The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 101


All of us flinched as Sebastian used a Roman Scourge Whip to lash on Reed’s back. He cried out in pain and sobbed. I could feel tears trickle down my face and my mate holding my arm tightly. I looked at her face to see her full on crying.

“Make it stop.” Sandy mumbled.

As Sebastian whipped again and Reed hissed as his tears were flowing non stop.

Sandy yelled, “Make it stop!”

“If I stop he’s going to die!” Sebastian countered.

Aya had her eyes closed “Give him one last whip before changing it.”

“You’ve done enough!” Kade yelled. “Just please stop. He’s had enough.” He pleaded.

“No.” Reed said. “I can take it.”

“Reed-” Kade started.

“Sebastian, don’t listen to them. Just do it.” Reed said weakly. “I can take it.”

Sebastian whipped Reed causing him to fall on his chest.

“Reed!” Sandy yelled and went for Reed but I held her back.

“Reed, you’ve made your point.” Kade said. “We know that you love her- I love her too. You proved that you love her so much that you’d give up your life. Just stop, man. Please?”

“You love her?” Reed asked and then followed with a sarcastic chuckle. “Not enough- it’s not enough to save her.”

Sebastian hit him hard in the back causing him to wince in pain

Aya knelt down and looked at Reed pulling back his eyelid to check his eye that was clouded. Sandy turned around and hugged me sobbing, I couldn’t believe it.

I looked beside me and saw Kade and Lara also crying.

Aya laughed like the madwoman that she is, ” Change the scourge to a normal one.” She said as she sat down on the thrown.

Sebastian grinned and took another scourge from the wooden chest. He chuckled as he whipped Reed again. “Stop!” I shouted.

“Please, stop.” Lara said.

He whipped again not paying attention to our cries, “You’ve done enough!” I shouted at them.

“We shouldn’t have trusted you.” Sandy said still sobbing.

Sebastian whipped Reed again on the back and that was it- I lost it. I ran and pinned him down, “Just stop!” I yelled at his face as I punched him square on the jaw.

I suddenly flew and hit the wall with a hard impact, I groaned as I felt the pain.

Sebastian went to Reed and whipped him on the back again, “I told you to stop, you psycho!” I cried out, “He’s gone.” I sobbed.

“You wouldn’t understand.” was the last words that I heard before we blinked and we were in the Nipa hut.

“Goddammit!” I shouted and punched the floor.

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