The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 11


I was sitting in a chair inside Christopher’s office being encircled by the elders.

“Have you found your mate?” Asked Elder Nixon.

I gulped, I looked at all their faces they are expecting me to go and answer their question.

I nodded “Yeah.”

“Who is it?” Elder Jonathan asked.

“Umm.” Was all I could muster up to say, they were all looking at me. I just couldn’t say it ’cause I don’t know if Christopher will accept me as his son’s mate.

“Don’t pressure the girl.” Elder Lynus said.

I gave out a sigh of relief, and Elder Lynus gave me a long envelope. I opened it and it was a plane ticket to Milan!

“Oh my gosh it’s finally happening.” I said. A tear slid down my face, it’s finally gonna happen.

I looked at the date it was dated tomorrow afternoon, my flight’s tonight?

“Tonight?” I squeaked.

But how about Kade? Won’t he get mad? we haven’t even got to spend that much time together. I trust him with all my heart and might, I know that he won’t do anything that will break my trust but I kept on thinking about Macy.

Speaking of Macy- I have to ask the elders about her,

“I have a question.” I said.

They all looked at me, “What is it?” Elder Jonathan asked.

“I was on my way up to my room and I noticed the open gap of Kade’s room and Kade was talking to Macy and... Macy was whispering incoherent things and Kade just kept on rejecting her and then she snapped her fingers and whisper-yelled ‘Why is it not working’.” I explained.

They all ran out the office and I ran as well, we ran to the field where Kade was training. My heart broke at the scene I’m looking at, my wolf howled and cried in pain.

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