The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 103


I opened my eyes and saw that there was a pool of blood beneath my knees. I stood up and walked. I felt weightless, “Guardian, you have successfully rid of your body. You can now go to your beloved and save her from darkness.”

I turned around and saw that Aya had her eyes closed and saw that Sebastian was still whipping my lifeless body. How in the world did that go well? But I don’t have time to find out. I need to go to Gabreelle.

“How do I go to her?” I asked Aya.

“A guardian and his beloved have their special bond, you’ll be with her soon. You just need to figure out how to use that special bond.” Aya said.

“Thank you, Aya.” I said and closed my eyes.

What special bond? It’s not like becoming a guardian there’s Do’s, Don’t’s and a manual. I had no one to turn to and ask from but the Moon goddess herself who appointed me as her daughter’s guardian- “That’s it!” I muttered as I remembered that I could turn to the Moon Goddess.

‘Moon goddess, please lend me an ear for a minute or two. I need your help.’ I thought desperately.

As if on cue, words were being whispered in the air,

Mates are bounded by soul,

which explains why an individual acts upon is through his mind and body. Hence you, my son- You are the Rejected Mate.

With a bond like yours, a half goddess

half werewolf and an alpha blooded guardian... You are bonded by spirit.

Call unto her spirit, and you will find an answer.

How do I call Gabreelle’s spirit? It’s not like a simple yell calling her spirit, right? How do I do it?

“Gabreelle!” I yelled in frustration as I focused on calling her solely by yelling.

I walked towards her lifeless body and carressed her face, “How can I save you if I don’t know where to find you?” I muttered barely a whisper closing my eyes and thinking hard.

I fel cold hands holding my wrists, I looked at Gabreelle and saw that her hands were still in the same position. I looked behind me to see a dark shadow like creature pushing me away from Gabreelle.“No!”

I saw a flicker of light from above, I looked up and saw an object fell from the ceiling and fell a few steps behind me with a loud noise. I pushed the shadow away from me so I could jog to go to the shiny object that I saw and it was a sword, I picked it up and charged at the shadow.

‘This would be a good time to hear from you, Gabreelle!’ I thought hard as I dodged away from the shadow’s sharp claws.

I fought it with everything that I had and have but no matter how hard I try, no matter how many times I pierce the sword through it- it would scream in pain but it would recover. You could tell it was a good and long fight when you see that both of our clothes had rips and holes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not really a shadow. It looked like a shadow since it was wearing a black cloak that was moving in sync with every move that it made.

It seemed like a never ending fight, I was now tired. I could feel that my arm was sore and could feel the stinging sensation of the claw marks that I received while fighting off this demonic thing.

“Why can’t this be over with!” I yelled frustratingly at the shadow.

The dark shadow took off its cloak. I could feel my heart sink at the sight of this demonic creature smirking at me, “Why, Mikhail? Because I don’t want this to end.” It said as he circled around me. I could feel my hands clenching the handle of the sword hard.

I clenched my teeth and gritted it, “This is impossible.” I muttered as I glared at him.

“Such a waste of strength and power.” He said sighing. “I should have taken over a long time ago.” He said still circling around me shaking his head.

I pointed the sword near his chin, “Are you really going to do that? I mean, Can you really finish me off?” He said.

“I can if I wanted to!” I shouted at him.

“Your loud voice won’t mean a thing here.” He said looking at me with distaste. “Besides, I can’t hear the conviction in your voice. You don’t even believe in yourself which makes me wonder still... How could someone like you be appointed as an Alpha?”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing right now. “This is impossible!” I muttered again in disbelief as I took in the appearance in front of me.

“Why? We’re in the spiritual realm, Mikhail. Anything could appear and anything could happen.” He said as he slowly put the sword that was threatening to slit his throat down to the ground.

He walked towards me- taunting me with his every step, “It still baffles me how you could’ve survived going through the process of going in this realm. How a weakling like you could ever be appointed as a guardian to Gabreelle Somers? The Moon Goddess must have been high or drunk that time.”

I clenched my fists again, thinking of ways how I could him off-

He put an arm around me, “Don’t you know that I know what you’re thinking about? And whatever strategy you’re thinking about right now is not going to work. I also know what you’re feeling.”

He faced me to the mirror, “I should know since we’re the same person.” He smirked.

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