The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 105

I felt so confused! I looked at both of them back and forth- both of them are wearing the same clothes, both of them look the same- ugh!

“Don’t believe her. I’m the real Gabreelle.” Said the Gabreelle that was hugging me. “Please, don’t let me go.”

The other Gabreelle was hesitantly walking towards me, “Please, believe me.”

“I don’t know who to believe!” I exclaimed.

“Please take me away from here! I don’t feel well.” Said the Gabreelle that was hugging me.

“You have to believe that the one that’s holding you isn’t me!” Said the Gabreelle that was across from me.

“Time is running!” Yelled a deep voice before I got pushed unto the mirror and fell into the white room again where I met my other self.

I saw both Gabreelle’s go into the mirror. The Gabreelle who held me earlier held me again.

“Let’s get away from here- let’s escape this awful world and live far away- Please.” Said the one Gabreelle.

“No! You can’t. Don’t fall into her trap! You’ll-”

“Don’t listen to her! Please! She’s only saying that to make you confused and pick her. Let’s go, please?”

“There’s not much time left.” Said the other Gabreelle that was fidgeting so much.

“Why are you so fidgety? Aren’t you the real Gabreelle?” I asked. She looked really suspicious, never tries to come face to face and is always a feet away from me.

“Of course, I am! There’s just no time! She will get what she wants when you pick her. Please? Be wise.” She said.

I moved away from the Gabreelle that was hugging me and whispered, “Bree, hold on for a moment and let me talk to the other girl.”

She nodded not hesitating, “Okay. But please, hurry up. We don’t have much time left!” She whisper-yelled.

I walked towards the other Gabreelle, “Bree-” I can see her nose scrunch involuntarily.

She looked at me, “Are you the real Mikhail Storm?” She asked.

“Of course, I am! How dare you question me.” I said.

She grabbed me by the collar and pulled me down to her eye level and she mumbled through gritted teeth, “Mikhail has never called me Bree. Not once! Who are you and what have you done to him!”

My eyes grew wide. I held the sword and slashed her hand. She winced in pain, “Are you really this stupid, Mikhail?!”

I slashed mine and immediately held her hand.

“No!” Yelled the other Gabreelle as she was running towards us before my vision blacked out.

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