with being a guardian to an immortal.” Sebastian said.

“Being hot?” Lara asked.

I wanted to bump my head on the pine tree’s body. This girl does not stop until she gets what she wants!

“No, we stop aging.” Sebastian said.

When we reached the Nipa hut, “Please enter.” Sebastian said to me.

I nod at him and went in, “Luna’s daughter. Bring her to me, guardian.” Aya said.

I looked at Sebastian and he nodded at me urging me to obey Aya. I hesistantly put Gabreelle on the table, “Are you ready to sacrifice your life for your beloved?” Aya asked.

“I told you that I wasn’t lying.” Lara said rolling her eyes.

“Is there no other way to save Bree’s life?” Sandy asked.

“Unfortunately, there’s no other way.” Aya said. “If there was I would’ve presented it to you first.”

“It’s alright. I am entitled to do the honorable thing.” I said. I looked at Gabreelle’s face- memorizing her beautiful face before I die. I traced small circles on her cheek and kissed her lips one last time.

I could hear snuffling and quiet sobs, I turned around and looked at all of them. “If Gabreelle survives you guys take care of her.” I said.

“You won’t really die.” Aya said.

“What?” I asked. “I don’t understand.”

“You need to separate from your body to go to the spiritual world and help set free the daughter of the Moon Goddess.” Aya said. “In order to do that, are you willing to sacrifice yourself?”

“To what?” Asked Kade.

“The pain. In order to release your spirit from your body, you will endure a lot of pain until you will come back with or without the daughter of the Moon Goddess.”

“So, I have a chance to live after all of this?” I asked.

“It all depends on how it goes when you get there- that is if you successfully release your spirit from your body.” She said.

“Successfully?” I asked.

“No one has ever done it successfully leaving their chosen or beloved trapped until they die physically.” Aya said.

“I’ll do it- I’ll do whatever it takes.” I said.

“No!” Shouted Kade, Jude and Sandy in unison.

“It’s better than doing and waiting for nothing.” I said as I looked at their concerned faces. I turned to Aya, “What do I do?”

Aya nodded at Sebastian, “Form a circle and let us all hold hands.” Sebastian said and all of us obeyed.

I blinked for a second and now judging by the gold, marbles and huge space-. “Where are we?” I asked.

“This is the sacred palace of the Moon Goddess.” Sebastian said.

“Don’t fight.” Aya said.

I furrowed my brows and was about to ask when suddenly I got chained to the floor. “What are you doing!” Jude yelled.

“Don’t fight, don’t let your wolf come to the surface.” Aya said.

“How could it come to the surface when you chained me to silver!” I shouted as I feel my wrists and ankles burn.

“Well, that’s the point.” Aya said. “You need to control yourself, Guardian.”

I gritted my teeth together and breathed in and out slowly.

“This is going to hurt.” Sebastian said. “It has to and I’m sorry.”

“For Gabreelle, I’ll do anything.” I said before getting whipped on the back with silver.

I screamed in pain as I clenched my teeth, “Don’t fight it, child. I believe in you and so does Gabreelle.”

Sebastian lashed on my back again and I screamed as I got on my knees and saw that I was kneeling on my own pool of blood.

“Reed, you don’t have to do this.” Lara said turning away from me.

“It’s alright, bro. You’ve proven yourself.” Kade said.

“Not enough.” I said shaking as I tried to get up. I am determined to do this!

Sebastian whipped me once again but it reached both of my sides and I cried out in pain and slipped on my blood. “Do you give up?” Aya asked as she burned crushed wolfsbane.

“Never!” I shouted as I could feel my eyes droop.

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